These days shopping priorities have changed. People use mobile phones more as compared to any other device for shopping. The usage of mobile phones has swept the eCommerce trends over time. This increased usage of mobile phones is also due to the fact that now customers want a more personalized experience while shopping. And a mobile app can offer this experience.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your store is mobile friendly and is ranked higher, so that you get more traffic. Also, you need to engage with your customers on a deeper level and have insightful reports for their shopping patterns, which can help you improve your sales and ROI. A Magento 2 mobile app builder has an internal functionality for developing a fully integrated Magento store. 

By 2021, Android users have spent over 2 billion hours shopping. As a business owner you can use this to your advantage.

There are many benefits to the Magento 2 mobile app builder. Read further to know more 

details about Magento 2 mobile app builder and explore why it is necessary for your business. 

  • Easy Dashboard Management:

Magento 2 mobile app builder provides you with an easy to use dashboard that provides you with an admin panel. It contains modules to customize according to your requirements. You can have a look at your reports, order value, number of orders, total sales, availability of stocks, and many more. It provides a centralized dashboard to manage different stores located at different locations.

It also provides easy navigation on dashboards. It includes a well visualized dashboard for admin use that can showcase the overview of the store performance. It has a neat setup with inbuilt analytics reports, and provides you with a clear view of your business performance. You can also customize the backend according to your needs and automate synchronization. It further helps with minimizing the maintenance cost, and making the process further updated. 

  • Great SEO Advantage:

Magento 2 app builder has an extension called Google Content API to help shops easily integrate with Google Merchant Center. It helps your app to get a higher ranking on the search engine listings, by making it popular by adding keywords. 

It is SEO optimizable to drive you organic traffic. All e-commerce websites build tools and frameworks that have in-built SEO friendly features. Some SEO features are enabled by default, you need to modify it according to your use to get the best outcome and highest rankings.

  • Easy Inventory Management:

An app builder should be able to track product inventory, so that a product never goes out of stock and could be made available before it goes out of stock. It provides support for drop-ship suppliers. It provides real-time updates about stocks, suppliers, and warehouses, so that the stock is well taken care of. It is compatible with third party extensions as well.

It also helps to enhance cash flow, by optimizing the fulfillment to make sure that every selling product is made available, packed, and delivered to shopkeepers in the shortest amount of time.

  • Instant Notifications:

One of the biggest advantages about having a mobile app is that it can help you and your customers with notifications. Having a mobile application, where you have a system that keeps all you updated in real time with every new order, state of the stock, and other important events, you need notifications for that. A notification is eye-catching and with the notification sound, customers tend to open it as soon as possible. You can also interact with your customers and answer their queries in real time. It helps you engage with your customer more and be proactive in answering their requests. 

  • Flexible and Versatile Design:

The Magento mobile app builder comes with an array of wonderful themes. This helps to make the theme of your store more attractive and eye catching to the audience. You can design your store on each sale, each event, and on each occasion differently. It makes your customer feel different, enhancing their shopping experience. It also provides you with all products ranging from simple to complex, bundled in one. Themes are downloadable and ready to use, which you can customize according to your needs. The interface of the app is optimizable for a variety of screen sizes. It also has many filter options, which can help you choose the best themes, fonts, and colors for your banners.

  • Customer Management:

If you have the details stored for a customer, then it becomes easy to contact and connect with them. Magento mobile app builder has customer modules that help you store and manage the user details in the backend. It also helps you send them the type of emails and notifications based on the type of customer they are and the kind of products they usually choose. Each interaction with the customer is important because it helps grow your business and skyrocket the sales. 

  • Sales Tracking:

From a mobile application, you can access the orders and their details, including the billing & shipping address, mode of payment, and other important details. It allows you to send invoices for your orders, whenever you want. You can access your monthly or yearly reports and analysis anytime It is easy to access it from a mobile phone. You can track a product at your fingertips now. 

  • Single Page Checkout:

Mostly, the checkout processes are lengthy and tedious. This reason leads to abandoning the carts, despite a customer liking the product. Magento 2 mobile app builder helps you with a single page checkout system. It includes everything from payment process to editing and modifying your cart in the last page with a few easy clicks. This speeds up the payment process, reducing the number of cart abandonment rates. 

  • Personalization:

Customers are attracted to your shop if they have a more personalized shopping experience. You can have personalization based on their interests, previous purchases, their current location, and so on. You can even ask your new customers about their interest while they are logging into the app for the first time. It helps connect with your customers on a deeper level. This also helps strategizing the upcoming marketing campaigns. You can use this information you can use to give a personalized offer and discounts to your customer and target them accordingly.  

  • Analytics and Reporting:

The best part about Magento 2 mobile app builder is that it has its backend connected to Google Analytics. So, it provides timely insights. It includes reports on sales, taxes, and other business aspect reports that help your business grow. These insightful reports help you make decisions more strategically, reducing the risk of loss. 


Magento 2 mobile app builder has many advantages. It has a multi-lingual support, social media options, push notifications, wishlist, 24/7 customer support, easy check out and payment, multi-shipping options with order tracking and so much more. It is an ideal fit for your business. You can personalize it and customize it according to your needs. It is also SEO friendly and now it has advanced search functions, which helps your customer reduce the searching difficulties. Nowadays, Magento is easily integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps your eCommerce app with user intents by learning from in app activities. It helps modify the recommendations or product listing on each and individual level. It also helps users capture an image from the camera and search for the same item. 


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