10 Best Road Trips To Take In India

Hey motorheads, tired of waiting at home and planning that dream road trip riding free and wild? We know that you’ve planned it all out and are all set to hop on your bike and go on your next adventure. But, for those who still don’t know which route to take, or those who are looking for a new route, here is a list of the 10 best road trips to take in India to embark on an adventurous journey.

10 Best Road Trips To Take In India

Check out this list of the best road trips to take in India to sort out the best route for your next adventure.

1. Delhi To Ladakh

One of the most rewarding and adventurous ones, Delhi to Ladakh is one road trip that can be found on every list. You begin your adventure from a concrete jungle and hazy metropolitan city and ride through the endless farmlands, beyond which, once you are in the mountains, the scenery changes with every turn you take. There are two different routes for this famous road trip from Delhi; for the best experience, go via one and return via the other. If you are looking for customized holiday packages for Ladakh then do check out Adotrip.

2. East Coast

We roll down from the mountains, towards the coast, on the popular East Coast Road (ECR). This incredible route in the southern part of the country will take you along the Bay of Bengal coast, so you will constantly be accompanied by beautiful ocean views, including swaying palm trees, azure waters, and sandy beaches broken by rocks. If you get tired of driving, find a quiet beach, and take a little relaxing time on the sand.

3. West Coast

If you ever get confused between the sea and the mountains, we have a solution for you, with our recommendation for an exciting road trip along the West Coast. To Kanyakumari from Mumbai, National Highway 66 will take you along the lush Western Ghats as well as the Arabian Sea coast. There are several places along the way to take a quick detour, such as Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala-Khandala, Lavasa, and Alibaug. The best about this route is that that it also takes you on the most iconic route Mumbai to Goa.

4. Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is must take a road trip for those interested in rich culture and history, with all the comforts and facilities. With so much to offer, from delicious food and vibrant markets to forts and folk performances, this route covers three of the most culturally and historically rich cities in the country – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The best part about this route is that you can easily find budget hotels in all three cities.

5. Bengaluru To Coorg

If Tamil Nadu has Ooty and Kodaikanal and Kerala has Munnar, then Karnataka has Coorg or Kodagu, its own summer destination tucked away in the Western Ghats. If you ever feel like breaking free from the maddening city life, this route in Karnataka is the one to take, as it offers a much-needed escape from the concrete jungle to the serene hill station. You will feel the clean air and a drop in the temperature as soon as you set foot on the Western Ghats. Sounds of endemic wildlife and lush green forests will keep you accompanied.

6. Ahmedabad To Kutch

One of the most culturally significant places in India, the Rann of Kutch is the most geographically unique place in the country. An escape on this route is not just an adventure, but also a treat to the eyes and soul. The major highlight of the Rann of Kutch is its white salt lands but of also gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the local wildlife, and if you are lucky enough, you can even spot the rare Indian wolf. For an unforgettable experience, plan your road trip to Kutch around a full moon night, because you wouldn’t want to miss the salt marsh illuminated by moonlight.

7. Jaipur To Ranthambore

A ride to Jaipur can be better if you add Ranthambore National Park to it. For a less hectic experience, plan a separate road trip to Ranthambore or if you have time, add this pitstop to your Golden Triangle trip. As the ride takes merely 3.5 hours, this is one thrilling ride that you can do as part of a weekend getaway from Jaipur. To see the Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat, Ranthambore is one of the best places to be, which also includes a years-old Ranthambore Fort.

8. East Khasi Hills

How can we forget the loopy roads of Meghalaya while talking about the best road trips in India? The East Khasi Hills is one of the most picturesque and lushest sceneries in the state and as well as in the country, one, which you would want to explore riding on the winding roads. The East Khasi Hills are peppered with plummeting streams and waterfalls that will definitely freshen you up. Moreover, the locals of Khasi Hills always have some interesting tales to tell, which describe the amicable relationship between nature and humans.

9. Visakhapatnam To Araku Valley

To enjoy a respite from the roaring crowds, Araku Valley is the best place as not many people have heard about it. Home to lush farmlands surrounded by thickly forested hills, it is a jewel of the Eastern Ghats. Once you are in the valley, you can just go out into the villages of Araku to see the untouched beauty while having a chat with the tribals on the way.

10. Madurai To Rameshwaram

One of the most unusual road trip routes in India, Madurai to Rameshwaram involves driving across the sea! Yes, you read that right. This trip will take you across the Indian Ocean, on the popular Pamban Bridge. With regular swells beneath you, this 2-km long bridge will offer you a view of the unending ocean. When in Rameshwaram, don’t forget to visit the town of Dhanushkodi, which was demolished by a natural disaster in 1964.

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