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The new year is around the corner and it’s the best time to charm the relationships. Gifting to your beloved on this occasion is an ideal way to beguile your bonds. Nowadays finding the best new year gift isn’t a hard task as there are a number of portals that offer a plethora of collections.

But there are certain myths wildly prevailing globally that need to be busted at the earliest. Such ideas are not only irrational but also value other things over a healthy tie.

So if you are following any of the below-given myths, then it’s time to primarily divorce those ideas. Have a quick glance at the given-below content and find the misconceptions that are to be broken on this new year.

  • Avoid Sharp Objects For New Year

In many parts of the world, it is believed not to give sharp objects like knives to beloved ones. Because these are considered a bad etiquette gift that will bring in bad luck and spoil a healthy relationship.

However, in some countries like Finland giving a puukko is regarded as an honor. So, giving such a useful gift is not wrong and so if you wish to present this happy new year gift, then go for it.  

  • Material Gifts Are Perfect Choice

People think only material gifts, no matter how big or small, make the recipient happy. So many run to offline stores while others browse through e-portals for finding new year gifts ideas.

But gifts of experience (special meals together, taking out shopping) are far better than physical things. For instance, if you stay away from parents and on new year eve rather than sending gifts if you spend qualitative it will bloom their heart. Also, the year will start with a positive vibe for them.  

  • Equal Expenditure On Gifts Given

Gifts are meant to show your love and affection and not to show off your net worth. So if your dearer ones give you expensive gifts, do not try to give a return gift that is more than your budget.

You may be having money to buy the gift of the same price received, but may need to suffer throughout the month for other expenses.

If you search at portals, qualitative new year gifts online gifts are given at decent costs. So, do not hunt for an equal price gift rather pick an ideal present that will satisfy the recipient.

  • No Value For Handmade Gifts

A chunk of people think receivers are not happy to get a handmade gift. Because those present are not attractive as those offered in shops and are not perfect in looks.

However, this is a misconception, because handmade gifts signify how much time you take to make it for delighting the recipient.

Also, it is worth more than a gift purchased and gifted from stores. Even after years, other gifts may fade away from the mind but not the handmade ones.

  • Empty Purse Is Not A Good Choice

Men do adore having an elegant wallet. They love to attract every eye when it is taken out to pay the bills. So a leather purse is a good new year gift that you can present to someone on this day.

But there is a belief that presenting an empty purse is not a good choice as it will result in draining money from the receiver pocket.

You need to keep a dollar or a coin in it before handing it over to the recipient. But this is fake and you can gift your beloved empty new year gifts online india.

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  • Knowing Partner Taste And Presenting

There is a notion that you must understand the partner’s taste and gifts accordingly. But many a time it is not possible to understand his/her interest and offer a present.

Even if you know the other-half ‘s taste and have gifted those on other occasions, then try something new on this new year. If you find something unique and apt for your lady/man then go for it.   

  • Only Specific New Year Gifts 

The most widely believed misconception is to give only certain things on the new year. But do you think it is true? Not at all! You can gift what you think is useful or delights the receiver.

For instance, if you have a budget at which you can buy a vacuum cleaner or a popular new year gift for your mom.

Which one will you choose? Yes, go with a useful new vacuum cleaner rather than another gift. Because it will be utilitarian for your mom and she will be happier to receive it rather than other gifts.

  • Overspending Strengthen Relations

Another myth that spreads globally is that overspending helps in strengthening relationships! Sounds odd, right? But you must know that money can’t measure how much a person endears and cares for you.

When the right time comes, people will know it. So if you are short of cash never try to impress your beloved with costly gifts. Because price alone cannot determine a healthy bond.

  • Gifting At Earliest

Do not hurry to send return gifts as soon as possible! Hunt for the best from stores and think twice before sending gifts.

Although the new year is celebrated from the late night of December 31st to Jan 1st, you can gift your loved ones within a week after it.

Because unlike other occasions the ambiance of the new year will not easily fade away and even presenting after the day will not displease the recipient.

  • No To Watches

Watches are the best gift choice that you can spot at online gift portals. But this is considered as a sign of bad as it implies time is running out on the relationship.

However, the myth is false and if you like to see your beloved one hand with an elegant watch go for it. This won’t affect your relationship and sometimes on the contrary may cherish it. 

Wrapping Up Of Gifts

Do every gift need to be wrapped?  If your reply is yes, then you are wrong! Wrapping gifts beautifully may look attractive and delight the recipient at first look.

But gifts like new year chocolate gifts don’t need to be packed as they are already covered in a shiny wrapper. Do gift such presents as it is to loved ones rather than spending additional money for packing them.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are the top 10 myths that need to be busted on this new year’s occasion. Hope the contents aids to add new knowledge and help in breaking myths you believed!


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