Men’s Health

Health is the greatest blessing for everyone.

For this very reason, health challenges can be concerning.

Though they greatly vary according to gender, age and existing lifestyle practices, these challenges are inevitable. 

Anyone can experience cardiovascular difficulties, which are fairly prevalent. Males are, however, more susceptible to developing heart issues. According to a study, men are more likely than women to develop heart problems at a young age. So, sure, guys should take their heart health more seriously. Men make up 55% of the workforce when discussing the population distribution of men and women at work. Despite this negligible distinction, men account for 92% of occupational fatalities.
In youngsters with ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or ADD, impulsive behaviour might interfere with a variety of daily activities. When comparing to female children, the issue is also well-reporting in male children.

This includes both physical and mental health challenges. Well, there is an established link between the two. Stress is related to changes in our eating and sleep patterns, which is further related to our body weight which determines our risk for many other diseases. Similarly, reproductive health in men is also related to their mental and physical health.

However, by making lifestyle adjustments, these problems can be resolving. The greatest way to prevent and treat any health issue is with these lifestyle modifications. One of my uncles saw a doctor a few years ago because he thought he could have a fertility issue. He was instructed to go for a semen analysis by the doctor. The cost of the semen analysis test was already relatively inexpensive, but the results were unremarkable. He was eventually cured as a result of these trials and healthy lifestyle practises, and years later he was blessed with a child.

Health Challenges and Our Lifestyle

However, these challenges can be curing with lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes are the best preventive and treatment measure against any health problem. A few years back, one of my uncles was suffering from a possible fertility problem for which he went to a doctor. The doctor asked him to go for a semen analysis. Semen analysis test price was quite low by then but the analysis revealed nothing concerning. After this with healthy lifestyle habits and challenges, he was ultimately cured and after years was blessed with a baby.

The human heart is the most significant organ in the body since it gives oxygen and nourishment to the body’s cells as well as the heart. The human heart is supposed to be the size of a fist. Men’s hearts are bigger than women’s hearts, nonetheless, in terms of ratio. Like the big heart, it stands to reason that a man’s huge heart will pump more blood than a woman’s. For women, the prostate cancer issue is particularly alarming. More than 220000 men are affected by the ailment annually, and the sickness claims more than 30000 lives on average each year.

These health challenges can vary between men and women. There are certain diseases which are common in men while sometimes women have an increased chance of suffering from certain health troubles. There are some key differences in men’s and women’s health and their body functioning. Let’s explore the key facts about men’s health.

Men Health Facts

Here are some of the men’s health facts to know about!

  1. The human heart, the most important organ in our body, supplies the heart in our body and supplies oxygen and nutrients. By size, the human heart is say to be fist-sized. However, by ratio, the size of men’s hearts is larger than that of women’s hearts.
  2. Just like the bugger heart, it is obvious that a large heart of men will pump more blood than that of women.
  3. The problem of prostate cancer is very concerning for women. Every year the condition affects 220000+ men and on average there are 30000+ annual casualties due to the disease.
  4. Infant death is also a common phenomenon. As compared to baby girls, the rate of infant deaths is higher in the case of male children. The chances of infancy deaths are 25% more in baby boys as compared to baby girls.
  5. Men are never likely to seek out medical help for mental health problems while women seem to be more considerate about their mental health problems and visit the doctor. 
  6. Color blindness is another common health condition that is characterize by the inability to differentiate between certain colors. Though there is the involvement of genetic factors in disease causation. However, the chances of color blindness are 20 times more in men than women.
  7. Cardiovascular problems are very common and can affect anyone. However, males are more likely to get affect by heart problems. According to research, heart problems are induced in men at an early age as compared to women. So, yes men need to be more considerate about their heart health. 
  8. When we talk about the population distribution of men and women in the workplace, men contribute 55% of the workplace. Despite this minor difference, 92% of workplace deaths are reporting in men. 
  9. ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) or ADD is a condition marke by impulsive behavior that interferes with many routine activities in children. The problem is also well-reporting in male children as compared to women.
  10. Suicidal tendencies are everywhere but unfortunately, men are more likely to be affected by suicidal thoughts than women. Even suicide remains the seventh most important death cause in men.

These key differences between men’s and women’s health are enough to make you realize the importance of your health. However, you are not alone in this. Women have got their things to deal with and their kinds of challenges are way different from yours.

Bottom Line!

No matter what age or gender you belong to, one should be really considerate about their physical and mental health. Health is a blessing and we are fortunate enough to live in a time where everything is right at our doorstep. From advanced diagnosis to the best medical treatments, we are not deprive of the right healthcare facility. All we have to do is to make some time for ourselves and manifest for better health. 

Men’s Health issues can be different for men and women. While some illnesses are more common in males than in women, there are some illnesses that are more likely to affect women. The health and bodily functions of men and women differ significantly in a number of important ways. Let’s examine the essential details regarding men’s health.

For men, here are some of the best health advice you can stick to:

  • Eat a healthy diet that includes whole foods, lots of protein, fiber and healthy fats
  • A workout routine is a must as it keeps you going and prevents many of your health problems
  • Give up on a sedentary lifestyle and indulge yourself in the healthy activities
  • Stop smoking and protect yourself from other forms of substance abuse
  • Focus on your sleep quality
  • Women have got their things to deal with and their kinds of challenges are way different from yours.
  • Don’t miss your regular health exam
  • Avoid turning yourself into a money-making machine and have time for yourself
  • Last but not the least, always talk about your mental or physical health and seek out help whenever you need it.


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