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International Women’s Day Celebration

Every year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is a celebration to honour the accomplishments of women throughout history. International Women’s Day is observed throughout the world, albeit the manner in which it is observed varies from one country to the next. In certain nations, the occasion is used to laud and honour women, albeit this admiration is frequently reserved for women who conform to a restricted and traditional feminine ideal.

International Women’s Day is still a time for activism and protest in other nations. Women of diverse origins and cultures can get together on International Women’s Day to advocate women’s rights and raise awareness about different social and women’s issues. You can choose from a wide range of women’s day balloon décor ideas and gifting options.

11 ways International Women’s Day is Marked Globally 

  • Pakistan

In an Islamic country like Pakistan, women are given utmost respect as part of faith and belief system. Apart from an ‘Aurat March’, women from all social classes come together with slogans and banners. Premium gifting hubs like Bazzle.pk enable Pakistanis to celebrate women’s day with amazing women’s day balloons and women’s day decorations. 

  • China 

International Women’s Day in China is about showering women with love and respect. In keeping with the spirit of love and merriment, China also celebrates Women’s Day on March 7th. This day is dedicated to female college, university, and high school students. On March 8th, employed women are legally entitled to a half-day every year. On Women’s Day in China, men show their affection for the women in their lives by surprising them with special women’s day gifts, cards, and fresh flowers. While the primary objective of Women’s Day celebrations is to demonstrate love and respect for women, some talks, important meetings, and award ceremonies linked to women are also organized in a few sections of the country.

  • America 

Women’s Day has been observed with enthusiasm and passion worldwide for many years. But it has yet to gain fame in many parts of the United States. Nonetheless, it is marked as a holiday to boost the battle against atrocities against women and increase public awareness about the need to close the gender gap. Women’s Day is now observed in most countries of the world. And including the United States, by school-going children and businesses participating in various events and paying respect to women with fresh flowers. Beata Pozniac, the founder of Women’s Day USA, has been working in the political arena for the past few years to educate the public about the significance of this day. 

  • Canada

As per a 2020 Plan International Canada survey, 70% of women in Canada. Claim they have faced discrimination or gender stereotypes at some point in their lives. Gender stereotypes influence expectations about appearance, behaviour, and professional choices, according to the 1,400 women interviewed, ranging from 18 years to 65 years of age. NGOs are urging Canadians to assist in dismantling negative gender stereotypes so that future generations of women and girls can truly realize their potential. March has been designated as Women’s History Month in the United States.

  • Australia 

International Women’s Day is an official day for all people, regardless of gender or gender identity, to celebrate women’s progress toward equality while also remembering how far they still have to go. UN Women Australia are known to host Australia’s preeminent International Women’s Day fundraising events for over 30 years, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate global achievements, advocate for change, and raise life-changing funds to support the world’s women and girls. Gender equality should be a priority for both men and women. Male allyship is a welcome amplification of women’s voices, especially when males are willing to utilize their status to support gender equality. Remember, feminism is about removing ALL harmful gender stereotypes and roles, not simply improving women’s lives.

  • Poland 

In Poland, International Women’s Day is celebrated with gifts and greater respect for women in general. Women’s Day was used by socialist regimes in Poland. Trying up to the Second World War to promote. The image of a woman as the leading lady of labor who supports her country. It was a required day of celebration in companies and schools in those years. Carnations and other items that were difficult to come by at the time, such as tights, towels, or coffee, were given to women. The tulip is today’s most popular gift. Young males holding bunches of tulips can be found on the streets of larger cities, offering them out to women. Women can normally expect to receive a symbolic tulip when they meet males on this day, whether it’s their boss, coworker, friend, or parent.

  • Bulgaria

With the introduction of the socialist rule in Bulgaria in 1944, International Women’s Day was made an official holiday, rapidly gaining popularity in the 1960s. The holiday is primarily about honouring and thanking all women, particularly moms. Flowers, chocolates, and cards are sent to women by their loved ones. Children send flowers or handmade cards to their teachers at school. And they would make women’s day cards in class to give to their mothers. Many organizations even purchase red roses and a card for each female employee!

  • Chile

Over one million women choose to participate in rallies against social inequality. With the slogan “never again without us women” being heard across Chile’s streets. In the midst of protests over the high cost of living that has been going on since last year. Female activists in the country have been demanding that women’s rights be at the forefront of economic reforms.

  • Russia

The most common way to commemorate this spring holiday is to pay a visit to family. And have dinner and a glass of champagne. Visiting friends is another famous way to celebrate March 8th. Men and women give Flowers, poetry postcards, chocolate, and other pleasant presents to their mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. On the joyous occasion, flowers are the most common women’s day gift, with yellow mimosas and roses being the most popular. The next most popular items are candy and chocolate, followed by perfume and cosmetics.

  • Armenia

International Women’s Day is celebrated in Armenia as a national holiday known as the ‘Day of Protection of Your Rights.’ It kicks off an unofficial ‘Women’s Month,’ which will culminate on 7 April with the queasily-titled ‘Motherhood and Beauty Day.’ According to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s declaration for International Women’s Day 2021, the country’s ruling party views March 8 as a day to honour specific sorts of women, such as servicewomen, mothers, and female relatives of men in the military.

  • Argentina

Over the last five years, protests for gender equality have occurred in Argentina around International Women’s Day, with women protesting for gender equality, an end to femicide, and reproductive rights. On 1st March 2020, Argentina stated on March 1, 2020, abortion would be legalized, making it the first key Latin American country to do so. On International Women’s Day 2021, women in Buenos Aires planned to strike in support of equal pay. And measures to combat violence against women and lower barriers to abortion.


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