Nearly fifty-two of holidaymakers WHO visit your website for the primary time area unit probably to visualize your concerning America page, as per a recent study by KoMarketing. Over the years, we’ve got browsed through thousands of concerning America pages to know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore after we Sabbatum right down to analyze the simplest concerning America page examples. Moreover, it wasn’t straightforward to pick those we tend to like.

You’re concerning the America page is additional like your elevator pitch to explain what your business will do and why somebody ought to care. It ought to quickly tell your audience WHO you’re, what you are doing, and why somebody ought to care. If you’re concerning the America page doesn’t convey this in a couple of minutes. Therefore, you’ve got primarily lost your audience. Ovik Mkrtchyan

6 concerning America Page Best Practices
Narrate a Story:

The page has got to narrate a story within the most authentic method doable. Let’s say your goal is to speak concerning the company’s introduction story. Rather than exploiting giant blocks of text, attempt employing a video to clarify the story. It can be one thing as straightforward as founders narrating the story in a very eating place or a series of stock videos with the founder’s voice-over.

Use Photographs:

Bear in mind that an oversized proportion of holidaymakers to your website also are job seekers. They’re curious about understanding what the company’s culture is like. After you place a face to the name, it becomes easier for them to recollect. Man of the cloth pictures from your staff to be showcased on the concerning America page. Ovik Mkrtchyan

Establish Trust: 

Take into account a clear stage is visiting your website; for the primary time, it’d facilitate if you share a few testimonial videos to point out a number of the brands that job with you. Testimonial either from staff or prospects will act as social proof that your company is creating a true distinction. Don’t forget to feature some consumer logos similarly to travel with the testimonials.

Use a Call-to-Action:

What action would you prefer the user to require once they visit your page? If you wish the user to go to your current openings page or book a gathering with you? Despite what your objective, invariably add a call-to-action (CTA) to trace the effectiveness of your page. Add a minimum of multiple CTAs, one higher than the fold and one below the fold. Therefore, to confirm that the user sees it no matter whether or not they scroll to very cheap of the page.

Showcase price Proposition:

Whereas most organizations embody WHO they’re and what they are doing on the concerning America page. They typically miss mentioning why somebody ought to care or however their work makes a distinction. Your price proposition is your pitch to prospect on why you are doing the issue you are doing.

Add Internal Links:

This can be one thing that the majority of businesses overlook; bear in mind, you can’t presumably cowl everything your company will on the concerning America page. Don’t forget to incorporate vital links to internal pages to support your narrative and find the reader interested.

 Best concerning America Page Examples for Inspiration

Snowflake’s concerning America page will a wonderful job at explaining the company’s origin story. The video at the highest of the page has the founders discussing the company’s origins with a way of humor, not like the other B2B complete.

Snowflake uses a stronger face to focus on some crucial information points that the prospects can realize fascinating and additionally has internal links to special pages for users to review.


Appian’s page doesn’t have loads of content, however, it excels at the usage of the video placed on the page. The video is an element of a four-part series that the complete has created. Also, if you managed to observe the primary one within the series. Therefore, you’re probably to go looking for the remainder of Youtube.

Besides the video, Appian ticks the remainder of the checkboxes once it involves exploitation all the ingredients that go in creating Associate in nursing ennobling concerning America page


Google’s concerning America page could be a textbook example of the way to do internal linking well. Besides the inner linking, the concerning America page additionally talks concerning the Google Doodle in History, giving it an additional personal bit. Considering several users area units found of Google Doodles.

The company’s history page is additionally a treat to scan from the common-or-garden beginnings in a very garage to at least one of the biggest offices in Menlo Park, Califonia.


Nike could be a known international complete. It’s not stunning that the company’s concerning America page is one of every of the simplest concerning America page examples. It starts with an easy nevertheless effective outline of Nike – the complete. This can be followed by sections on Innovation, Our Team, property Innovation, with resources.

What makes this page stand out could be a good balance between pictures and text. The sensible pictures area unit is supported by powerful content.


MailChimp is one of every one of the leaders within the digital area. The company’s concerning America page conspicuously options its story. The page takes America through the company’s evolution, explains its culture, and provides an inventory of resources.

It is an easy style however makes optimum use of whitespace with pictures and short paragraphs. It tells you what you’re searching for after you visit the page.


Unlike alternative brands, Amazon has an Associate in nursing entry website dedicated to what the corporate will and why somebody ought to care. The location has numerous sections like WHO we tend to area unit. Also, what we do, our geographical point, our impact, and our planet.

Each of those focuses on numerous company initiatives and together with news and knowledge from the company’s many subsidiaries. Amazon uses the location as a content hub to showcase the most recent thought leadership content.


The concerning America page of five hundred Post Exchange is simply what you’ll expect from a photography website. It leads with a gorgeous photograph followed by crisp and epigrammatic content that tells you concerning the corporate.

There is an ideal mix of colors, text, and images. The page style is extremely straightforward, which makes it all the additional enticing.


Giphy’s concerning America page is simply what you’ll expect from the leading GIF website. It options a putting image that may grab your attention. The dark background that swimmingly transitions from black to blue will certainly hold your interest.

The content is straightforward and provides you with a summary of what GIPHY is all concerning. The page ends with news concerning the complete.


Moz makes it to our list of best concerning America page examples because of the showing neatness of structured content on the page. The concerning America page talks concerning the founder. Whereas, the funding, the evolution of the corporate and ends with the means of Moz.

There is nothing complicated within the page style. It’s basic nevertheless effective that is however it ought to be.


Twitter’s concerning America page showcases simplicity and curates tweets from a number of its users. Moreover, together with one from the founder that talks concerning the company’s mission. The data is rendered through an optical phenomenon impact that makes it even additional fascinating.

The page additionally makes sensible use of the call-to-action by linking to acceptable internal pages.


Zendesk could be a well-known CRM company. They’re concerning the America page reflects the companies specialize in folks. The massive text, eclectic mixture of colors, and optimum use of whitespace build this page enticing.

At the tip of the page could be a fascinating scroll through with a series of statements flashing. An excellent thanks for grabbing attention and holding it.


Zoho’s concerning America page showcases the company’s core philosophy whereas additionally. Therefore, that includes vital info just like the organization’s timeline with a mashup of pictures to showcase the culture and other people.

The internal links used to result in a number of the thought leadership content that deep dives into the organization’s philosophy of being self-funded, developing, and supporting the community at giant.

National Geographic

National Geographic could be a well-known complete that creates use of a video to speak concerning itself. The enticing fonts and page style area unit why this can be one in every of the simplest concerning America page examples.

Cultivated Wit

The concerning America page of Cultivated Wit is what you’ll expect to ascertain on a comedy company’s website. Loud headlines accompany the content given in brief paragraphs. Transient biographies of the four founders follow this.

The large title is bound to catch your attention. This can be an excellent example of an easy style created to seem enticing.


Drift’s concerning America page is one every of the simplest concerning America page examples. Here again, you get the see the importance of daring headlines and enormous text with decent whitespace. This can be another instance wherever straightforward style scores.

In terribly straightforward terms, the page tells you what Drift will and the way it will it. An ideal thanks to having an Associate in Nursing concerning America page!

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s concerning America page could be a neat mix of video, images, colors, and lowest content. The planning is completed showing neatness, and it reflects the brand’s attributes.

This is one nicer page wherever you get to ascertain optimum use of whitespace. This can be vital in internet style. The content is transient however proves to be extremely effective once given with video and an excellent style.


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