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What if the headboard, in addition to its purely aesthetic appearance, also became a practical and clever daily advantage? The one chosen above all to elegantly dress a bedroom wall has also become a powerful ally for small spaces when square meters are scarce. Union Complex is the best spot for purchasing Union luxury apartments.

1 – A headboard with storage niches

This headboard is ultra-sleek and contemporary and brings a real functional aspect to the bedroom thanks to its multiple storage spaces.

Three niches on each side (two of which are hidden by cupboards, ideal for tidying up the small bazaar that you do not want to see), and three across the width, which will be used to slide what must be within reach: alarm clock and evening readings for example.

2 – A headboard with storage in the shape of a house

No question of reserving the headboards with storage for the parents’ rooms! Kids are betting on more daring and original models, like this one in the shape of a house.

In addition to working their imaginations, they can organize toys at their height and their decorative objects on the upper shelves.

To prevent this space from turning into a mess too quickly, we add a few baskets for gadgets, cars and dolls. If you need to get well mastermind and beautified rooms get luxury apartments in Lahore.

3 – A headboard Ideas with storage for a single bed

In children’s rooms, teenagers’ rooms, or even studios, saving storage is often essential when square meters are scarce.

Three niches on each side and the main one along the length of this functional headboard allow you to create a bookcase without having to adopt the furniture that goes with it.

4 – A headboard with shelves

Natural and functional are the two words that best sum up this lightly bleached wooden headboard. Thanks to two integrated bedside tables, fitted with hidden drawers, it saves ideal floor space. Be careful with the lights, though! We prefer suspensions or wall lights to table lamps at the risk of seeing the wires largely protrude.

5 – A headboard with integrated storage

We fell in love with this children’s bed incorporating many storage spaces, each more clever than the next!

One, the shelf that replaces the bedside table. Two, an overhead system to keep the books in place (no risk of falling at night!). Three, two niches and two drawers to store the rest of the things. Who says it better to organize the storage of a child’s room?

6 – A bookcase headboard Ideas

Almost invisible, the shelves of this headboard offer the possibility of being stuck to the wall and inviting the bed in the middle of the arrangement of a small bedroom. In case number one, the six niches are thus accessible against nine if the latter is used as a room separation to arrange a sleeping area in a small space, for example.

7 – A headboard with sliding cupboards

There is often a lack of storage in the bedroom to slip into this little everyday mess that we do not know where to put.

The excellent idea is to bet on a headboard equipped with sliding storage that conceals our not very elegant junk in two steps and three movements.

8 – A headboard with integrated bedside tables

Two in one! To gain in storage without encroaching too much on the square meters of the room, nothing like a headboard with integrated nightstands.

This model is signed But offers two large drawers on either side of the bed to slide things that you don’t want to be lying around.

When choosing this article, consider that the classic bedside lamps will have to be replaced by suspensions or wall lights for more practicality.

9 – An IKEA headboard Ideas with storage suitable for cables

Bedside lamps, photo frames, speakers and other objects pile up like a decorative jumble on the upper part of this headboard from IKEA. As for the books are organized in the niches, three on each side, and are always at hand.

The plus: holes located on the top of the headboard to hide unsightly charger and lamp cables.

10 – A headboard with modular storage

You have probably not missed the trend of modular wooden panels! Note that they are now in vogue in the bedroom and are used as headboards.

11 – A headboard with invisible drawers

Impossible to detect, yet this headboard reveals two long drawers with ultra-practical shelves to store your belongings. Practical in a teenager’s bedroom, which is sorely lacking in storage!

12 – A headboard Ideas with integrated storage and lighting

Combine business with pleasure with this headboard Ideas. In addition to its ultra-contemporary design and practical storage niche, we love another of its features: its two LED spotlights with two-way switches, as well as two recessed sockets to plug in your phone charger before going to bed.

13 – A headboard Ideas with storage in pallets to make yourself

Notice to DIY enthusiasts! This pallet headboard idea may be your next decorating challenge. With its upper shelf in which you can slip everything you want and its integrated bedside tables, it meets the desires of recycling and upcycling. Do you like pallet headboards? Fill up on ideas with our article on pallet headboards!

14 – A headboard Ideas with storage cubes

Wine boxes or simple wooden cubes, stack it up nicely and get a unique headboard where each niche becomes precious storage. Left raw, preferably in blond wood, it softens the ambience of the bedroom while making it more functional and orderly. The trick: secure the crates together to prevent them from moving.

15 – A headboard with storage in OSB

The OSB trend continues to invade our interiors! In the bedroom, it is in the form of a homemade headboard that she invites herself. Composed with a few storage niches, it is as discreet as it is pleasant to live in.

The plus: a mini-budget to make it yourself. Let’s go!

To save space in parents’ and children’s rooms, the headboard with storage is obvious. Contemporary or more classic design made up of one or more storage and exhibition spaces, it does not lose its aesthetic power.

Whether you are looking for secret shelves, cupboards to hide the mess or shelves to display your prettiest objects, there is necessarily a model adapted to your needs. If your problem concerns more the space around the bed, we have listed plenty of ideas for replacing the nightstand.


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