moraal stories for kids

There are some serious stories as well as morally uplifting ones for children.They may also

be funny and aid in teaching kids new things.

A compilation of short stories from India and other countries has been assembled!

1) The Potato, The Egg, And The Coffee Beans

Let’s begin with this uplifting moral tale that imparts a crucial lesson in life.

John, a little child, was disturbed. His dad discovered him in tears.

John said that he had several troubles in his life when his father asked him why he was sobbing.

Simply grinning, his father instructed him to go grab a potato, an egg, and some coffee beans. Three bowls were used to hold them.

He then requested John to feel their texture before adding water to each dish.

John followed the instructions. The three bowls were then put under the stove by his father.

John’s father instructed him to test the texture of the various foods once again once the bowls had cooled.

The egg had hardened; the coffee beans had fully altered; and the coffee beans had filled the bowl of water with perfume and flavour. John also saw that the potato had grown mushy and that its skin was peeling off easily. check little mermaid characters.

2) The Lion And The Mouse

One of Aesop’s fables’ brief moral tales is this one. It is a tale that can be told with animal noises!

The lion dozed off in the bush one day. On the sleeping lion, a playful mouse jumps up and down.

“Aaargh!” The lion barked and lifted the squealing mouse.

Let me out, please! OK, I’ll go! The small mouse shrieked, “I’ll aid you one day for your compassion today.

You’re too little to assist me! As the young mouse fled away, the lion laughed and shouted, “Off you go.”

After a few days, the small mouse heard a roar that said, “Help me!”

Even though the small mouse was frightened, it continued to go forward until it came upon the lion entangled in the net.

It said, “I realise you need my assistance now.

The lion cried out in agony, “Please help me!”

As soon as the lion was trapped, the baby began to gnaw its way through the net.

3) The Milkmaid And Her Pail

A kid-friendly short tale about working hard and daydreaming!

There was was a milkmaid by the name of Patty.

She milked her cow, picked up two pails of milk with a stick, and went to the market to sell it.

She started daydreaming about what she would do with the money she would receive for the milk while she was making her way to the market.

She imagined purchasing a hen and earning money from selling its eggs.

She imagined spending the cash she would earn from selling the eggs and milk on a cake, a bunch of strawberries, a fancy outfit, and maybe even a brand-new home!

She became so excited that she started to skip without thinking about the pails she was carrying.

When she examined her pails, she found that they were empty and that the milk had started to leak.

4) The Tortoise And The Hare

A hare, a member of the rabbit family of animals, and a tortoise, a slower-moving mammal, are the subjects of this well-known tale.

The hare, who had previously won several races, suggested competing against the turtle. The hare just wanted the joy of defeating him to show that he was the best.

The tortoise concurred, and the contest started.

The hare gained a head start but grew arrogant at the finish line. Because of his vanity, he thought he could win the race even if he took a little break.

He then took a sleep only yards from the finish line.

The tortoise, meanwhile, moved slowly but with great vigour and devotion. Despite the fact that the chances were not in his favour, he persisted and did not give up for even a moment.

The tortoise reached the finish line first and won the race while the hare was dozing off.

The turtle did not boast or put the hare down, which was the best part.

5) The Thirsty Crow

One of the most well-liked children’s inspiring moral tales is certain to pique their interest and logic.

The bottoms of many ponds and lakes are dry throughout the summer. Birds travelled great distances in quest of water.

This crow was one such bird who noticed a container with water at the bottom.

It attempted to use its beak to reach the water, but the pot’s neck was too thin.

The crow repeatedly attempted to shake the pot, but to no effect.

Soon after the crow became too exhausted to try. Too thirsty to fly, it couldn’t.

The thirsty crow suddenly had an idea!

Plop! Plip! Plop! Pebbles started to fall into the pot from it.

The water climbed steadily upward.

Up until its beak touched the water, the crow kept scattering the stones.

The hungry crow was able to satisfy its thirst at last!

6) Tenali Rama And The Thieves

Your youngster would enjoy reading this well-known short story by Tenali Rama (also known as Tenali Raman). There is a lesson to be learned as well!

Recently, there have been a lot of thefts in Vijayanagara. The thefts alarmed King Krishnadevaraya.

Tenali Rama was not the only one in the court who appeared concerned.

Two people were concealed behind the large mango tree close to the well in his yard that evening as he made his way back from the court to his house.

Hmmm! As he approached home, he reasoned, “I must teach them a lesson.”

The thieves were astonish when he spoke loudly at home, but they could hear what he was saying to his wife:

“… keeping our jewellery at home is not safe. Please place your jewellery inside of our iron trunk, which we then lowered into the well for storage.

Tenali Rama whispered to his wife that criminals were lurking in the garden while the robbers laughed at the thought of an idiot’s plot. He requests that pots and stones be add to the trunk.

Tenali Rama and his wife dragged and dropped the trunk into the well when it had been filled.

He said to his wife, “It’ll be safe here!”

The two burglars waited until everyone was asleep at home. They had a strategy!

The robbers alternated drawing water from the well.

They decided to take a rest as their joy quickly gave way to fatigue.

Then, someone uttered:

That’s it. You have completed the day’s good deed by watering the garden.

Tenali Rama was carrying a shovel and a stick when the would-be thieves turned to look.

They stood in shock and bolted!

Soon after, no robberies were report by the residents of Vijayanagara.

7) Two Frogs With The Same Problem

One of those quick moral tales, this one is likely to give kids confidence!

A troop of frogs was once ambling through the woodland looking for water. Two of the group’s frogs unintentionally fell into a large pit at once.

Concerned for their companions in the pit, the other frogs fretted.

They informed the two frogs that there was no sense in trying to escape the deep pit because they could see how deep it was.

The two frogs tried to jump out of the pit, but they kept on discouraging them. But keep regressing.

One of the two frogs soon began to feel that they would never be able to leave the pit, and ultimately gave up and perished.

The second frog persists and ultimately jumps so far that he is able to get out of the hole. The other frogs were in awe of him and questioned how he managed it.

The second frog was different since it was deaf and could not hear the group’s disapproval. He only believed they were supporting him!

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