lash extension accessories
lash extension accessories

If you want to be a good lash extension artist, you first have to stay updated about the techniques out there. Like the artists associated with any other art, you can also take great pride in your skills, knowledge, and creativity. 

 But to do so, first, you have to master the lash extension techniques and trends. Not only will it help you to stay on the top, but it will also help you to create a loyal customer base. With that said, it is time to examine the eyelash extension techniques ruling in 2022.

Brand New Lash Extension Applying Techniques- 

 As a lash artist, you should always be experimenting with the applying techniques of lash extension accessories to create unique and eye-catching lashes. For some clients, you will be doing more lift and volume than ever before, and for some, you might be going exactly in the opposite direction. 


So, with that, we can get some idea that going straight in the line sometimes works but sometimes doesn’t, which makes mixing up things a little good. It will help you be more creative in your art, and your clients will embrace it. Now, with this motto in mind. Let’s get started with the techniques. 

Wet Look- 

The style or, let’s say, technique resembles the natural wet lashes. It looks the same as the lashes when someone has gotten out of the shower or washed their face. 

How To Create A Wet Look?

The technique is not far different from applying the other lashes. All you have to do is place the lashes as close as possible. The look is great for makeup and texture and perfectly matches dew skin. 

The wet lash look is created using narrow, almost closed volume fans. You have to choose the thicker and bold fans as if they haven’t entirely dried yet.

The New Lash Way Is The D Way-

Lash creates drama, and you just don’t have to rely on the C lashes to get that. D curls, though, is making its presence in the market. Like the C, lashes are the best for those who want to lift things a notch when it comes to lashes. D lashes have the same preferences for those people. As a result, it is nothing but spectacular. 

And if you even take it forward, C and D curl lashes, making it look more dramatic and neutral when applied together. 

Try Combination Of Lashes- 

Sometimes clients demand subtlety in lashes, and you must approve it. The demand leaves you with creative opinions. Nothing is boring about this, don’t worry. Everything can be stylish as long as you stick to your creativity. For 2022, remember that creativity in mixing up the curls is one of the new eyelash extension techniques you can embrace. 

If you think B curls are the best, your client desires a more natural look that can only be achieved through I and J extension lashes. Then you have to throw in a few suitable measures and achieve a combo that goes well with your client’s desires. 

How Learning The New Extension Techniques Can Help You? 

We have shared 3 lash extension techniques, but you should like trying to figure out some or some of your techniques to master the art. Stay updated about the new lash extension with the help of the internet. It is a good thing. 

The more you learn, the more your customer base will be. The chances are that you get some brand new clients. So, be one step ahead if you want them to adore you. 


Beginner? The Lash Professional Can Help You To Stay Updated. 

 Being not sure about something new isn’t a hazard, but not trying for it is. So, if you are afraid to pull off particular looks, don’t think they will do good. In that care, you are in need of a brand new course that can elevate your career. Ceciliacole Academy can be your partner towards the growth in your career.  

They can deliver amazing lash causes that will fully grant your clients your wishes. There is no expiry date for their courses. You can access the courses as you want. You can even access all of their courses on your mobile, so you can take your class while you are on the train going to the office or just about to go to bed.


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