/PRNewswire/ — 2021, April 1, Ohio, COLUMBUS — MavenNext is pleased to announce that they have been elevated to ServiceNow Premier Partner. By exploiting their expertise with ServiceNow technologies like ITOM, ITAM, and Integrated Risk Management(IRM), the team of MavenNext is a step nearer in getting to the top of the partner program’s tiers. The founders developed a validated platform, became a valued adviser, and one of the ServiceNow ecosystem’s fastest-growing collaborators with a combined 20 years of experience.

“Our objective is to guide clients in achieving success on a platform of ServiceNow so their team could return towards focusing on sales and development. We perform this by delivering exceptional customer service and professional services. We already know we are the absolute best in IRM, ITAM, and ITOM so we’re honored and ecstatic that ServiceNow has recognized our hard work with this latest designation” said founder and Owner Arnold De La Fuente. 

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When De La Fuente and his business associate, John Manner, chose to begin MavenNext in 2018, they were well aware of the technical industry’s highs and lows. The company has offices in both Columbus and San Francisco, OH. They were soon promoted to C-level positions and had realized their vision. In today’s world, the two are both striving for the highest standard to their customers.

The company developed from a small start-up to a well-known brand by delivering the highest quality work to their customers. MavenNext is rising rapidly in the presence of the whole team’s commitment and perseverance in crafting each project with quality and precision.

Their slogan is, “Take care of your customers as if they were relatives, and your employees as if they were family.” They’ve held clients since day one, hired employees who enjoy problem-solving, and were confident that their three expert solutions will boost the ServiceNow platform:

1) IRM: 

The average data violation in the US costs $8 million, not counting the cost of missed opportunities and reputational harm. Since the several attacks are growing at a 2% annual pace, it is more important than ever to set up digital protection to secure one’s company.

Each successful CEO shares a common objective: to run and develop their company efficiently. This mission becomes complicated when faced with such data violations that could span up to six months to discover and months to repair. The implementation of cybersecurity helps executives to concentrate their resources, energy, and time on raising revenue and lowering operating costs. 

Key Advantages

  • Control your risk exposure.

Get information about high-risk areas, non-compliance, vendor status, and audit findings using continuous monitoring and real-time dashboards.

  • Enhance corporate decision-making
    With a single comprehensive risk management package, you can plan and make decisions more strategically.
  • Build ownership and boost productivity
    Improve efficiency and productivity by implementing cross-functional automation regularly.
  • Scale and align GRC with the corporate objectives.
    Key applications in ServiceNow GRC are grouped into scalable packages that can be expanded as the company grows.
  • Save money while achieving complete buy-in from all stakeholders.ServiceNow IRM implementation strategies from Edgile are less expensive than rival programs.

2) ITOM: 

Workflow can be automated. Every business wants to preserve money, and ITOM does exactly that. It can assist any team in automating service implementation, using workflow design, integrating manual services, tracking production deliverables/processes via the SDLC, and performance and controlling cost.

Key Advantages

  • Predicting the issues

Stop chasing for false positives and instead focus on identifying anomalies with fewer guesses. Telemetry data should be collected and analyzed for improved visibility and noise reduction.

  • User impact minimization

Find the source of events and exchange actionable information with other teams. Take action depending on guided advice to minimize outages.

  • Automating the resolutions

Reduce recovery times by quickly implementing insights-based solutions. Knowledge base tools and Pre-built playbooks will help you automate repetitive tasks.

  • Delivering modern DevOps

Incorporate a performance-driven environment into all of the teams. Incident response and improve observability by giving DevOps and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) visibility into microservices.

  • Connecting your data

Managing the whole digital lifecycle goes beyond IT operations. With Service Graph, you can expand your CMDB and lay a solid data foundation.

3) ITAM: 

When business audits turned south, everybody recalls the stories that filled the internet. Enhance compliance risk because of audits of software. C-level executives should be assured that their data is safe and that audits can go seamlessly if they are proactive.

Key Advantages

  • Automate and Modernize the IT infrastructure.

Run ITAM on a single framework, data model, and architecture to service, design, and IT operation. Using the Now Platform, you can automate the asset workflow.

  • Simplify the job process

When it comes to workflows of a process, you can connect people and process. Organize teams at any point of the lifecycle of an assert, from acquisition to retirement, for smooth teamwork.

  • IT cost Reduction

Optimize software licences, monitor Costs of hardware assets, manage cloud capital, and reduce IT enforcement risk to reduce waste over the asset lifecycle.


Thus you are now aware of the three expert solutions offered by ITOM, IRM and ITAM.  We have also discussed the key benefits for each of these solutions. 



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