When was the last time you talked to your plastic surgeon? We are not offended that you do not contact us as often as your primary care doctor, but we also have an interest in your physical welfare and long -term results.

For breast augmentation patients, it is very important for you to make your surgeon aware of changes in the appearance, shades, or quality of your breast implants along with the passage of time-and scheduled “10 years reunion” with your breast surgeon atlanta is a good way to do it. Here are some reasons why:

1. Many can happen in 10 years

I don’t know about you, but I have seen a number of changes in me over the past decade, and some wear and tear is definitely not liked! Think about everything your body has experienced since your breast enlargement. You may have children, get or lose some extra pounds, or pay attention to your body aging.

I heard from many of my patients that while they still like the size of their breasts that are augmented, they are concerned with sagging related to age or having asymmetry that develops over time. If it sounds familiar, the 10 -year sign is the right time to update your curve. Ask your doctor about the latest breast improvement techniques to maintain or improve your appearance.

If you are the lucky one who looks better than before, congratulations! I want to get your direction to “Fountain of Youth.” But, even if your breasts have not been affected by aging, you might have changed. Think again when you first make a decision to get an implant: You might put a lot of thoughts about the perfect size and shape for you at that time. If your aesthetic preferences and your original implants gradually deviate from time to time, you can turn it into something perfect for you now. Whether it increases or reduces size, going for different shapes or profiles, or switching to different implant materials for better nuances, the current implant range offers you a complete spectrum of options to get perfect compatibility.

2. Intelligent to check the safety and quality of your implant

There is a rumor that the implant is given about 10 years, as if this device was programmed to fail on a certain date. This is not true, but it is still an intelligent decision to examine various things. You will not drive a car for 10 years without serving or looking at a machine by a mechanic, right?

Many women are still very happy with their augmented breasts for many years on the road, but breast implants do not always last a lifetime. Over time, some women will experience rupture or leak. So before you reach a 10-year breast enlargement anniversary, it’s wise to check that everything is fine.

In addition, while many breast implant producers provide a limited lifetime warranty to the replacement of breast implants, things like capsular contractures, late formation (abnormal swelling), and rupture often only closed for 10 years. This guarantee usually includes the cost of replacement or revision if your implant breaks or deflats, which means it can save a little money if one of these problems is detected before the warranty ends.

3.There are some very cool progress in breast implants

Breast augmentation techniques and implant options change slightly for a decade. Now there are more types of breast implants than before, and exploring these new options can cause implants that are more suitable for you.

For example, do you know there is a new girl in the city? The 5th generation of silicone gel implants offers more natural and stable patients. This implant, sometimes referred to as a “sunny bear implant,” has some major improvements from the previous generation of implants.


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