No matter how cool the photos on your insta profile are, without targeted promotion, they will not collect many likes, and the page will not be replenished with new subscribers. After registering on Instagram, I highly recommend making a business profile, as this gives a number of advantages over a regular account … Instagram  popularity is directly related to activity and interaction with the audience. To promote your account, you need to follow these three proven tips:

  • You need to constantly like the posts of other users. This is how you attract people to look at your profile. On average, for every 300 likes you get, you can get 18 new followers
  • Subscribe to like-minded people. This is an effective way to grow your follower base. It is important to choose people with similar interests. Under such conditions, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases. But what to do when you simply do not have time to subscribe to people on your own, and promotion is vital for you, since the success of your business or your personal income depends on it? Usually, in such situations, all sorts of services for cheating subscribers help, but their problem is that most often they offer you inanimate subscribers for a small price. Personally, I’m in a similar situation use the help of to quickly acquire real followers at a reasonable price. Of course, it’s up to you to choose, but personally, I recommend acting in order not to miss the moment.
  • Do not forget about hashtags, which are the main source of traffic, because it is on them that most users find your posts. Use both thematic and popular hashtags up to 1-2 million publications.

Promotion of an IG profile is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. First, you need to combine several methods to promote your account. Secondly, all these actions must be repeated regularly and systematically. And also on my own behalf, I want to wish you good luck!

The basis of absolutely any marketing campaign is a strategy. You should have a clear understanding of the purpose of your Instagram account from the very beginning, as well as what you are trying to achieve by increasing the audience.

There are usually 3 main goals that any public account strives for: increase sales, increase traffic and increase the number of people who know about you. They are all interconnected, because the higher your traffic, the higher your advantage; higher advantage – more sales. More sales means more brand awareness.

However, before you launch your campaign, you should choose the right strategy that will draw attention to your company. For example, let’s consider two types of strategies.

“Something’s Coming”

The name speaks for itself. You need to make your profile literally scream that something truly incredible will be released there very soon! Create an informative and attractive profile header, use your logo or the colors of your brand logo as an avatar.

Any links that can give users more information about you and your company are required to be placed on the page. Accounts in other social networks, email, contact form, website – all this can help potential subscribers remember you better.

Plus, even if you don’t have a website yet, it’s still worth posting a link to it. Showing people your serious attitude, showing that you will create a site for them, is very important. Put something funny on the front page so people know there’s something coming soon and they can also have fun visiting the front page.

Make sure that the informative profile header contains all the information about your company that users may need. Naturally, since the number of characters is limited, you need to think carefully about everything. Once you’ve got your profile ready, it’s time to publish the first post that will tell the public about your business. This post will become your calling card, so pay special attention to it.

To attract subscribers at this stage, you can try to find other business accounts that work in your field. Go to the lists of their subscribers and check if they are your target audience, if they are real people. After that, you can start subscribing to them.

Thus, you declare your existence to people who are potentially interested in your services or products. Attract them with bonuses or by offering a discount to the first 10 people who subscribe. This will be the reason why all these people should subscribe to an “empty” account.

The “face” of your account comes first. Your name, header, links and all the necessary information. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to have here.

Let’s start with the account name. It should not exceed 30 characters and preferably include a keyword. Next is your username. It is best that it matches the one you use on other social networks, then it will not be difficult for your subscribers to find your accounts.

The header bio, as mentioned earlier, should be as informative as the 150 characters allowed. Any new visitor should be able to instantly understand what he is dealing with. And don’t forget to include your website link in your profile header!

You can have the most interesting posts in the world and the most popular hashtags, but if you post them at the wrong time, you’re missing out on a lot of potential views that could translate into profit or new followers. How so? Let’s figure it out.

The main goal of any social network is to gather people from all over the world in one place, Instagram is no exception. Not all of your followers live in the same city, country or even continent as you. Sometimes, while you have morning, they can have deep night.

That is why it is extremely important to collect information about your audience first. You need to know where the majority of your audience lives and post at the times that are most convenient for them, even if that means your posts will have to be posted at midnight your time.


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