If you’re building a user interface, it’s very important to remember that users will be interacting with it regularly – sometimes even every day. Therefore, if the UI isn’t well designed, users may find themselves frustrated and annoyed by the experience – or worse, they might not be able to complete the necessary tasks at all! With this in mind, here are 4 critical UI elements that make remarkable interfaces. This article will go over each of these elements in more detail, along with some real-world examples of each one in action.

1) Animation

One of the most important elements of a remarkable interface is animation. By adding movement to otherwise static elements, you can guide users through your interface and make complex interactions feel more natural. Animations can also add a touch of personality to your app and make it more engaging.

2) Loaders

A remarkable interface is one that anticipates the user’s needs and provides feedback accordingly. One way to do this is through the use of loaders. Loaders help show the user that the system is working and give them an indication of how long they will have to wait. They also help reduce anxiety by providing a sense of progress.

3) Progress Bars

Progress bars are one of the most commonly used UI elements. They help users understand how far along they are in a process, and how much longer they have to go. When used correctly, progress bars can increase motivation and encourage users to keep going. Here are four tips for using progress bars in your UI

4) Gestures

Gestures are one of the most important aspects of any interface because they provide a way for users to interact with digital content. Good gestural design can make an interface more intuitive and easy to use, while bad gestural design can make an interface frustrating and difficult to navigate. When designing gestures, keep the following in mind


A great UI must be intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to use. It should also be responsive and adapt to the user’s needs. To create a remarkable UI, you need to hire a UI/UX design company in Bangalore that understands these critical elements. With their help, you can create an interface that will wow your users and help your business succeed.


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