If you have a local restaurant in your town or city, you know just how tough the competition can be to stay on top year in and year out. This has become even more difficult within the past two years, as the pandemic has made it even harder for many small businesses to keep their doors open. If you are ready to move forward and take your restaurant to the next level, here are four dishes you may want to add to extend your menu.


Contrary to what many people believe, not all restaurants offer appetizers as a menu option for their customers. If you want to give your customers some great food to eat while waiting for their main meal, add such appetizers as cheddar biscuits, spinach cheese dip with chips, and even pigs in a blanket, which always put a smile on people’s faces.

Locally-Sourced Foods

If you want to offer something different at your restaurant and also show your support for your area’s farmers, try offering dishes that are made from locally-sourced foods. For example, try creating triple-decker burgers with beef from local cattle farms. Also, add salads that use only the freshest of ingredients from local vendors. Once your customers combine a new salad with your restaurant’s french baguette loaf, you’ll have a winning combination.


Perhaps the favorite food of most people pizza is an excellent addition to almost any menu. You may think your business is not suited for pizza. If so, you are missing out on the chance to greatly increase your business and profits. As for what makes pizza so great, it’s the versatility it offers in its creation. For example, if you have a seafood restaurant, create pizza topped with shrimp and other fish. In a Mexican restaurant, create a taco or tortilla pizza that can’t be beaten.


Last but absolutely not least, desserts will extend the menu at your small business in more ways than you ever imagined. However, don’t limit yourself only to common desserts such as apple pie or chocolate chip cookies. Instead, wow your customers by offering baklava, cannoli, and molten lava cakes. Before you know it, your business will have a reputation for offering the best desserts in town.


While you need to put lots of thought into what menu additions you want for your business, the good news is that many of the dishes will be simple to make, cost a minimal amount of money, and leave your customers wanting more after they’re finished. By adding these dishes to your business, expect business to be booming very soon.


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