It doesn’t matter if it’s at home, school office, commercial locations, Canon printer demand durable use. Printers are extremely useful as the paperwork gets reduced in a significant way. But, that doesn’t mean that they can’t experience problems. One of the most frequent Canon printer issues is the Canon printer error code 5200.

The issue is displayed on the printer because of cartridge compatibility, which is mainly according to the experts from Printer Repairs Dubai. In the event that your Canon printer is not getting enough ink or has damaged cartridges for ink, your Canon printer is likely to be plagued with this error. Alongside cartridge problems, Canon printer error 5200 could occur when there is something wrong on the logic board in your Canon printer.

It is possible that your Canon printer isn’t producing black prints. But, the company designs printers that print black, regardless of whether the black ink refill is depleted. Canon printers are made to make use of all remaining colours of the ink to make black ink and print with the black ink.

If the printer isn’t functioning and you’re experiencing the Canon error 5200 on the printer, even though there’s plenty of ink available, you need to fix it. Here are some tried-and-tested methods to fix Canon error 5200 on printers.

Begin by checking the Cartridges

If you’re using cartridge-based Canon printers or ink tank ones and both will show the identical Canon error 5200 on the printer. The primary reason behind this error can be due to the fact that the printer could be running low on ink. Therefore, make sure to make sure to check the cartridges of your printer before you fill the cartridges.

If cartridges are required replacement, replace them. If you have an ink-tank printer, replenish the ink. Make sure you don’t run out of ink which includes coloured and black ones. When you’ve finished refilling cartridges or replacing the toner, verify if your Canon printing error code 520 is still present.

Clean the Cartridges

Some users have noticed the Canon printers were able to print enough ink, but they still showed an error message of Canon printer error code 5200. Specialists at Printer Repairs Dubai said that it could be because of an unclean printhead on the cartridges. Therefore, you should take the time to go into your Canon printer to see the inside of your printer. Here’s how to accomplish it.

  1. Make sure you have your Canon user’s manual in order for assistance when opening the cartridges and the case. After that, disconnect the power cord of your printer to the outlet for power.
  2. Remove the casing, and open it up. the cartridge that prints ink.
  3. Clean a cloth and dip it in ammonia-based solutions. The cloth is used to wash and wash the cartridge heads. cartridges.
  4. Make sure the cartridges are sufficiently dry. The cleaning solution shouldn’t be able to drip out of the cartridges. If this is not the situation, then you can use an absorbent paper towel to soak up all excess liquid.
  5. You can now put the cartridges back in the printer.

Switch on the printer and connect the printer to a reliable device. Verify that the Canon 5200 error message disappears and you are able to print once more.

Restart your Canon Printer

Canon errors with printers 5200 may appear to be a little elusive, especially if you’ve tried everything you can to resolve the cartridge ink. However, the issue does not appear to be resolved. Customers who have Canon Pixma MX432, MX439, etc. The variants claim that a simple restart could aid you in overcoming the issue from Canon printer error 5200.

Here’s how to restart the Canon printer.

  1. If the printer is in operation, you can delete all printing jobs.
  2. Turn off your printing device by pressing Power and On.
  3. After the printer shuts off, you must disconnect the power supply from the printer, or the power supply. You should wait for a few minutes.
  4. You can plug in the power cord to power the supply as well as the printer. Then, turn the printer on and let it operate with its initials.

After a quick restart, you can check your Canon printer. If the error message appears, then proceed to the final step.

Manually reset the printer to its default settings

Another option is to restore the printer’s settings to their original settings. Follow these steps to reset the printer’s settings:

  • Press the button ‘On’ to shut off your printer If it’s in use
  • The printer should turn off and then press the ‘Stop’ and the “On” button simultaneously. Repeat this for three seconds and then release your finger off the ‘Stop’ switch.
  • Continue pressing the ‘On’ button , then hold the “Stop” key 5 times for 2 seconds. The yellow icon will illuminate each when you press the Stop button.
  • Take all the buttons off immediately. The LCD on your printer will come on, but it will remain empty at the moment. This is a sign that the printer’s software being set up.know about 3D printer.This is also in conjunction with your “On” button flashing.
  • When it stops blinking, make sure to press it once, then switch your printer off.
  • Take out the cartridges of your printer and wash them. Reinstall them and switch off your machine. Setup of your printer should most likely resolve the issue.

What can I do to solve my Canon printer that isn’t printing in black ink?

Another errorthat occurs across all printers that printers aren’t able print on paper with the black ink contained in their cartridges. The primary reason for this occurs is that the printer’s nozzle has become blocked and is preventing it from release of black ink. To resolve this issue it is essential to use the built-in tools of your printer Find the Maintenance menu and choose Deep cleaning.

The Canon printer can be reset.

Some users have stated that the methods mentioned above proved to be a complete failure for them. If you’re one of these you’re likely to find that your printer has created a serious error. A factory reset will aid your printer back to normal. Here’s how you reset your Canon printer:

  1. In case your printer has turned active the go, you should close it. Make sure you press the button to stop or reset following that.
  2. Hold and press your Power button few seconds. Make sure you’ve let go of your Stop and Reset button prior to holding the power button.
  3. It is necessary to press the Stop or Reset button two times in succession without depressing the power button.
  4. You can now push the Power button.
  5. The idle message is displayed on the printer’s screen. It may last longer thought So don’t be discouraged.
  6. If the idle message pops up on the printer’s display Remove the cover of the printer and examine the cartridges.
  7. Take out both the black and colour cartridges. Cover it with the printer.
  8. Switch off your Canon printer and then wait several minutes. After that, you can switch the printer back on.

When the printer is set to go, take off the cover of the printer and then move the cartridges in their correct positions.


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