Escape room :

It is a game in which people are locked in a place and they have to solve different puzzles and clues in order to get out of the room . There are many escape rooms in Canada. But some popular are the escape rooms of Mississauga

How Escape Rooms are connected to your mental health :

Whenever you are exhausted from a tough day or you had a tough routine 4 months and you are tired no fun nothing at all just work work work and your brain did not get any rest All you did was work all the month Want some fun? In your life? That gives you productivity fun and give many benefits that cannot even be counted. Here’s an idea go to escape rooms they do not only help you with a lot of things but also it’s a fun game with lots of productivity you get to play games solve riddles ,have fun with your teammates ,learn to manage time and way more benefits  that you can think of. And these benefits help you in your daily life whenever you face a problem in work or your company is in need of an urgent problem fixing or problem solving if you have played these games more often  you would know how to react some other person who is not experienced with escaping games or escape rooms would panic and would not know what to do now. But you who have  experienced such situations would know what should be your next move. Escape rooms have many benefits but one of the major benefits is that it improves your mental health in many ways it is scientifically proven start when a person solve puzzle or Riddle that certain person uses his both side of the brain And this gives you mental clarity and your mind becomes sharp and it automatically Get alert in such situations. Following are some major mental health benefits escape room Provides you how it improves you’re meant health.

4 ways it improves your mental health:

Following are the 4 ways escape rooms improve your mental health as I said above there are many ways but I enlisted some major 4

  • Better memory

Well you know that you have to exercise your body in order to stay healthy and keep your body strong but did you know that you also I have to exercise your mind to keep it sharp. Not everyday but once a month or after a long period of time your mind requires some exercise to refresh it and it is very important to do it. Whenever you overcome such situation where you have to solve a problem or solve a Riddle or you can take you have to achieve a goal in Escape Rooms in Mississauga and in order to achieve that goal you have to solve a certain Riddle whenever you do that you are reinforcing current connections in your brain cells which are called as neurons.

Means that you are automatically enhancing Speed of your thinking process because you have to solve that Riddle in a certain amount of time that is given to you not only in escape rooms but also when you face such problem in real life where you have to solve a question you are given a certain amount of time, within that time you have to get an answer to that solution. More benefits is that it improves your short term memory loss for example if you don’t remember why you went in the room or what you had for lunch sometimes a person goes through a time that whenever he or she enters the room sometimes she forgets why she came here this is because our brain get short term memory loss and the reason for it is that you do not exercise your brain but when you solve a certain Riddle or puzzle your brain stay sharp for a long time and while solving a puzzle you have to remember all the pieces you gathered for example you get  Some clues and if you forget the previous clue you won’t be able to solve the next one escape room help in improving that because when you are in such a situation you force your mind to remember things which make your memory better.

  • Enhanced mood

You feel like your mood is  lacking lately you are not in a good mood. You feel sad and you get a lot of mood swings which you do not know why try solving puzzles such as escape room because solving puzzles are known to increase the production of dopamine a  neurotransmitter that helps with mood memory and concentration. As you solve puzzles throughout the escape room Can you solve a Riddle like you are the first one to solve the Riddle between your teammates you feel good it changes your mood which translate to your brain feeling a certain amount of satisfaction which releases dopamine And this way in your journey of escaping their escape room your mood changes as the amount of release of dopamine changes and this automatically change your mood and you get fresh.

  • Better attention to detail

It is also a mental health problem that you are unable to give your full attention To a certain task that is given to you. Escape  rooms or puzzle is the key to improvement because while solving a puzzle or a Riddle you have to pay attention to even the tiniest details in order to achieve your goal or to get some clues. So this ability can help in your daily life. Because it sharpen your brain and it helps you and your brain to remember and notice even the tiniest details that you miss in your life such is games does not only help you to achieve something in escaping games or in business life but it also helps you in your personal matters because such way you can pay attention to even the tiniest detail your family members or your children tell you which creates or strengthen the bond between you and your family.

  • It’s sparks creativity

Escape Room Mississauga sparks you creativity because whenever you work with a group of people to solve a certain problem or certain riddles you get ideas for example if you are in a room you get ideas that that clue or next clue can be under a certain thing or can be this you forces your mind to work and think of new ideas which helps your mind in many ways because if you can get idea and such a short amount of time and quickly then you can get these ideas whenever you need them in your daily life as well so it sparks your creativity and you get creative it makes your brain creative. It  force is your brain to work or get alert in such situations.

Well these are some mental health improvement ways escape room provide you. So everyone should try escape once in a while because its not only fun but it is very beneficial so we cannot say it’s work related we can say it’s fun so why not try new things in life that are productive and fun because there are not many things start can be both so start trying escape room now


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