5 Reasons to join the Faculty of Fashion & Designing

The Fashion and Design course deals with creating and designing garments that justify the current fashion trends and preferences. Societal needs and geographical location also impact the demand for fashion designers.

The Faculty of Fashion & Design (FFAD) at SGT University allows the students to enter the creative world of the fashion industry and learn the fundamental skills for having a successful career in the industry. The fashion design courses are planned as project and practical oriented.

Students can design and showcase their fashion and lifestyle products in the faculty’s in-house fashion brand #Designforlife. The garments are imagined, drawn, made and styled by the students, later preserved in the fashion museum. The students are also taught the art of merchandising, retailing, and entrepreneurship.

Most people choose to pursue Fashion Designing because it makes a person a canvas, and the attire of their art enhances or compliments the person. Here are five ways why to choose Fashion and Designing as a career at SGT University:-

1. Creativeness and uniqueness in the course

In fashion designing courses, one must put their creativeness and x-factors in their garments to make them look unique. The Faculty of Fashion and Designing courses do not lead to confined-to-office jobs. There is always a need to be innovative in the field of fashion. As the field of fashion is dynamic, professionals must adapt themselves and create attires that justify the ongoing trends.

2. State-of-the-art infrastructure

At SGTU, FFAD offers its students classrooms and smart class facilities, libraries, and labs to conduct practical sessions essential for Fashion and Design students. There are labs such as Pattern Making & Draping Lab, Dyeing & Printing Lab, Computer-Aided Design Lab, Workshop, Construction (Apparel) Lab, Construction (Lifestyle Products) Lab etc.

3. Cultural diversity

Fashion varies from place to place according to geographical traits and religious beliefs. People’s fashion varies according to customs, values, morals, economics, art, and technology. Historically, clothing reflects what is culturally acceptable by a certain society. Before World War II, women were not allowed to wear trousers, but women had to work in industries wearing pants as the war advanced.

4. Fashion and sustainability

With the growing world, people are not only looking for expensive and good looking attire but also the garments that would contribute to doing well in the world. As a student of Fashion and Design, you’ll learn about different techniques and systems that can make this industry more sustainable. For example, we can use natural proteins to create fibres and fabrics.

5. Diverse Opportunities

Fashion Designing is much more than just dressing up models and making garments. There are diverse opportunities in the fashion industry that a degree holder can apply for. You can be a designer in a brand or fashion house. You can work as a fashion journalist or a fashion magazine editor, a fashion critique, create fashion blogs or work as a stylist or groomer for celebrities, Merchandisers, Fashion Entrepreneurs, Fashion photographers, Fashion Academician and Product Managers.

The Faculty of Fashion & Design at SGT University is one of the best options in Delhi NCR. The faculty has adopted a comprehensive learning approach that focuses mainly on practical and commercial works. The industrial experts in SGTU provide the students with knowledge of ongoing fashion trends in the industry.

The digital learning platforms keep the students engaged throughout their academics. Apart from this, SGTU also organises guest lectures, workshops, and market & industry visits to impart authentic fashion knowledge to the students.

The Faculty of Fashion and Design outreach has motivated our students. Model and actress Miss Zoya Afroz have been appointed as the advisory board member of the Fashion department. SGTU has also connected with Dr Kappil Kishore, a good fashion industry veteran and President of India awardee.

SGTU never confines a student to limit themselves within the faculty. The university organise social awareness campaigns in nearby places, events managed by the students, inter-faculty fashion shows- to show the latest creation in garments and many more activities.

Out of all the events, SYNERGY is the most significant one here at SGTU. Faculty and students from various schools and colleges of Delhi NCR participated in the 3-day event every year. The Faculty of Fashion & Design also presented three projects that showcased their creativity: Innovative Laser-cut technology in Garment. This kind of fest flourishes the student’s creativity in various fields.

Every year SGT University anticipates new young talents and welcomes them warmheartedly. The University aims to shape raw skills into world-class academicians and leaders in their areas of interest.

SGT University has a department called Corporate Resource Centre that offers internships and placements for the students. Our students are placed in various industries related to the Fashion and Designing field like:-

  • Northern India Textile Research Association (NITRA)
  • I.D. International
  • Ten & Co
  • Zara

SGT University, Gurugram, is one of the leading private universities in Delhi, NCR. Along with academic and practical excellence, the 70 acres of lush green campus is full of livelihood and enough to provide a beautiful campus experience to the students.

For more, Visit at https://fashion.sgtuniversity.ac.in/


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