Android Development is considered the king of the mobile world. If you see the latest market report, there were around 3 million mobile apps that were hosted on Google Play Store. In another report, Android showed a staggering 87% share of the current mobile app market with over 3.6 billion active smartphone users across 190 countries globally. 

So it would not be wrong to say Android has become a whole new world that has the maximum number of users who are constantly using apps on multiple smartphones and mobile devices. 

However,  if this data still doesn’t sound attractive to you, below are the top 5 reasons that will compel you to take Android development seriously. 

1. Extensive Market Grip

Android has the largest share in the market. Most branded smartphones are built on the Android OS platform such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, etc. In addition to this, Android OS is also being used in other devices like smart TV, gaming consoles, smartwatches, wearable devices, and home appliances. So it gives businesses a variety of devices to penetrate through various Android development solutions. 

Currently, smartphones are being used with various devices and additional services like IoT, wearable devices, and fitness bands. And to use all these services, users need effective Android applications that help them to use such services. So when you develop a dynamic Android app for specialized service, you get more scope for making new users and thus generate better revenues. 

2. Billions of Users

Android boost of having billions of active users who are spanning 190 countries globally. This mammoth size of users gives a huge opportunity to businesses that want to leverage the power of the population. Android smartphones are more affordable than iPhones and other devices which gives another reason why people prefer buying Android phones. 

Plus, Android application apps are also mostly available in the free version so people quickly download the app and start using them as soon as they know about any new app. 

Therefore, startups invest in Android development to quickly acquire customers to give an initial growth to their business. With such a large user base, your Android app can get a chance to make millions or even billions of users globally.

3. Great Technology Support

Android has an extensive range of technical support that doesn’t impact your budget. There are many frameworks and tools such as Android Studio, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Kotlin, and Xamarin available for Android app development. All these tools are open source, hence, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on using the tech stack. 

You can use any of these technologies as per your project requirements. Plus, Android has also good support for integrating other technologies in the app like AR/VR, IoT, wearable, AI&ML, and more. Since Android development is based on Java programming so the availability of Android developers usually remains high in the market. 

Hence, finding the right developers and selecting the suitable tech stack won’t be a difficult task for you. Android is always being introduced with new trends and technology advancements which further aids you to utilize the benefits of the latest innovations and thus enhances your business growth.

4. High Availability of Developers

Android is a popular mobile OS platform. It has been running in the market since 2008, more than a decade. Most smartphone manufacturers build their mobile phones for the Android OS platform. This single domain of Android in the market has created a significant demand for required developers and Android app development companies. 

On average, around 70,000 new Android mobile apps are released in the Google Play Store per month. This high rate of app delivery is due to the large number of developers who are available all around the globe to create the Android app anywhere anytime. 

Apart from this, the cost of hiring a dedicated Android developer is also low. Especially in Asian countries like India, the cost of outsourcing the project to an Android app development company goes around $25 per hour rate. 

Hence, when you plan to create an Android app quickly to gain a competitive advantage, you won’t need to dig a lot to find the right professionals. This is the high availability of Android developers in the market. You can hire any size of the development team at cost-efficient rates and start your project right away. 

5. Best for Startups

Android is a highly profitable platform for startups. As android development is supported by an extensive range of tools & technologies, startups can easily start their venture by developing a mobile app using these available technologies. The cost of Android app development is not much high as compared on other platforms. 

Especially in India, the average cost of Android app development is usually $15,000-$25,000 for a basic or medium-scale Android app. This helps startups that lack funds in their initial stage. Android here allows startups to establish their business model by developing a mobile application at a highly affordable price range. 

Even in some cases, an experienced developer can build a minimalistic app alone at an extremely low cost. So if your business needs a mobile app solution at a highly affordable price range, Android stands out as the best option. 

To Conclude

Android is the ruler of the mobile app market. It has the largest userbase and greater technical support for developing a mobile app at an affordable price range. Plus, it always gets new trends and advancements which makes it future-proof. So if you still not have taken the Android platform so seriously, time to change your mind. Here, I recommend you find the best Android developer who can help you build a great Android app for your target audience at a cost-efficient budget. 

About the Author

Erma Winter is an Best Android developer at MobileCoderz-a globally reputed Android app development company that works with startups and medium-sized enterprises to build Android app solutions. She does programming and writes code using Kotlin and Java for developing Android apps. Apart from this, She likes to write articles on the tech industry and surf social media. 


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