Food trends 2022

There are several causes of the sustained growth of the plant-based food market. We need to study the outside forces boosting the industry’s growth. More people are educated today, and they make choices carefully. They think of the past and consider how their current actions will affect future generations. These customers come from diverse backgrounds, but they are all united in choosing plant-based foods. The common denominator between them is that they are all well-educated and understand global health issues. 

Here are five trends that keep the plant-based industry running –

Eco-conscious Customers

Consumers today are more conscious of things that affect the planet’s health. Many people have given up meat to protect the environment and save resources. They are willing to forego their pleasures to leave the land intact for future generations. Eating plant-based foods is how they contribute to society by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Methane emitted from cows could damage the planet, so they go for plant-based foods. Plants can offer the proteins, vitamins, and minerals they need every day. Many brands invest in plant-based food market research to recreate the experience of eating meat. They use soy, peas, nuts, and mushrooms to make food that tastes like dairy and meat. Climate change activists and high education levels are the driving forces behind the plant-based food market.

Animal Welfare Concerns

People today are aware of the harsh conditions of animals in factories. Food manufacturers try to increase the livestock population to make higher profits. They confine animals and poultry in cages and crowded environments. Meat producers want them to eat more to take more meat from these animals. So, they leave the lights on all day and night to encourage the animals to eat, leaving them sleep-deprived. There are also concerns about animals receiving injections and antibiotics. International NGOs like the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spread awareness about animal cruelty. So, more people are switching to plant-based foods to take a stand for animal welfare. Companies also invest in plant-based food market research to accommodate their needs and tastes.

Health Concerns

Customers prefer plant-based foods for health reasons too. A few studies have established the link between red meat and cancer. Also, vegetarian foods help them in weight management. People who have weight loss goals choose plant-based diets. Meat is blamed for cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol levels. Some believe that eating vegetarian foods would give them flawless skin. We also hear about herbs and vegetables having -inducing properties in food trends 2022. For all these reasons, the plant-based market will continue to grow bigger.

Rise of Flexitarians 

Flexitarians are plant eaters, but they eat meat once in a while. They limit their meat intake for social reasons. But they also choose plant-based foods to enjoy a variety of tastes. To accommodate them, we need more vegetables, greens, and fruits. Brands are trying to fill the need by increasing the production of plant products on their organic farms. So, the rapid growth of the plant-based food market is attributed to the rise of flexitarians. 

Millennials and Gen X Prefer Vegetarian Food 

Millennials and Gen X determine the food trends in 2022. They are college-educated and are aware of global health issues. They are conscious about the products they buy and prefer brands that have pledged to protect the environment. Since more meat consumption will put more animals in misery, they choose vegetarian foods. These generations will replace future generations very soon, so we will see more demand for plant-based foods soon.


More trends cause the rapid growth of the plant-based food industry. But the above five trends explain why veganism is getting more fashionable in different parts of the world. Even countries that traditionally consumed meat in large quantities are now shifting to vegetables.


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