Customizing your car is an easy way to liven the interior to meet your needs as a driver. You can also use customization to make an older car look newer. Nevertheless, your lifestyle and your needs as a driver should dictate how you customize the car. 

Here are six ideas to customize your car.

Car Seat Covers

Changing the seat covers completely changes the interior of your car. If you are on a budget, you can buy ready-made covers, but these may not fit the car seats perfectly. Spend a little more money on made-to-measure seat covers for a better look and more comfort. If you go for leather seat covers, you need those with an option to heat. 

For bigger budgets, go for retrofitted heated leather seats. For a smaller budget, opt for leather seat covers that plug into the cigarette lighter to heat. With so many seat cover materials and color options, you need to take your time when picking seat covers.

Steering Wheel Cover

An old steering wheel cover can make a modern cockpit look dull and aged. You can choose a bright-colored fluffy steering wheel cover to make the cockpit lively or pick a more deluxe option, such as leather, cashmere, wood-effect covers, or any other. 

Some steering wheel covers have the option to heat, but even without this option, the steering cover takes the chill away from your hands when you are driving in winter. You can even add a custom, leather shift boot to complete the look.

Hydrographic Printing on the Dashboard

If your dashboard looks dull, you can add a splash of color with hydrographic prints. You can choose any design from bold colors to patterns and textured designs. Using this customization method is like applying wallpaper on the dashboard, except that this method is more permanent. 

Choose a design from hundreds of designs, and it will be applied to the dashboard. Make sure to match this design with the seat covers and steering wheel cover for an appealing uniform look.

Add a Custom Shift Knob

The knob at the end of a gearshift stick is not something that draws attention when someone enters your car. However, you can make it more attractive and luxurious with a new knob. You can go for the universal one-size-fits-all knob if you are on a budget, or you can go for a vehicle-specific or personalized knob. 

Knobs are available in different materials from brushed metal, chrome, carbon fiber, and leather among others. You can have knobs that speak of your personality with their shapes, representing different sports. Choose between baseball knobs, golf ball knobs, skull knobs, hand grenade knobs, and hundreds of others to match your style.

LED Lights

If your car doesn’t have ambient interior lighting, you can retrofit it with LED floor and roof lights. These lights add a charming and romantic glow to the car to make your evenings better. The lights on the roof of the car are mostly functional but can also be decorative. 

The lights on the floor are mostly decorative. Choose charming colors, such as blue or warm colors, such as yellow to create the feel you want. You can also fit LED lights on the wheels to create a mesmerizing and satisfying look on the car as it cruises through cities and on highways.

Change the Headliner

The material on the roof of your car can make your car look and feel lively or make it look dull. You can swap this material with a more lively material, such as white leather, or pick one with stars and other interesting graphics. It is easy to change the headliner and there are how-to videos online to guide you through the process. However, if you are not into DIY projects, let a professional do it for you.


There are many other ideas in addition to the ones above to liven up and customize your car. These include changing the floor mats, personalizing the number plate, adding a cover to the seatbelt, replacing the OEM stereo system with a premium sound system, and adding an air freshener for the car among others. All in all, let your budget guide you when you customize the car.


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