Professional writers say that book writing is not so hard nor easy. However, there are some mistakes writers usually make while writing a book.

If you are thinking of writing a book and want to become a professional writer. Then read this article carefully. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the common mistakes writers make.

Mistakes a book writer makes:

Here are seven common mistakes you have to take care of while writing a book:

1.    Write about the same ideas:

One is writing a story idea that has been done many times before. New writers often write overdone stories because they usually are reading older books. However, they are not actively reading and are unaware of the current ongoing ideas and topics. So the readers don’t want to see the same old pictures.

However, while writing a book, do some research work on the topic you want to write about. Therefore, search for the audience’s interest according to your topic or genre and make a story keeping all the research work in mind. People are more interested in unique stories and unique writing styles.

2.    Multiple projects at the same time:

new writers usually engage themselves in multiple directions simultaneously, like writing a blog plus writing a book or short stories. Thus make sure that you concentrate on one project at one time; if you are writing a book, get deeply involved in book writing rather than distracting yourself with other projects.

However, working on several projects can cause delays in your work. You will not be able to finish your work in your selected time. Therefore, it’s better to work on one thing at a time.

3.    Improper structure:

After selecting a topic and researching, the first thing is to outline your draft. Select the idea you want to write in the first draft, and then make a second paragraph that connects with the first one. The new writer makes the common mistake of not outlining the manuscript, leading to improper structure. There are so many writers who failed even though their ideas were unique and exciting, but because of improper structure, the readers get confused and stop reading.

4.    Lacks details and descriptions:

The professional writer is the one that connects with the people. The writer’s mistake is they tell the story instead of showing the story. However, people don’t feel the connections and feel bored. There is a lack of detail and descriptions in their draft. So giving the readers details in your manuscript create a relationship and interest between you and the reader.

5.    Boring title:

The idea of your book comes after; the first thing that readers see is your title. Therefore, your title must be engaging and eye-catching, creating curiosity in readers.

Moreover, you can hire a professional editor from Book Writers to help you create engaging content for your book.

6.    Wordy writing:

One of the common mistakes writers make is using too many adjectives and adverbs. It is wordy writing and writing that uses too many hard vocabulary words, and it is a red flag. It doesn’t mean you can’t use challenging vocabulary in your manuscripts but don’t be dumping a thesaurus onto your draft. Moreover, don’t use massive vocabulary in every single sentence.

7.    Not a good ending:

Last but not least, people write a great story and end it up boring or unreal. Therefore, readers will feel like they wasted their time. So outline the draft till the end and work hard on the ending of the book because it is one of the main things in the book. The book has an excellent finish; it is a best-selling book.


Writing a book is not an easy task, but It is not complex. Therefore, if you want to become a great writer, take care of the common mistakes mentioned in the article and see the difference. However, you can also take professional help and make your book shine like a bright star.


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