Shopping online is fast becoming the most popular way to purchase items. The online world of eCommerce is now generating more than 4.28 trillion US dollars in revenue, with a projection to grow up to 5.4 trillion in 2022. Etsy Seo is just one of the platforms leading the way for eCommerce success, and through the power of SEO, you too can tap into this ever-growing market. 

Here are seven easy-to-follow Etsy SEO tips to help you climb to the top and improve your shop’s visibility and customer reach. 

Choose your keywords

When choosing your keywords, put yourself into a shopper’s mindset to help you find the best terms for increased visibility. A good tip would be to type these search terms into the Etsy search tool to see what comes up. This will not only help you to determine whether it’s a good fit or not, but you’ll also see which keywords are the most popular, meaning that you’ll have positive results when you implement them into your SEO strategy. 

Although tempting, try not to rely on physical descriptions such as the color or size as these will already be in your listing, and focus on long-tail keywords containing three or more words that are closely linked to sales instead. While you want a good amount of general keywords, these will help your visibility regarding consumers looking for specific items. 

If you don’t know which keywords would yield the best results and need some Etsy SEO help, use tools such as Google Keyword planner or Etsy-specific tools such as eRank or Marmalead to help you find the most-searched-for terms to add to your content.

Make sure that your title is optimized Etsy Seo 

You only get 140 characters for your title listing, so make them count and use high-yielding, primary keywords and pay particular attention to the first 40 characters. Be sure to use a mix of both specific and general relevant keywords to target your key demographic, as well as general shoppers on the platform. 

Don’t forget that you want your title to be readable and natural-sounding, so as tempting as it can be, avoid any keyword stuffing and ensure good language and grammar, using spaces and punctuation where necessary. 

Tag your listing according to Etsy Seo 

You will have to fill out specific mandatory fields when setting up your product listing, such as the category, title, and description. While the ‘tags’ section isn’t compulsory, it is an excellent opportunity to add relevant search terms to help optimize your listing. The site allows up to 13 tags for each item, and you should use all of them for greater visibility, so make them count. 

Take various search terms people may use to look for your item into consideration. Remember, this is your opportunity to make your listing as visible as possible to potential buyers, so think of as many options as you can using different types of keywords, including descriptors, synonyms, and long-tail keywords. 

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Optimize your description

Placing relevant primary keywords within your product description is imperative for visibility. However, a well-written description is just as essential to improve customer reach and sell your product. Good writing sells, including storytelling when creating your description to make it more compelling, not forgetting product features and benefits. Once again, think like a customer. 

What would you like to know? What questions would you have? Answer these in your description. Keep it informative but concise, and place your keywords organically into the text so that it sounds natural, concentrating on keyword phrases in your first 100 characters. 

Vary keywords for similar products

While it’s tempting to use the exact keywords repeatedly for similar items, Etsy won’t include more than one or two items from each seller in the search results to avoid oversaturation. To improve your visibility and avoid competing against yourself for the top-ranking spot in search, mix it up using different keyword terms for similar products and steer clear of using the same ones for more than two products. 

Update and edit your listings regularly.

Just like fashion, SEO trends come and go, and shopper behaviors change. That’s why in the ever-changing climate that is eCommerce, it is important to frequently update your listings so that they don’t get left at the bottom of the search rankings. Remember that newness impacts rankings, so use this opportunity to revise your SEO strategy, review your listings, and improve poor performances. 

Keep your listings fresh, update your primary keywords based on current SEO trends, change listing titles, add entirely new ones for new products, and even post announcements. 

Don’t forget about your shop title.

It’s easy to get so carried away creating the perfect title and description that you end up forgetting all about your shop title, but this would be a huge mistake. Your shop title is another part of the platform that SEO can influence and describes your store so that your audience knows what you sell. It is also the first bit of text a consumer will see when Google provides a link to your shop. 

Wrapping up

SEO can be a complicated and confusing field to navigate, but there is plenty of help at your disposal to aid you along your Etsy journey. Follow the tips above, alongside Etsy SEO tools such as eRank, to optimize your listings and are guaranteed to improve your customer reach.

As you gain experience selling on Etsy, you’ll find that you have endless opportunities to refine your SEO skills and help customers find your listings. Whether you’re experimenting with different keywords or improving your customer service policy, there are always steps you can take to make your shop more searchable and successful.

After all, that’s exactly what Darkhorse Gifts did. As more and more users purchased from the shop and engaged with Aydon Cuddington and Kirk Quesnelle, it allowed Darkhorse Gifts to grow the business and offer more items for sale. “We’ve even been able to start building a team to help with the demand,” they note in their Etsy bio.


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