Christmas Ornament Boxes

Because they come in such a wide variety of sizes and forms, storing holiday ornaments can be a bit of a challenge. On the other hand, there is an abundance of storage space available, with options ranging from simple do-it-yourself projects to specialized boxes and bags. Make use of the aforementioned suggestions to get started with the ornament organization. Please read our post titled “How to Store Christmas Ornament Boxes” if you require assistance in putting away your Christmas Ornament Boxes after the holiday.

1. Construct Your Box

Converting two cardboard Christmas Ornament Boxes into a multi-tiered ornament storage box is a fun and easy project. First, cut one of the boxes in half so that you have two pieces that are the same size as the base of the other box. If your boxes come in a variety of sizes, you can cut the larger ones into pieces that can be stored in the smaller ones by chopping them up.

Next, make dividers. Make cuts in the cardboard to create pieces that are the length of the storage box and about two to three inches high. To facilitate the construction of a grid, notches should be cut into each divider approximately halfway through the divider.

Begin with the ornaments that weigh the most, and position them so that the bottom of the box is covered by the grid. You shouldn’t use a grid on the bottom of the box if you have ornaments that are particularly large or odd in shape. Figurines, such as nutcrackers, Santas, and nativity sets, can also store in this area of the room if desired. To prevent the items from being damaged by the cardboard, wrap them in scraps of felt or tissue paper (and from each other).

On top of the ornaments, place one of the cardboard sheets that you cut earlier in the stack. Assemble the dividers, and then position an ornament in each compartment. Wrapping ornaments in scraps of fabric, tissue paper, or paper towels can protect them from being scratched or broken.

2. Make Use of the Boxes You Already Possess

You can store ornaments in plastic containers, so if you have any lying around your home or garage that aren’t being used, consider putting them to good use. To create layers and dividers for your ornaments, proceed in the same manner as outlined in the previous section.

In addition, you can use other types of decorations as layers inside Christmas Ornament Boxes. Ornaments should encase in protective materials and arrange in a single layer at the base of the box before store. On top of the previous layer of wrapped ornaments, place a softer decoration such as a tree skirt or stockings, then add a third layer of wrapped ornaments.

3. Start Planning Your Holiday Storage Arrangements Early

Egg cartons should not throw away if you are aware that you will need supplies for the storage of ornaments shortly. Put the cartons in the bottom of the storage box, and then fill the rest of the box with various tiny ornaments. After the lid has secure, additional cartons or lightweight decorations can stack on top. You can create a festive storage option by reusing the Christmas Ornament Boxes (plus, it gives you a reason to buy more Christmas Ornament Boxes cookies and candies).

Keep the empty water or soda bottles from your holiday parties instead of throwing them away and use them to organize your bead strings instead. Clean the bottles with some soap and water, then set them aside to air dry. Separate the beads into piles according to which ornaments or garlands they adorn. After you have filled the bottles, label them with a marker to indicate which tree each one belongs to. If you have the space, you should put the bottles in the storage bag or box for the Christmas Ornament Boxes so that you can find them easily the following year.

4. Organize Things Based on Trees

If you have more than one Christmas Ornament Box, you should separate your ornaments into different boxes or bags according to which tree each ornament belongs to. Mark the outside of the box with the necessary information to make the installation process much simpler the following year. Put the boxes away in the same order that you assembled the Christmas Ornament Boxes. Put that box of ornaments in front of the other boxes if you always start decorating your Christmas Ornament Boxes in the master bedroom on the second floor. Because of this, time and effort will save.

5. Put the Cup Method to the Test

This storage solution has grown in popularity among do-it-yourselfers because it is simple to make with things that are already lying around the house (or can get for cheap). However, this technique can result in a significant amount of unused space and does not work particularly well with ornaments that are either large or oddly shaped.

You only need a hot glue gun, some cardboard, a box, and some plastic drink cups to complete this project. You will need to cut the cardboard into smaller pieces so that it can store inside the box. Glue the bottom of the cups to the cardboard and let dry. Put one of the cardboard pieces that have cups inside the box, and then fill it with various holiday decorations. Bead strings and other lightweight, non-breakable decorations should use to fill in any space. Keep piling things up and filling the layers until your box is full. It is important to remember not to overfill each layer so that the subsequent layer can have a level surface to rest on.

6. Put the Area Under Your Bed to Good Use

Don’t overlook the potential of that extra space. If you have a bed that is rais at least 17 or 18 centimeters from the floor, you will have enough room underneath it to slide some ornament boxes in. Use the Custom Christmas Boxes that they came in, or purchase a new box that is narrow and long. Either provide the box with dividers or invest in an under bed storage box specifically designed for ornaments.

7. Invest in a Decorative Box or a Bag for Your Ornaments

You always have the option to purchase a high-quality bag or box that is specifically designed for ornaments if all of that sounds like too much work to you. Even though the initial investment might be higher, these choices for storage will be more durable than homemade cardboard containers. In addition, when you have fragile holiday pieces, it is worth the investment to find a long-lasting organization solution. Even if you have an ornament storage container, you still need to be careful when placing ornaments inside of it. You can protect them from breakage by wrapping them in paper towels, felt scraps, or tissue paper.

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