things to do in Malta
things to do in Malta

Malta is a group of islands that is situated in the central region of the Mediterranean sea. Geographically speaking, it is located between the country of Sicily and the Northern African coast. It is also located south of the coast of France. It is a nation that is marked by bright sunny days and beautiful beaches. You can sit on the sands have a drink in your hands and just sit there with the Maltan sands between your toes. There are a lot of things to do in Malta and a million other things to explore. 

The history of Malta is related to the rulers here and their successions to the throne. You will see remains from the Romans, knights of Sint John, Moors, British, and french. You will find places of worship, multiple fortresses, and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. The Hal is a huge complex building comprised of halls and burial grounds that date back to 4000 BC.

Best Things to do in Malta

Let’s look at some of the best things to do in Malta. Let’s do it.


On account of Malta’s space, it was reliably huge for European legislative issues and trade. This heritage shows today in the old back entrances of Mdina, Malta’s past capital. Especially around evening, a walk around Mdina is climatic, fairly eery, and verifiably not your regular evening walk. I was pleasantly shocked how safe I felt going as a woman in Malta generally and Mdina even in the evening was no exceptional case. It is one of the best things to do in Malta. 

You can take a visit to the place by taking guided tours to the city. It is one of the best ways to explore the area and helps you see everything at a great pace. You can get these guided tours by taking Airline reservations. Some airlines that fly to Malta are famous for their tour packages and help you get them. You can let British airways booking for you and avail all the offers.

#2Visit the Locations of Game of Thrones Shooting 

Any film buff will be enchanted because Malta visiting unavoidably fuses seeing some film regions from top decisions like The Count of Monte Cristo,  Murder on the Orient Express, and Troy. Moreover, there are many areas in Malta. One of them is the doorway to Mdina. If you rush to see all of the spaces and their address in the series, see this post to all of the Game of Thrones regions in Malta. 


We went to Malta to go to the Notte Bianca, a social festival that changes the whole of Valletta into a wilderness rec center around evening time with quality and light foundations, presentations, and shows. All palaces and displays are open and can be explored from a genuine perspective in a unique light. Furthermore, remembering that it has as of late passed, Notte Bianca takes place every year in Malta in Autumn so that you can start orchestrating your journey for the next year now. 

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#4Palazzo Parisi Sitting Inside Naxxar

Since Malta is an uncommonly dry island there, several nurseries, and the obvious concealing is beige. An extraordinary exclusion is the nursery of the Palazzo Parisio bought by Mister Giuseppe Scicluna in 1898. Its core got back to Manoel de Vilhena, the Grand Master from Portuguese in 1733 and was kept by the price of Saint John for months to come till it ended up being significant for the Parsi family who gave it its name. 

While the Palazzo and especially the magnificent, splendid ballroom are surely worth a visit, I certainly preferred strolling around the nurseries – they are the lone selective nurseries in Malta open to general society; presumably, the best spot to visit in Malta in conclusion, something green among all the sand tones. 


For those marking these world Heritage Sites by UNESCO, do not miss a trip to the antiquated Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, a variety of monstrous designs. From the times of 3000 BC, the Temple of Mnajdra is seen as maybe the eldest severe objection, and especially during the equal days, the Solar Temple is broadly acclaimed for its strategy for redirecting the light to the inside raised region. 


What to do in Malta? One of my highlights was having pastizzi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This puff cake snack is either stacked up with ricotta cheddar or delicate peas and incomprehensible rich and yummy. Is-Serkin has the best ones in the whole of Malta. 

Have your pasta with a cup of smooth tea (be that as it may honestly, the Maltese tea does not approach an authentic chai of India) or Kinnie, Malta’s scrumptious and hardly extreme reaction to Coke and Co. 


I have adequately brag about this eating dish in a post that revolved around the topics of the best pasta in the entire world. In any case, We ought to talk about it again if you try to see Malta and you did not eat no not exactly a significant plate of ravjul, you treated it horribly. This is one of the best things to do in Malta.

Ravjul is generally a kind of ravioli with a barely thicker hitter and fairly rustic (my #1 kind!), stacked up with ricotta and commonly gave an essential at this point glorious pureed tomatoes. 

It gives off an impression that almost all Maltese have their own local top decision on where to eat them, making colleagues and making a couple of requests for a proposition. 

We had the food in Gozo in this cafe called Pebbles and remembering that I have not done an expansive assessment on the most amazing ravjul in Malta. However, they were damn grand. 

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