7 Misconceptions About Technological Gadgets And Reality Behind It

Although technology has made its way and comes closer to us but along with such advancement, many misconceptions are also making their way into society. To get rid of those misconceptions, everyone must know the real fact behind such myths. Unless people used to follow them, it would create a hindrance between flawless usage of technology and human.

Conclusion: there is no doubt that technology had made our life more accessible than before and paced up the speed of life. Nowadays, just because of the real-time communication system, nobody needs to wait long to communicate with their near ones. Due to the introduction of a real-time communication system, a person can connect with another one who is residing a thousand miles away from him.

But increasing misconception takes place due to lack of knowledge on technological gadgets. So, here we will discuss those myths and real facts to convey the real truth.

7 Misconceptions about technological gadgets

  • A single key can kill viruses inside the computer

Undoubtedly, human beings first became experts with the invention of gadgets like computers technically. Nowadays, you can hardly find a person who does not know how to operate a computer. Yes, almost 60% of people know how to handle a Personal Computer. There are three different parts of a computer, such as desktop, keyboard, mouse, and CPU.

When you access the computer through the mouse, then by clicking on the right button of the mouse, one can get the ‘refresh’ option. Some people say that by clicking on the refresh option multiple times, one can quickly drive out viruses and speed up the computer.

Well, it is ultimately a myth.

  • Do not use a mobile phone when it is on charge

Due to the low price range, it becomes easy to purchase a mobile phone. As a result, almost everyone now has a mobile phone. Therefore, technologically people are becoming experts and smarter than before. Perhaps you have heard that many people forbade you to use a mobile phone while it is on charge.

It is ultimately a misconception because it does not have any basis of truth. Instead, one has said as per his own wish without judging whether it has any true base or not.

  • You must use a charger of mobile’s manufacturer

We have very little knowledge about technical gadgets, and these myths are proof of such a lack of knowledge. However, one such myth is, you must utilise the charger which you get from your mobile’s manufacturer. Unless your mobile phone will damage and the battery will stop working.

This is also a misconception that you must break at any cost. Many people do not charge their mobile even when they forget to carry a charger by getting such misconceptions as real.

  • It is better to close all apps to save charge

As mobile phones have become much handier, most of the misconceptions revolve around this device. Many people have some common misconceptions about using the mobile phone. One of the most popular is that one can save lots of charges by closing all the opened pages.

A very common misconception, yet most smartphone users also follow it. In such a condition, if a person used to close all the opened pages, still he can’t save charge.

  • Full signal offers the best network coverage

Another popular myth is that when one may witness a full signal in mobile, only it offers the best network coverage. Usually, there are 4 signal sticks displayed in the title bar of the mobile screen. In most of the cases, the network signals up and down.

When you stand on a higher floor, then you can get a full signal. If you stay on the ground floor or so and do not get a full network, then according to the myth, you will not get steady coverage. If you are struggling with network issues, it is better to switch to another network company.

Due to lack of money, if you are unable to switch, you may solve the problem by taking out bad credit loans from the direct lenders of Ireland.

  • Heap of RAM can pace up the speed of the computer

There are two types of memories in a computer. One is Random Access Memory (RAM), and the other is Read-Only Memory (ROM). While RAM is necessary to run the computer, on the other hand, ROM keeps the backup of the data. There is also a misconception about this RAM.

People think that their computers become slow just because of low RAM. As a result, they used to install high GB RAMs and wait for speeding up the computer. But there are multiple other reasons for not increasing the speed of the computer.

  • You should remove the USB properly

Every computer has the facility to inject a USB device into the computer. It helps a user to transfer files from one device to another quickly. But it can create trouble in your computer if a user fails to eject the USB device safely.

Nobody can say correctly what problem it may cause if not ejected properly. So, there is no doubt that such a comment has no technological truth, and it is ultimately a misconception.

The Reality behind such misconceptions of technological gadgets

Till now you have learnt some popular misconceptions about technological gadgets. Now, you must know the real fact behind all of these. These are,

  • No use of refresh button in driving out the virus

Before we tell you that the refresh button will not work in driving out the virus, let us know the role of the refresh button. It is an option that is especially for fixing errors. The primary task of this button is to re-painting each and every visible icon of the computer and take over necessary updates. Therefore, I hope it is clear that there is no question of either driving out the virus or speeding up the computer.

  • It hardly matters if you use a mobile phone during charging

Many videos have become so viral that mobiles have exploded because of using them during charging. There is no such true base of exploration only because of mobile phones. This is because scientists proved that mobile devices have very small chances to explode during charge. So, you can use the mobile device even when it is on charge.

  • There is no necessity to use the manufacturer’s charger

People often fail to use their own manufacturer’s charger while charging devices. Basically, when you are travelling and have forgotten to carry the charger, you need to charge it to the device. Now, it has no true base that when you charge the device with another smartphone company’s charger, the battery will begin to malfunction.

  • Not at all closing windows will save charge

Perhaps you have heard many people saying that if you have closed the windows, it will save charge. But there is no such base of truth. Instead, if your mobile’s battery is older than 3 years, then it may start a problem in keeping a charge. However, in such a condition, buy a new mobile phone even after borrowing quick loans on same day in Ireland.

Always try to remember all of these realities behind such myths then you will get to know the usage of technical gadgets.


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