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Do you need help with faulty wiring issues? Perhaps you are looking for help with faulty wiring. It is crucial to ensure that you are working with an electrician who can solve your problem.

C R Electrical is committed to providing the best possible service for our customers. We’ve put together 7 questions you should ask your electrician before they hire you.

1. Are you a licensed driver?

Sometimes, business and home owners forget to ask professionals if they hold a license. It is illegal for an electrician to not have one in New South Wales. Ask about the permit and background of any company your electrician works for. Ask about your experience. C R Electrical is a reliable company that ensures each electrician is licensed and competent in handling all kinds of electrical jobs.

2. Are you willing to work on an hourly basis?

Every electrician works at a different speed. This pace may seem steady. It can. Sometimes, one electrician will work faster than another. Just like a chef might work much faster in a kitchen. You are paying a different price for each contractor you hire to do your job. You won’t know how fast or slow an electrician works until they have been paid by the hours.

Sometimes the fastest job is not always the best. You can charge an hourly rate so you don’t have to keep an eye on the clock or put pressure on the electrician due to time (or money) constraints. If a job isn’t charged hourly but rather up front and based upon the task completed, everyone pays the same price regardless of how long it takes.

3. Are you covered for liability?

This is an important question to ask if you are considering hiring an electrician to work on the property. Top contractors will always make your safety a priority. Accidents can happen. It is important to ensure that your electrician is properly insured.

4. Are you a live-worker?

An electrician shouldn’t conduct any electrical work on a circuit that is still live. This is both for your safety and that of the contractor. C R Electrical’s “no live work” policy requires that we isolate all power from the area where we are doing electrical work. We will issue shutdown notices to buildings if it becomes necessary for all premises to be powered off. Lifts are not affected by these situations as they are located in the essential services section on a switchboard.

5. Which is your specialization? What are your services?

Some jobs require specialist electricians , so be sure to ask. C R Electrical has fully-trained staff available to assist you with any issue, including Level 2 Authorised Service Providers.

6. Are you covered by a warranty/guarantee?

Ask about a guarantee or warranty when you work with an electrical service provider. Many companies offer a warranty that allows you to reach them at any time should there be an unexpected problem. C R Electrical offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work.

7. When is the best time to schedule an appointment?

Reliable electricians are those who can help you immediately or set up a date for you when it is convenient. You should be suspicious if someone replies with “sometime next week”. It is not a good idea to give a schedule. This is especially true in times of crisis. If you are in dire need of an electrician in Port Macquarie, or anywhere else, you want them to respond quickly to your request. It is not what you want to hear, “we’ll be there sometime this week.”

It is essential to find the right electrician or contractor to work with. You shouldn’t be tempted to hire someone cheap or a neighbor who might have done some electrical work in the past. You and your family’s safety are at risk. So invest in your search for the right person to work with you.


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