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Do you want to beautify your home effortlessly? Efficient lighting is the most viable option people look for. Large glowing lights look spectacular from a distance. Invented first by a French engineer, neon lights are available for decades. Unlike other furnishings, these are affordable and energy-efficient. Even after 75 years of invention, these are in rounds significantly. Although the technique changed with time, the brightness conferred is unmatchable. The tubes filled with gases produce lights after the addition of electricity. Also, personalization is possible as per requirement. Before delving intensely into the details, check out some basic facts about neon lights:

Working of Neon Lights

Designing neon lights involves various algorithms. The technicalities involve expert supervision. Also, gases alone are unable to produce any light. Gases like neon and helium go through a gas discharge tube for illumination. The electric current passed through them allows brightness. Furthermore, the addition of different gases produces varied lights.

  • Neon-It produces Red or orange colour and is commonly used for signage. Being energy efficient, only a meager amount is required.
  • Helium- By producing a Pinkish-Red glow, the colour lights bright. However, helium is a special gas for gas-discharge lamps and hence rare in neon lights.
  • Krypton- Emitting yellow or white lights, Krypton is for professional purposes. For instance, at airports or other applications.
  • Mercury-This gas produces a Light Blue colour that looks subtle. The elegance conferred by mercury in neon lights is unique.
  • Xenon- Often used in flash photography, Xenon produces lavender light. Also, it can be mixed effortlessly with other gases to make something different.

Originally designed for lamps, these are used in businesses and homes widely. The bright lights help to attract the customers effortlessly. Not just these are used indoors but outdoors too for signage. Also, in homes, these bestow an unparalleled glow. While enlightening the corners, these help to highlight furnishings. WallMantra has a wide variety of neon lights that suit various purposes. The affordable prices make them economically viable too. Ideal for the living room, kid’s room, and business places, these last forever. Unlike LED lights, neon lights do not require regular maintenance. Let us have a look over some of the most striking designs at WallMantra:

  1. Love Neon LED light- 

This piece beautifully emits pink neon light. The 20×8 inches size covers the bare walls gracefully. The environment-friendly neon strip transforms the ambience. Ideal for a bedroom, it instills cosy vibes. In addition, the usage of efficient material makes it last long forever.

  1. Gamer Neon LED light-

This gamer symbol confers playful surroundings in your home. Designed specifically for children rooms, jubilant people prefer it. The 21×9 inches Size inhibits Red and Blue neon lights. In addition, the durable transparent acrylic LED blackboard looks elegant and refined.

  1. Trippy Skull Neon LED light-

Quirkiness in décor ensures joyfulness and energy. The playful décor help to refill energy while uplifting the mood. This trippy skull neon light emits purple, white, and yellow neon lights. Not just it is ideal for the children room, but the living room too. It makes the space brighter and happier by its intricate design. The finishing of the product is worth praising and looks adorable when mounted.

  1. Music Headphone Neon LED light-

The light blue and red emission of lights catches one’s attention instantly. Perfect for a study room or children room, it looks alluring. The 15.5×17.5 inch size can be a great housewarming or birthday gift for friends and family. Furthermore, the 1.5 amp wall plug adapter is powerful enough to run efficiently.

  1. Don’t Quit Neon LED light-

Wall frames with quotations are in vogue for years. From motivational to funny to meaningful, there are endless options. This inspirational wall frame quoting don’t quit is ideal for motivation. Mounting it in the study room or kid’s room can reflect blissful vibes. The Red and Blue Neon light emitted out of it look dazzling. Proudly made by our artisans, the product has an intricate design

  1. Shree Ganesha LED Neon Lights-

The presence of Shree Ganesha in homes bestows happiness. Obstructing negative vibes house is blessed with prosperity. The yellow neon lights enlighten Ganesha to look stunning. The glow at night looks unimaginable. Moreover, the 17×11 inch size covers a corner beautifully.

  1. Break The Rules- 

This environment-friendly break the look, neon light confers a mischievous ambience. The emission of dark pink colour makes the area joyful. The art popping out of the wall entices the people to watch again and again. Also, the piece is highly energy-efficient and looks graceful at all places.

Make your life more exciting by hand-crafted neon signs

The LED neon signs we have for sale are available to buy now or customize them to your own colors. You can even purchase your own personalized Neon(r) sign lamp with your name written with vibrant neon letters ideal for birthday celebrations, weddings and children’s bedroom décor.

They are also lighter and are much simpler to transport and carry around, which makes them great for parties and events and also ideal for wedding decorations.

Custom LED Neon Light Signs

Within the custom Neon(r) shop, you’ll find neon LED sign lights and wall decor, as well as bar lighting, and artistic art you can modify by choosing the color, text, or initials.

We offer a wide selection of neon LED light bulbs as well as word signs and stunning wall art. Our collection includes everything from basic neon heart signs to personalized neon bars ranging from safe LED lighting for children’s bedrooms to neon birthday party signs.

Neon Style Wall Signs and Decor Lights

Pick your favorite from our selection of neon LED floor lamps that flex, as well as novelty neon signs and word lights that look just like genuine glass neon signs, but will not break burn or cost you the earth! Our top quality neon LED lights and signs are ideal for use as neon artwork, decorative lights as wall decor, almost anything else you can think of. Are you unable to decide on what to buy? We also have gift cards available.


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