7 Tips related to Online Saree Shopping for Short girls
Online Saree Shopping

Sarees are the dress that showcases Indian heritage and culture. Every Indian girl or woman loves to wear a saree on a special occasion or event; therefore, buy designer sarees online. No matter what body type you have, sarees are so adaptive and look wonderful when draped exquisitely.


However, if you think that sarees are for tall ladies, you are highly mistaken. Doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, and you must know the right way to drape and buy a saree online. This article has mentioned the tricks and tips and what type of saree short girls prefer to wear.

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We know that it is throbbing for the short-heightened girls to wear saree normally because they will get entangled because of our wardrobe’s six yards collection. Saree is that piece of cloth that you should drape superbly. Because a saree worn messily might ruin your complete appearance. Therefore, the short women mostly avoid wearing saree as they get untidy.


Scroll down and learn about the tricks for short heighted girls when doing online saree shopping.


How to wear saree for short height, here are the six tips


  1. Steer clear of the heavy or big borders


Choosing heavy borders will not go well for girls with short height. Therefore, you should select the saree with big and heavy borders to decrease the saree’s length, which will make you look even shorter.


Avoiding sarees with big borders and choosing those out of ordinary or thin borders will be best, as thin borders would help you fabricate a vertical deception that adds to your height.


  1. Select blouse pattern carefully


With the perfect saree goes the perfect blouse; therefore, having the inappropriate blouse can make your wonderful saree look full of grunginess.


The best thing you can do to avoid the grungy look is to check upon the length of the blouse’s sleeves. The blouse sleeves should not be too long or too short as it will make you look frowzy and packed.


Therefore, you should go for the low-cut necks and keep away from the high or collar blouse if the girls have a short height.


  1. Select the right saree fabric


When doing the designer saree online shopping, selecting the perfect fabric is the most important thing, and your choice in the fabric is the first thing before you buy sarees online. Therefore, select the correct texture and material while doing online saree shopping.


Now the question comes which is the perfect material for you .?

When buying designer sarees online, select a lightweight material that will make you look taller; however, heavyweight will make you look shorter.


Numerous fabrics are available like Pure Silk sarees, Georgette Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Designer net sarees, cotton sarees and many more. In today’s time, lightweight Kanjeevaram sarees are trending. However, if you are on the chubby side, select the georgette sarees instead of the chiffon sarees.


  1. Fitting and Remorsing


One of the essential things while wearing a saree is perfectly pinning your saree. If you do not pin up your saree correctly, it will make you look very unfavorable, grimy, and even shorter in height.


When pleating the saree, make sure there is no crease, and you will place it in the right way. Pinning up your saree will highlight and intensify your curves when you wear the saree. Besides, avoid wearing oversized dresses and select the sylphlike fit petticoats to highlight your curves and enhance your appearance.


  1. Wear less accessory


Transforming the change in the statement of jewelry-choose just one or two chunk jewelry to enhance your look. Wearing too much jewelry can make you look showy and shorter, leading to too many accessories on you. Therefore, wearing a bold necklace and those little or light earrings will look better. On the other hand, you can wear a plain bracelet or ring, not both together.


  1. Select the perfect footwear


For girls having short-height heels play a major role in their look. You might be someone who doesn’t love to wear heels, but if you do not wear heels on the saree, your whole look will get destroyed. You can avoid stilettos if you do not want to wear them with the saree and choose the other heels like wedges or anyone you feel comfortable with.


High heels will help the girls achieve the elegant saree look for short-height girls. So with a saree, a few heels are necessary.


What color to select in the saree.?


If you are a heightened short girl and slim, you should opt for light colors, and these colors will look admiring on you. However, you can exhibit all colors which you like.


If you physically weigh that normal weight, then any color looks great on you. 


If you have a curvy body, the dark colors will look best on you. But that does not mean you have to stay away from the light colors. However, we have suggested dark colors because they highlight the curves perfectly. With the proper accessories, the saree looks good.


Hairstyles best for the saree


When you wear a saree, do not part your hair, as parting your hair will give you a flat look and make you look shorter in height. Moreover, short girls should try to make the puffs with braids, buns or high bun, which will add up to your height. You can also increase the height by adding a low bun with a puff will give you a great look with the saree.


Half saree right for the short girls.?


Thinking of the half sarees answer is NO. Do not try out the half sarees for the short girls.


Half sarees with more than one color lead to breaking your trunk and bottom, and therefore you should select the regular sarees. However, if you want to wear a half saree, you can wear the half sarees with dark colors. Half sarees having the dark color at the top and bottom or dark color on the bottom portion of the saree will be good to go.


Wrapping a Pallu


If you are wearing a saree for office or professional purposes, you should pin up your pallu, as it will give you a smart working woman’s look. However, while pinning up the saree, do not use the big pins; go for the short pins. Bigger pins will look ungraceful on you.


Furthermore, you can keep your pallu open or no pin at all. If you are good at managing the saree or carrying a saree well despite the short height, go for this look for parties, occasions or weddings.


You will get the latest sarees online for short-height girls at Tirumala. Wedding season is all about showing off your sarees. However, when buying designer sarees online, keep in mind the above tricks to get the perfect saree for you. Sometimes, carrying a saree with short height can be a problem, but it will be good for you when you drape it according to your comfort.


If you are short in height and want to be a fashionista at Tirumala, you will get a good collection of designer sarees in online shopping.


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