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Conference rooms, offices, and hotel banquet halls are standard venues for award nights. However, when you want to recognize your employees and make them feel special, you should look for more unique venues—a location they will anticipate for weeks beforehand and one they will talk about for months afterward. Look for a fun and engaging setting that can also comfortably support your event. When handing out custom awards, a unique venue can take the entire experience to a new level. Here are seven ideas for your next company award night.

Set Sail on a Boat that Can Host Your Event

If your office is near a body of water, you can find a company that rents out tour boats for company events. This combines many different characteristics of a memorable night. Your crystal custom awards will look stunning with the water as a backdrop, especially if the sun is setting over the horizon. Your crystal awards will catch the eye of all your employees. Also, there is an innate sense of adventure on a boat. It is quite the experience to be recognized for an achievement while out on the water, and you and your team won’t soon forget this event.

Host a Private Museum Event for a Night of Art and Recognition

Imagine hosting an awards night at an art museum and giving out custom plaques that fit right in with the exhibits—it sounds like a memorable occasion. Your employees can marvel at your high-quality awards, side-by-side with paintings and sculptures. Instead of the beige walls or maroon curtains of a cookie-cutter banquet hall, their night will be filled with museum-worthy art. This venue is perfect for a calm night and prestigious awards.

Get Wild with a Trip to the Zoo

If you want to go for a more lighthearted theme for your team member appreciation night, contact your local zoo to see if they host company events. Many zoos will host after-hours events where you can get your employees together for your recognition dinner. You can lighten up the event by ordering custom awards with titles that fit the theme. For example, the “lion award” could go to the most dedicated team member, or you can give the “hawk award” to someone who spots the fine details in every plan. The sounds of animals will surround you and your team members the entire time. Award nights don’t always have to be a black-tie affair. Instead, hosting your ceremony at the zoo will give the night a casual, fun, and memorable feel.

Take Your Ceremony to the Next Level in a Penthouse

There’s an elevated award ceremony, and then there is an elevated award ceremony. A penthouse dinner takes all of the benefits of a regular dining hall, complete with a view that’s hard to beat. Whether you are looking out above the city lights or at the tops of some trees, there’s something magical about having an award ceremony so high in the sky. Your team members can feel on top of the world as they receive their honors and custom plaques. Couple this ceremony with a catered dinner, and your team won’t ever want to leave this night behind. They will remember the good times, great views, and have their awards to remind them of that special night.

Experience Seclusion and Sophistication at a Country Club Award Ceremony

A country club can be the perfect place for a relaxing dinner in the warmer months. With soft glowing lights, and a setting open to the air of the evening, your team can enjoy a fancy dinner straight out of a dream. Your team can feel secluded and have an entire area all to themselves. Instead of a venue bordered by more buildings and other rooms, a country club gives you and your team a combination of privacy and accessibility that is hard to beat. As you hand out the custom awards, your team will feel even more appreciated because of their surroundings. As the night progresses, you can watch the colors of the sky burn a magnificent orange all the way down to the deep purples of the evening. All while your employees admire their new crystal awards and enjoy good food and the company of their peers.

Take Your Team to a Bowling Alley for Fun, Games, and Custom Awards

Award ceremonies don’t have to be super formal affairs. They don’t even have to be ceremonies. Instead of handing out your custom awards at the head of a dining hall, hand them out to your team members between bowling frames. Hosting your company party at a bowling alley will immediately build a casual and lighthearted mood. Your team will be able to relax and be themselves while they enjoy friendly competition and fun games. It may seem like handing out awards here won’t fit the mood, but it is, in fact, the opposite. With everyone already in a positive mindset, they can wholly lean into the award ceremony. They won’t be afraid to applaud, make their acceptance speeches, and congratulate each other. When everyone loosens up after a few rounds, they will be more willing to be themselves and enjoy the night.

Highlight the Significance of Your Custom Plaques by Awarding Them in a Historical Building

There are so many different options for historical venues, and the best part is that each choice is unique to your city. Your city might have world-famous historical sites or maybe buildings that are more known to locals. Wherever you choose, the historical weight and significance of the venue will be evident from the moment your team members arrive. From a grand entryway to brick walls hundreds of years old, there are design choices in these buildings that speak to their significance. Each time you hand out an award, the crystal will look magnificent against the backdrop of a historical landmark. Make company history at a historic site.

About FineAwards

When your employees work hard and achieve incredible results, you should recognize their success with awards from FineAwards. This brand can help you show your appreciation through unforgettable glass awards, crystal awards, and acrylic awards. Not only does FineAwards carry stock awards that can be easily customized and engraved, but their team of artists is ready to help you create your own custom awards. If you can imagine it, FineAwards can bring your vision to life. Whether you are handing out annual awards or recognizing 10-year anniversaries, FineAwards has the custom plaques and trophies you need to show your appreciation for a job well done. Give your employees something special this award season with FineAwards.

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