8 best cakes in Mumbai No one can Deny 

 Do you want to surprise your loved one by sending cakes for his/her special occasions? If yes then you need to know the favourite cakes or trendy ongoing varieties of flavors in the market. There are different types of cakes online and many different ways to cut them up into class, but professional baker’s categories the cakes only by ingredients and mixing method. Based on how the batter is made, you will get a feel for the final texture of the cakes. It can reshape any occasion into celebrations and it becomes more cheerful. So, you have to take some analysis about the best cakes online in Mumbai that will help you to make your favourite person’s day most memorable. Here are the 8 best online cakes in Mumbai and hope these points will make you look over.

 Black forest cake 

Black Forest Cake

     Black forest cake has various layers of chocolate sponge cakes, cherries and whipped cream. It is frosted with whipped cream and a shield with chocolate and with little cherries for decoration. It looks immortal and tastes worthy and it is all one needs for any sweet and sparkling celebration. This cake will be liked by people of every age so you can order your cake in your personalized manner. Every bite of the cake unleashes the layers of chocolate goodness that pull people asking for extra pieces of cake. A different form of black forest cakes is available in cake delivery in Mumbai like Photo Black Forest Cake – a delicious form of black forest cake contains a picture of the birthday person on the top layer of the cake. Black forest cheesecake – a rich whipped, frosting with dark chocolates, whipped cream and chocolate curls.

Red velvet cake       

Half kg Red Velvet Vake 

  The dark red colour when sandwiched in the middle of snowy white creamy layers is sure to be arrested for your eyes. Get an order delivery of Red Velvet cake for occasions like anniversary and wedding and birthday to your loved one. If you are a vegetarian, Eggless Red Velvet cakes which have the same taste as the original. You can make an order cake online Mumbai made a payment through net banking, google pay, etc. they deliver the cake to the provided address. Enjoy your party without going to local shops.

Mickey Mouse Cake

       Is it your kid’s birthday? you don’t need to go around your local shops. you just make sure about your personalized mickey mouse for your kid’s party. Plenty of the best cakes in Mumbai taking orders of cakes, think about your budget price and quantity for the celebration. Some professional shops offer a discount on the cakes so make an order online to have a perfect party celebration. your kids will be mesmerized by the design and taste. and enjoy your family with full-heartedness.

 Rich fruit vanilla cake

     Are you a fan of vanilla? Have you tried Yummy Vanilla with a combination of rich fruits and chocolates? It comes with a variety of designs and shapes with your own creativity. Then why are you waiting for it? Order this cake online and it can be hand delivered at your footstep. This cake has a perfect texture and it is very lighter to eat. Vanilla with fruits are antioxidant and a very perfect diet food too. After serving the cake, store it in the refrigerator and do not expose it to the heat for a long time.

Rainbow cake

        At every struggle definitely there will be a ray of hope. Everyone is obsessed with how it looks really cute and more blended vibrantly of the Rainbow. The favourite part of the rainbow cake is when you cut it open and then there is the rainbow pattern right inside the cake. The happiest cake you ever eat!!! You can order anytime even at midnight to surprise your member by Midnight cake delivery in Mumbai. It tastes delicious at every bite and feels complete with this cake.

Coffee Cake

        This is for the coffee lovers… This cake tastes exactly like coffee. The Magnificent combination is coffee and cake and this cake with buttercream frosting are yummiest to eat. This comes with creamy caramel with nuts. This cake is not available at every cake shop but you can make sure of the availability of this cake in the professional shop and order this Coffee cake at Cakes in Mumbai.Payments through online transactions by various modes of payment such as Paytm, Google pay, Phone pay are available. COD is also provided by some professional shops.

Gluten free chocolate cake

Chocolate Truffle Cake

   The most amazing delicious chocolate with sugar free is perfect for older age groups. Anyone can consume this gluten free chocolate cake and no harm is caused. This cake has dark chocolate, cocoa butter with fudge frosting and topped with raisins. It is so moist and so good. Now you can order this cake and enjoy the slice of gluten free chocolate cake. Surprise your old fellows with this yummy cake and make them feel happy on their special occasion.

Butterscotch Cake

Half Kg 5 Star Butterscotch Cake

This cake never tastes good. Butterscotch cake always stands out more than any other cakes in the field of savour. It is made with brown sugar and there is a butterscotch sauce in every layer. This adds a sweet crunchy texture and provides a goofy texture at each bite. Sounds yummy right? Why are you waiting? Pick up your phone and order this cake online in Mumbai and it suits for every event and occasion. I hope it will help you for future orders.

Wind Up

     Cakes are perfect for desserts and suits for every occasion. You can throw a party with surprises with delicious cakes. Eggless cakes are also available without compromising the taste, cakes have many benefits for health. It will most boost your moods. These online cakes are cheaper than offline stores with reasonable prices. You can also order cakes and special flowers to your loved one. Order now online and surprise your family and friends.


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