Press releases are an integral part of any public relations strategy. They are usually short and compelling documents. A press release consists of relevant information and details related to specific products, events, or announcements. 

Great press releases help keep the media informed and help in sharing information at the industry level. In addition, it facilitates the development of great public relations. Overall, it benefits in getting more visibility that can improve brand awareness and also attract customers. 

So, if your business has some news to share, a press release is the ideal way. These days, many professional agencies are offering press release writing services

Indeed, a good press release is valuable for your company’s image. It communicates the actions taken by businesses. 

We’ve got a set of tips that can help you draft a great press release. So, read on.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a revelation. It involves sharing meaningful news to hit the right audience. To stand out from the competitors, you need to focus on being the best. 

For this, you need a press release. When creating the content of a press release, it’s necessary to focus on three factors:

  • Immediacy
  • Impact
  • Recognition 

Are you still confused about why you need a press release? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • To garner attention and awareness.
  • It helps to build relationships. 
  • Furthermore, it enhances the optimization of search engines. 
  • It supports the process of creating a strong brand image. 
  • It keeps the investors informed. 

Now, the question is, when do you need a press release? You might need it for:

  • Initiative announcements.
  • It can be a statement about strategic moves, products, expansions, or strategic partnerships. 
  • You can share information about any new product, service, brand, or retail outlet. 
  • You can also highlight the Honors and Rewards or any special recognition given to a specific project, employee, or organization. 
  • Any new research findings. 

Tips for an Appealing Press Release

Marketers and public relations specialists must understand the art of creating a great press release. But, unfortunately, in this era, many marketers believe that it’s no longer beneficial. 

However, a press release can play a significant role in a marketing strategy if used properly.

Journalists around the world wait for press releases. It provides them with ideas for stories. You can take advantage of some compelling writing tactics. Stay focused on managing the news announcements in the best possible manner. 

The following tips can benefit in writing a quality press release. In addition, these tips will help ensure that your press release is selected for publication. Through well-written press releases, your business can create a conversation with the public.   

Catchy Headlines Grasp Attention

We all understand that journalists receive a large number of emails in a day. Hence, you need to label your emails with an attention-grabbing headline in the subject. It will motivate the receivers to check your email. 

Your labels can be like this:

  • Press release
  • Story idea
  • New brand
  • Innovation 

All you need is a killer headline to ensure that the email gets attention. Most journalists are clever. A quick scroll helps them in deciding if it’s interesting enough or not. 

So, it’s better to keep it specific and clear. It should sound like an announcement or a headline. 

Some ideas for a good headline are:

    • Use compelling adjectives. 
    • Keep it precise and accurate. 
    • Include statistics. 
    • Add action words that indicate a sense of urgency. 

Is Your Story Worth the Attention?

To make your story newsworthy, you need to present it in the right way. Additionally, make sure that it is as relevant as possible. 

If you believe you have a story, do you think sharing it can benefit your brand? For example, a new outlet is opening. The story should answer the why, who, where, when, and how?

Always focus on an interesting story. Your press release does not only need to reach the right people; it also needs to stand out. Having a clear focus in mind can aid in making even small news worth the attention.  

Watch Your Timings 

Before sending the press release, plan wisely. If you are sending it to a reporter, be mindful of their time. 

Ideally, it should be sent between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. But, before you start thinking, why within this time period? So, first, let us tell you the reason for choosing an appropriate time. 

We all arrive at work around 9 am regularly. Then, we take some time to get settled. After that, we greet our colleagues and start scrolling. Checking emails is the next step. The same goes for reporters as well. 

Hence, keeping time in mind, sending emails during the stated hours is essential. Moreover, it might be received while the journalist is going through his emails. Thus, it can add a little extra incentive for them to check your email.  

A Short Press Release 

The audience always wants short content. So, keep your press release straightforward and clear. 

We all know that news runs 24/7 across different platforms. Hence, keeping it shorter can help keep the attention fully through the entirety of the press report. 

Keep in mind to provide all the relevant information when drafting a press release. This approach helps greatly in keeping the readers engaged. 

Adding Some Good Quotes Can Add Effectiveness 

By quotation, we mean adding comments and statements from the representatives and affiliates of your business. They can share their stories or their experiences. It adds another layer to the narrative while making it more interesting and informative. 

Avoid turning your story into a sales pitch for how great your business is in a press release. Instead, it’s an opportunity to share news in an engaging manner that contributes to brand awareness. 

Even in this era of digitalization, the media still values press releases. 

Use Simple Language and Keep It Grammatically Flawless

Before sending your press release, always proofread it. You can hire professionals and take advantage of the press release writing service they provide. They can also help proofread and edit your press releases thoroughly. 

Do you understand how even a small grammatical error can reduce the attractiveness of your press release writing? Unfortunately, the reduction can be significant, and reporters do not take such errors lightly. 

Use Contact Details 

Most commonly, companies and marketers forget the importance of adding contact details in the press release. As a result, they let go of the prospect of guaranteeing that reporters can follow up with them. 

So, always share contact information. You can add details of yourself or anyone who is the point of contact. Therefore, include the email address and phone number. 

Keep It Maximum 2 Pages

Shorter is always better. You must try to keep your press release writing to one page. Limiting yourself can make it interesting. If not, two pages are also acceptable. 

A longer press release reduces the readability. Some journalists will skip your press release only because they don’t want to spend too much time reading it. 

Final Thoughts 

Understanding how to write a great press release can contribute to the effective marketing of your business. It involves creating content for a larger audience. 

Getting familiar with the rules of the language used and format helps achieve the press release’s objective. 

Following the tips mentioned above can help you in creating effective and engaging press release writing. In addition, it can pique the interest of journalists. Overall, it improves visibility that helps increase brand awareness, and attracts new customers


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