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Thank you for creating such a fantastic YouTube video. But now is when the real job starts. I’ll go over many strategies for repurposing YouTube videos in this blog post to increase traffic.

But first, let’s address a few fundamental queries.

  • Why is it necessary for me to reuse my videos?
  • Consider the fact that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into:
  • Ideas for your YouTube channel should be developed
  • Make or take those videos.
  • Change them to reflect your logo or style.
  • Complete the tags, descriptions, etc.
  • Create distinct thumbnails (this is really annoying!
  • contemplated the ideal title for the morning.
  • And a lot more…

In addition, content producers need to remember this general rule: They should spend 20% of their effort producing content and the remaining 80% disseminating it. The opposite is not true.


because there is enough information available on every conceivable subject. However, the vast majority of this stuff cannot be found. Nobody is aware of its location.

It holds true for your YouTube videos as well. You must therefore reuse and advertise your current material on YouTube. In this article i have discussed 8 strategies for yt promotion.

Let’s go over each one individually now.

1.Make a podcast

One of my favourite methods of sharing YouTube content is this. People often listen to podcasts while driving, taking showers, or even tending to their rose bushes, proving that podcasting is here to stay.

In light of that, here’s how to turn your YouTube video into a podcast.

Do not forget to create a podcasting channel for yourself on platforms like Spotify, Anchor, etc. The next step is to easily extract the audio file from your video.

Navigate to the source video file that you used to post to YouTube.

If you’re using iMovie to edit your videos, select the ‘Share’ icon in the top-right corner of your video project.

You’ll see that the following formats are available for exporting your file:

Audio and video together
To extract your audio file, select “Audio Only.”

Woohoo! Without the pictures, you hold the audio file in your hands. You are now prepared to upload it to the podcast you previously created. In this approach, it takes almost little effort to increase the number of podcast listeners.

(In this blog post, I’ve described how you can use iMovie to extract your audio file. The majority of video editing programmes provide this capability as well.)

Bonus advice: You have the option to add more information on every podcast channel. Remember to include links to your YouTube video channel in the description of each podcast. In this way, if your podcast listeners find your podcasts intriguing, they will know where to locate you.You’d also be surprised by how many options there are to advertise your podcast.
Note: Videos that are conversational, opinionated, or discussion-based respond best to this strategy. However, this may not be the greatest if you rely on visual representation, such as when demonstrating how to prepare a raspberry cake. In that scenario, you might require a different audio file that can provide you with more views.

2. Post a blog entry

One of the best methods to reuse your videos is by doing this. The good news, then? A blog post about an already-posted YouTube video doesn’t need to take six hours to write.

Therefore, if you also have a personal website in addition to your YouTube channel, your YouTube video offers additional distribution options.

It’s fantastic if you’re using a script to record a video. Why? Because you can use the script to create a blog and embed your video wherever it fits, including at the top.

However, you could use a video’s subtitles to make a blog if you aren’t utilising a script to make a video. Here’s how to get a YouTube video’s subtitles:

Go to your YouTube studio and select “Content” from the menu on the left.
Pick the video you want to subtitle, then select “DUPLICATE AND EDIT” from the menu on the left.
Now, this file is raw/unedited unless you explicitly added your subtitles.


due to the fact that YouTube’s algorithm bases subtitles on your speech. Copy the subtitles’ original content, though.

Editing it to make it readable is the following step.

Therefore, to alter it, copy and paste the raw material into your Google Docs or Microsoft Word project. After finishing the modifications, submit this blog to your content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, and make it public. In the blog, don’t forget to embed your YouTube video.

It is not recommended to alter the text in the YouTube subtitles section because doing so is quite time consuming.

Bonus advice: Shorten the phrases by removing words like “um,” “you know,” “I mean,” and similar expressions. If you’ve ever read interviews on well-known news websites, you’ll note that the content is polished even when the speaker responds to a question informally. Once you’re finished, post it on a blog, preferably with an intriguing title.

How does this strategy help you?

Because it starts with a vocal script, this writing process is organic. As a result, in addition to your main topic, you would have covered a lot of auxiliary subtopics. Such blogs will therefore flow more naturally. They will also combine a number of related themes.

Do you know the phrase “killing two birds with one stone”? I just provided you an illustration of how to achieve it.

3. Incorporate your videos into an active blog.

You might think about including your YouTube videos in any blogs you already have on the subject.

Why is it crucial? Your blogs would have been the result of extensive study. However, studies show that we prefer viewing videos than reading text.

Go to your content management system and find the blogs that require a fresh coat of paint. Include the videos in the blogs so that visitors can watch them while they are there.

Additionally, it helps readers find your blog more pertinent and contextual.
Remark: If you create blogs on third-party networks like Medium or LinkedIn, feel free to embed your videos there as well. Their ready-to-use YouTube plugins guarantee that your videos playback clearly across all platforms.

4. Create brief videos for sharing on social media

For all of your social media channels, this strategy serves as a teaser or a marketing for your YouTube videos. If you frequently use Instagram, you should definitely do this.

Create brief video snippets that will appeal to the correct audience. These videos most likely stand alone. However, the most important thing in this situation is to let the audience know that they must watch your YouTube video in order to see the entire film.

For instance, if you’re explaining a recipe in your video, cut the preparation into shorter bits and share them as Instagram reels. Or, you could utilise it as an Instagram reel and show the entire dish as someone takes a spoonful from it.

You may use 15-second Instagram reels as teasers for lengthier videos.

With a suitable caption and a link to your YouTube account, you could use the entire video on Instagram’s IGTV as well.

Bonus advice: If you utilise LinkedIn and are active there, you may use these clips to advertise your film in articles. Do not forget to include the YouTube video link outside of your post rather than inside of it.

Why? Because LinkedIn does not want its members to quit its platform, unlike other social media, Therefore, LinkedIn’s algorithm will not promote your post as much among your followers if you include your link in a post.

5.Use your video’s still images for social networking.

There will be a tone of interesting and helpful stuff in your video. So why not make them more accessible to the general public?

YouTube videos can be screenshotted, saved to a mobile device, and shared as:

  • Facebook postings
  • Facebook updates with Tweets

However, you will need to create supplemental descriptions, put hashtags, etc. to make it relevant on each of the aforementioned channels.

Additionally, each of the aforementioned social media platforms requires that you post often in order for them to endorse you to their followers. What better way to support your social media strategy than by using your YouTube videos?

But how would it help you personally?

Consider this. High-quality graphics that don’t require a lot of work are found in YouTube stills. Additionally, they are a perfect fit for your category.

You would have to invest a lot of time in the ideation and creation of each graphic if you were to generate them separately for your social media accounts. (And you might have to pay creative professionals with money.) But not if you had a successful plan for your YouTube videos.

6. Using it once more in creative projects

You no longer have to use the final strategy. Instead, take it a step further and increase the amount of people who visit your YouTube channel.

Once your film is prepared, you may create a succession of creatives that viewers can flip one at a time using free online graphic design software.

For instance, you can share documents on LinkedIn’s platform. This document’s pages can all be reached through other pages. A call to action urging users to watch your video for further information can appear on the final page.

Considering it High-quality visuals with little effort are seen in YouTube stills. Additionally, they are incredibly pertinent to your category.

You would have to spend a lot of time coming up with ideas and producing visuals if you were to create them individually for each of your social media networks. (And you might have to pay for the services of creative pros.) Not though, if you had a successful YouTube video approach.

7. Respond to queries on Quora

Still a popular among those looking for information, Quora. So feel free to respond to queries on the subjects of your videos.

But keep in mind that Quora also appreciates genuine responses with supporting interactive media. Those things comprise images, graphs, video, etc.

Therefore, be careful to include a video when responding to a topic on Quora. It enables people to learn additional details and background about any particular subject.

8. Making films available in newsletters

This one is for you if you’ve amassed an email list over the years. (To learn how to make your email marketing campaigns better, see this blog.)

Before continuing, here are some things to consider when using this strategy:

Send emails through a reputable email service. You might need to use vendors like MailChimp, ConvertKit, or comparable technologies if your list is more than 20,000. This comparison of email tools may be useful if you’re having trouble determining which one to choose.
Create a compelling subject line that will encourage your subscribers to open your email.
Utilize a succinct copy in your email. Your chances of gaining views are better the shorter your copy is.Copy the YouTube video’s URL, then paste it into your email. By doing this, you can make sure that your audience can access it directly from their inboxes rather than having to visit YouTube.
To prevent bounces, make sure your email address is adequately warmed up.

Extra advice: When you have a number of videos on your YouTube channel, send a twice-weekly or once-monthly newsletter that highlights them all. You may even compile films from a particular category in a special edition email.

To sum up:

Which strategy(s) do you find effective?
We’ve seen a lot of clever strategies up to this point for reusing your YouTube videos. So that you won’t forget them, let’s review them:

Produce a podcast

Write a blog around your video

Put your videos on already-existing blogs.

Create brief videos for social networking.

Make use of your video’s stills.

Use your films to inspire creative works.

Answer questions on Quora

distributing videos using newsletters

Each of these strategies is simple to use and won’t cost you any money. Additionally, they are connected. For instance, if tactic #5 is being used, you can come up with a creative idea to go with it.

But keep in mind that you must devote a considerable period of time to any strategy you choose. I am these strategies can Increase your subscribers on YouTube so must try it.

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