9 Best Free Marketing Ways to Promote Mobile Apps

Now that the development part of your mobile app is complete, you might want to start
promoting it on social media and all other possible platforms. With more than 6 million phone apps already existing in Google Play Store and App Store, mobile app marketing can be more obscure and challenging than you expected. But this doesn’t mean that you should lose hope, given the restricted budget-line and limited workforce.

Indeed, the competition is brutal out there; but some simple and investment-proof ways can help you promote newly built smartphone applications without any hassle. While most of these mobile app marketing techniques are entirely free, you might want to spend some time in research. This way, you will get to know the users willing to download and utilize your mobile application.

In this post, we will list the best free marketing ways to promote mobile apps in the digital marketplace within your desired timeline:

1. App Store Optimization using Target Keywords

App store optimization is a common term that mobile app developers come across at least during the development phase. However, only marketing experts understand the significance of app store optimization in result-driven mobile app marketing strategy. Besides, it is not different from search engine optimization. This process is analogous to what you do on your website content for boosted Google visibility.

Assess your competitors on the play store and find out the keywords they are using. Now, implement those key terms in the content you have prepared to post on Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. This may not be the fastest method to reach people online, but it will serve your campaign in the long run.

2. Landing Page Creation with Brief Information

If you already have a business website related to your mobile application, then you can
consider building a separate web page or a landing page for the application. Being a static source of details, landing page creation is the best free marketing technique to promote new apps on the web. This will be the sole area where all your users from social and paid ads will land to check the basic info about your business. In fact, you can utilize this landing page to redirect your users to the download link along with a checklist of benefits. Moreover, it will be easier to receive visitors on this web page through search engine optimization after mobile app development is complete. You wouldn’t have to segregate your budget for SEO services. All in all, you get to highlight the mobile application before a wide set audience with this method.

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3. Consistent Utilization of Review & Feedback

You may have seen a distinct section of top-rated mobile apps in the Play Store. That’s where you need to be after using real-time reviews and suggestive comments of your target users. Make sure that you pay attention to every feedback or complaint you receive from your audience on social channels. The sage words of your audience matter, especially if they are talking about your products and services. There are millions of mobile app available in play stores, and most of them thrive on the feedback and reviews of their users. It’s simple and direct marketing that can lead your mobile app to top app store search results without splurging a penny on marketing.

4. Content Marketing for Online Branding

Content marketing is immensely powerful as it leaves an eternal impact on your app users. In addition, content marketing is an integral aspect of digital promotion that you can’t afford to skip amidst the dearth of investment. It doesn’t require you to do anything much aside from curating original content and sharing it on numerous platforms. Content marketing is an easy and quick way to spread the info about an up-and-coming brand on the internet. It entails the gradual process of building the hype that generates a sense of curiosity amongst your customers. Some marketing professionals call content marketing the fastest route to ensue natural persuasion and sustain an influential brand existence.

5. Social Media Interaction with the Audience

When was the last time when you published a promotional post on social media and then replied to your customers’ comments? Probably, never! If that’s something you haven’t put in your app marketing checklist yet, now is the time to consider it. Publish a post on Facebook and other relevant channels to let them know what you have been cooking for them. Then, check out every comment to see how they are reacting to your product.

6. Referrals & Giveaways for Attracting Users

Develop a referral plan for your mobile app marketing campaign to attract interested users. Believe it or not, but words like ‘Offer’, ‘Discount’, and ‘Giveaways’ catch the eye of the viewers faster than you can anticipate. Your eCommerce or on-demand application will see an exponential increase in the download rate, once you implement a referral section in your app.

7. Promotion through Online Webinars & Meetups

Those frequent webinar emails from LinkedIn can finally be put to good use for promoting an app. Those online meetups that you’ve been ignoring for ages are the platforms where you can talk about your latest creation. These pre-planned webinars fascinate investors and fellow creators who might be willing to support your venture in one way or another.

8. Mobile App Directory Submission

Much like the website directory, now we have mobile app directories on the internet. You
may have seen or heard about the significance of directory submission in off-page
optimization. That’s the kind of impact you need for your mobile application during the
beginning phase of app marketing. Look out for the top app directory submission sites and let your business be listed among the popular mobile apps.

9. Influencer Marketing & Organic Engagement

Organic engagement is the only source of immunity that your mobile app marketing strategy needs to flourish into boosted downloads. To pursue that road, you will need to get in touch with social media influencers who appreciate new ideas and promote them without asking for your fortune.

Conclusion – These best free marketing ways can efficiently bring the best of your business to the surface and promote your mobile apps among your target users with optimal ease. You can stick to these techniques in the commencing phase of marketing while cautiously transitioning into paid marketing modes.


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