Aguadilla is an incredibly beautiful town on the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico, also known for Playa Crash Boat. Tourists can witness the extraordinary scenery of the dramatic hills, gorgeous beaches, and Crash Boats. Moreover, it is an 18-hole course at Punta Borinquen Golf Club, established in 1940. Book a sunset tea break at Punta Borinquen Golf Club or play golf at the club. You will find a range of hotels and other accommodations within the city, offering top amenities for your stay. In short, the town may be small, but there are plenty of things to enjoy here during the trip.

If you are wondering about a sightseeing trip, learn about the must-visit attractions in Aguadilla.

Survival Beach

Survival beach is a paradise for hikers and beach lovers. Moreover, it is the heart of Aguadilla, offering the most charming views of crystal water, hidden caves, and golden sand. The best part is hiking is not a challenge on the beach. In fact, it can be a great way to do some physical fitness activity while in the most scenic place. Not to mention, there are incredible opportunities for clicking pictures on the most picturesque sight. Moreover, tourists can take a 20-minute walk on the charming beach, join the surfing adventure and enjoy the cool winds. To relish an outdoor adventure experience, one can book affordable tour packages by availing of a Volaris Teléfono service.

Playa India El Natural

Playa India El Natural is a paradise for scuba diving and swimming. When the water is silent, one can board the equipment and get into the waters for an everlasting experience. Afterward, explore the local shops around the beach or take diving expeditions.

Aguadilla Art Museum

Tourists can visit the Aguadilla Art Museum and explore the region’s fascinating history and rich art scenes. Moreover, the site exhibits an extensive collection of artifacts from local and surrounding areas. In short, it is an incredible place to learn about the art, culture, and diversity of Aguadilla. In addition, the museum opens from Thursday to Saturday between 10: 00 am-3:00 pm.

El Parterre, Aguadilla

El Parterre is a captivating landscaped plaza built within a natural spring known as Ojo de agua. Interestingly, spring water used to be the drinking water source for Spanish soldiers during battles. However, today, the plaza is beautifully decorated with statues and pretty flowers of different colors. Moreover, you will find food and beverages kiosks within the area. Furthermore, find souvenir shops around the plaza to buy unique gifts for loved ones while leaving. In short, El Parterre is a great place for families and friends, representing Aguadilla’s fascinating history. The best time to visit the site is from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Crash Boat Beach

It is among the most popular surfing beaches in Aguadilla and the incredible picturesque sites, featuring alluring landscapes. Moreover, the beach is home to seashells, attracting the attention of tourists and locals. Initially, the beach served as a small port, where people would place boats to rescue downed airplanes. Various limestone caves are lying close to the beach. Moreover, kayaking and snorkeling are popular things to do on the gorgeous beach site. If you wish to click pictures, then don’t forget to take your camera and take some beautiful shots. Tourists can reach the area using public transport or hire a car from the travel agency.

Las Cascadas Water Park

If you are traveling with your kids, take them to the Las Cascadas water park. It is the Caribbean’s biggest waterpark and a major tourist spot for people of all age groups. There are other sights to see within the park, including Crazy River, Wave Pools, Kiddie Pool, and The Bomb. Moreover, the site features Water Tunnel, Marine Serpent, The Maze, Activity Pool, and Aquatic Tunnel. While you’re here, spend at least a half-day with the kids and don’t forget to take extra clothes with you. The entrance fee for adults is $24.95, $22.95 for kids between 4-12 years, and $12 for senior citizens. Moreover, the park opens from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Old Aguadilla Lighthouse Ruins

Photographers will fall in love with Old Aguadilla Lighthouse Ruins, locally known as Las Ruinas. The setting offers jaw-dropping scenery of the lighthouse built-in 1889. Unfortunately, there was an earthquake that ruined the structure adversely. Moreover, you can take a 10-minutes walk from the golf club and reach the ancient lighthouse. The best time to take the site’s tour is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Spending thirty minutes in the area would be more than enough.

The Beer Box

The construction of the Beer Box was completed in 2011 to feature a beer store in Puerto Rico. Moreover, the site reserves the honor of being the first and only craft beer store with over 200 variants. The place hosts interactive and educational events and beer tasting tours for visitors the entire year. In addition, you get a parking lot for vehicle parking and accessibility of wheelchairs. The opening hours of the beer store are between 12:00 pm and 10:00 pm. It requires an hour to complete the tour.

Parque Colon, Aguadilla

The other name of Parque Colon is Columbus Park, one of the major landmarks in Aguadilla. The Colon marks the birthplace of Christopher Columbus. There is a wooden boardwalk overlooking a small beautiful beach and a big wooden treehouse for people of all age groups. The treehouse is built around a tall banyan tree. Moreover, you will see signs in the park, providing insightful information about the history of the place. While you are here, visit the Ice Skating Rink or Skater Park and witness the charming scenery. The ideal time to take the sightseeing tour of Parque Colon is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

To sum up, travelers can spend quality time with family and explore some really amazing places in Aguadilla. To get fantastic deals on holiday packages and flight tickets, make a United Airlines En Español on the official site. Moreover, reach out to the official reservation team for hand-to-hand assistance.

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