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As the winter season is approaching, you are all set to get comfy and snuggled up into your warm bed. Well, guess what? So are pests! If you do not take strict measures to pest-proof your property, they sure wouldn’t mind making your house their own. The worst thing about pests is that you do not realize the moment they invade your house. This is why it is recommended to hire pest control Surrey experts in advance so that all the preventive measures are taken priorly. This limits the chances of pest infestation of any kind.

Furthermore, there are some signs of pest infestation that you can look around for. These signs indicate the presence of pests on a property. Let’s take a look at them:

Signs of Pest Infestation

Pest Droppings

If you have any doubts that your house has been infested by pests, the first thing to look out for is pest droppings. You can find them in hollow and dark places like the attic, behind your cupboard, etc. You can even determine the kind of pests you are dealing with through the shape of their fecal droppings. Rodent feces are a bit larger and spindly; however, droppings of small pests like bed bugs are tiny and can be a little hard to identify.

Strange Smells and Sounds

Strong unpleasant smells from random spaces in your home are another sign of pest infestation. You will often smell rotten food from places pests have been feeding on. You can likely smell strong odors from droppings or urine they leave behind.

Look out for sounds of whining, scratching, or squeaking from places that are not frequently visited by humans such as the attic or the storeroom. You may hear strange sounds from the walls or the roof, especially at night because that is when the pests are most active.

Damage to Property

Rodents like to chew or gnaw wood. If there’s a pest infestation you will find damaged wood, holes and scratch marks, or even damaged fabrics. Look for such signs in storage rooms or the attic. If you find them, you have most likely mice living in your house.

Signs of Nesting

In case you have a pest infestation, there would be signs of nesting in discreet places. Pests such as rodents would make nests out of literally anything they find, be it shredded paper or dry leaves. Therefore, regularly checking for signs of nesting is extremely important.

Now that we’ve discussed the signs to make sure of a pest infestation, let’s move towards some tips to keep your home pest-proof.

Ways to Make Your House Pest-proof

Clean your Kitchen

One of the favorite places for insects is the kitchen because they love to feast on the food you leave. So, try to clean up immediately after you’re done preparing a meal as the pests will be attracted to the leftover food on your countertop. Keep the trash can covered and take it out regularly. Store all your food items properly, preferably in an air-tight container.

Seal the Cracks

Even the smallest of the cracks in your exterior can serve as an open invitation to pests. Start by identifying these cracks (preferably with a microscope) in the window frames, doors, or the foundation and seal them with caulk as it is easy to use and cheap. If you are a house owner, you most likely have had a utility installation due to which you have holes in the walls. Always remember to seal these pipe penetrations to prevent pests from entering your house.

Clear Clutter

Decluttering your spaces can be an effective way to get rid of pests. Storage rooms and attics tend to clutter up and are not cleaned regularly, risking a pest infestation. Materials like cardboard are a feast for pests therefore, you must keep it organized and vacuum spaces regularly to suck away all the insects preparing to live in there.

Fix Leakages

Look for any leaky faucets or pipings around the house and fix them. Water leakages not only cause mold that is damaging to your health but also invites pests like roaches which make the environment more unhygienic. Especially during winters, damp, cool areas are the perfect home for hundreds of species of pests to grow, so keep your home as dry as possible.

Keep the Yard Clean

Like food or clutter, wet leaves or debris can become a breeding ground for pests in your yard. Even though you can’t remove all the pests, you should try to make the area as inhospitable as you can. Clean and vacuum your yard regularly. Store the firewood at least 5 feet away from your house, and always check for bugs while transporting anything indoors.

Make an Inspection Checklist

You should have daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists for the tasks you need to carry out regularly. This way you will easily cover every inch of your house, and clean it out thoroughly removing any chances of pest infestation. Similarly, you should have inspection checklists too, to examine the property for growth or presence of any kind of pests. Measures like such would almost negate any chances of pest infestation, thus making your property pest-proof.

Trust the Professionals

Even though you have taken every preventative measure there is to pest-proof your property, you are still concerned about the signs that represent pest growth somewhere around the place. This is the time to call in an expert. They will carry out thorough checks and identify the kind of pest you’re dealing with. They will also provide you with the best possible treatment to get rid of those nasty creatures lurking around your house. All this is only possible if you have hired the best pest control company.

Final Thoughts

There you go! These are some of the effective measures you should follow if you do not want your property to be invaded by pests of any kind. Be it mice, cockroaches, rats, or squirrels, almost all the pests can be controlled if you are following these measures. For more detail about pest control experts, you should visit the website link and hire a professional pest exterminator surrey.


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