Dedicated Email Server

No matter what size your business is, you must have a secure dedicated email server for your company. Email hosting options such as shared servers and other unreliable options are still popular among many businesses. Your company’s sensitive information is not only at risk, but you could also face fines and penalties under HIPAA (depending on the industry in which you operate).

Email marketing allows businesses to seamlessly integrate business and connect with clients at their leisure and speed, without having to compromise on quality. You can send bulk emails using our Dedicated Email Servers.

Aside from driving traffic to websites, email campaigns can also increase bootstrap leads, help grow a business, and so on. SMTP servers, SMTP relays, and SMTP services are some of the powerful and well-known email servers used in email marketing.

An email server is an internet-based station that helps send emails, even bulk emails, using different protocols to their destination. SMTP is a protocol for transferring electronic mail messages between computers. If your chosen server does not deliver services to a specific location, place, or country, you need unlike servers immediately.

What is a Dedicated Email Server?

The owner of a dedicated e-mail server determines how much bandwidth, memory and storage space he needs according to his needs. With a dedicated server, one can immediately observe that the dedicated server is more powerful and versatile than a shared hosting account.

Therefore, the server is available to the owner for running and installing anything. It is ultimately the owner’s responsibility to take care of security, maintenance, and backups. All organizations seeking a high-performance e-mail server may benefit from a dedicated server. Since this server is capable of hosting a variety of email accounts with full security. You can also set maximum file sizes for attachments and other aspects of your business email using a dedicated email server.

5 reasons to choose a dedicated mail server

Allows an administrator to update the mailbox anytime.

A dedicated e-mail server allows the domain administrator to log in at any point in time and make changes to the mailbox whenever they want. Aside from this, you have the option of setting up forwarding to other addresses. You can also change the password easily with easy access. The entire process ultimately results in a reduction of the administrative workload to a great extent due to the out-of-office autoresponder.

Easy Accessible

All server resources are accessible to the host of the dedicated email server. The cost of dedicated e-mail server hosting is higher than that of shared email hosting. With a dedicated e-mail server, one can create thousands of email addresses at once, making it convenient to store large numbers of emails on the server. The reliability of dedicated email servers goes hand in hand with their excellent performance, customization, and security.

Integrated with other applications

All CRM systems, data, and back-end applications are easily integrated with the dedicated servers. In addition to managing MSSQL databases, these servers also keep other applications synchronized with each other. Professionals and enterprises can find all the features they desire on these servers. Every dedicated server undergoes backups, updates, and continuous network monitoring throughout the day. They can send up to 500,000 messages per hour, and that too at an excellent speed. It is possible to archive unlimited data on these dedicated servers. Hosts have full control over these servers since they are dedicated to them and can be managed according to their needs. Consequently, the host enjoys competitive flexibility since he will not have to share the resources with the other users. Since only one user uses the server, each mail is delivered at a much faster rate without any failures since there is only one user.

Owners also receive dedicated IP addresses and are ultimately responsible for activities emanating from those IP addresses. The networking staff will be notified immediately if anything goes wrong on these servers, as all the functions are inspected very regularly after every minute.


The most important benefit of dedicated email server hosting is the level of security it provides for communications between your employees compared to shared email services. If your employees frequently handle sensitive data (such as credit card information, medical records, or customer payment information). This will provide you with additional protection and peace of mind.

Control File Attachment Sizes

Running out of bandwidth is one of the most common problems business owners face when using shared hosting or other types of email hosting. Large file attachments can quickly eat up your monthly data allowance, and this is often the case. By having a dedicated server, you will have the ability to customize your email system, including controlling the maximum file attachment size that can be sent. In addition to cutting down on unnecessary bandwidth usage, this will allow you to have more control over what content is sent via company email.

Increase Transparency

Dedicated email servers offer greater transparency for your business as well. Server administrators can view (as needed) the types of correspondence taking place as well as keep a record of company emails that might prove useful in the future.

Step-by-Step Guide to buying dedicated email servers

Select your Server Location

To begin, you should choose a server location that enables you to target your pre-defined audiences at your convenience. It offers high performance and is easy to access.

Select and Configure Server/Hardware

There is no doubt that it is the most important type of selection you need to make! Many web-based mail service providers are offering a wide variety of features and server capabilities.

Opt-Effective Plans

There is usually a high cost associated with a mailing server! There’s no way you could buy it at a reasonable price. You can, however, hire minor professionals to provide you with mail server solutions that are customized to your needs.

Check Support

It’s important to keep that in mind as well! It is possible to misspend your work entirely if you fall into a snare somewhere midway through the process. To put you and resolve the situation, a great deal of support is required at that time.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Email Server

The setup of a dedicated email server can seem overwhelming to many business owners, but it’s quite simple. The first step is to authenticate DNS records like:

  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKM)
  • Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)

These records must be authenticated for your mail server to process new emails and files properly.

Your server’s hostname needs to be changed from the generic one (which is automatically assigned to it) to one that corresponds with the IP address of the outgoing mail server. You will want to choose your server hostname wisely since it will be visible to others. This step will reduce the risk of outgoing emails from your company addresses being marked as spam.

Whenever moving emails from an old server, remember to retrieve a list of existing employee accounts that must also be moved. Once the new accounts have been created, you will need to transfer them to your corresponding cPanel account.


Having a dedicated email server is an excellent choice if you have a growing business. The many benefits make the email SMTP service a great option to give you peace of mind when sending your emails with improved security and outstanding deliverability.

This email server provides high-performance and professional email services for organizations. There is no need to worry about security or safety when hosting numerous email accounts on the server. As well as controlling attachment sizes, a dedicated email server allows you to send larger emails.

Trying to find the best-dedicated email server for your business? The PMTA Setup company can provide a dedicated email server and make your transition as smooth and painless as possible. To make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible, our experienced team is also available to help you set up your new email server.


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