Detention Tank in Sydney controls the flow of stormwater from the roof to the local stormwater system. Buildings with enormous roof surface areas collect a huge volume of rainwater. It may overwhelm the local stormwater drainage system. It allows running freely. OSD tanks hold the water. And release it in a regulated manner to prevent stormwater surges.

Many council approvals require the installation of OSD or DCP systems for large structures. They can, however, only be prepared by a competent hydraulic engineer. The plumber may frequently leave to interpret the engineer’s design. And construct an OSD system like pits and water tanks. This system can be time-consuming and expensive to accomplish on-site.

All about Detention Tank in Sydney

On-site Detention Tanks can work with your hydraulic drawings. Design a stormwater management system that meets your engineer’s specifications. An OSD tank and DCP is included in the system, with orifice plates, trash screens. An OSD tank properly positions inlets and overflows. To save money, the OSD can sometimes pair with the rainwater reuse tank. The tanks and DCP will cram into place by the delivery vehicle. The system is ready to connect as soon as it arrives on site. On-site Detention Tanks provides detailed installation drawings to ensure the proper installation of your drainage system.

Save time and money by delivering the tanks to the job site with the following items:

  • Solvent weld joints are in place for all inlets and outputs.
  • At the specified level, orifice plates may fasten and seal in place.
  • The access rungs have bonded into place.
  • Pit sumps have been spared.
  • This Detention Tank in Sydney may have heavy-duty trafficable detention systems. These tanks consist of 7,000 or 12,000-litre rectangular tanks. Such tanks easily achieve any capacity fast and affordably.
  • Every system is certifiable. These OSD tanks provide structural integrity and various efficiencies. Therefore, an increasing number of engineers are adopting our systems into their projects.
  • Every ATQ-7-TS and ATQ-12-TS system may send to the job site with weir walls, filtration, penetrations, garbage screens, ladders, risers, maintenance holes, and drainage holes. Orifice plates may already install and ready to install in the prepared excavation. Importantly, all ATQ systems are pre-cured, requiring no further waterproofing. ATQ allows for a site install to complete in a specific time period.
  • These systems are available in small, medium, and large capacities. Furthermore, the lifespan costs compare well to alternatives because they are simple to access, clean, and maintain.

Blocks and Slab Solutions

Traditionally, OSD installers have built On-Site Detention tanks. So, it also installs systems primarily using “block and slab” techniques.

As the demand for On-Site Detention systems has grown. Thus, it has the reliance on traditional labour- and time-intensive block and slabs detention tanks.

And, as with all demand rises, slab work, block walls, suspended roofing, and waterproofing costs have also climbed.

More importantly, on-site occupational health and safety rules are applied. Then, these rules have made it more difficult for builders and contractors resulted in higher expenses. So, it also significantly increases the number of people and paperwork required by Project Managers on site.

In the ever-growing markets, builders and contractors are quickly becoming busier. Time becomes a valuable asset. More time costs a lot of money. Open excavations, stalled contractors, the inevitability of severe weather in different counties are important factors to consider. So, the necessity to locate block and slab systems can also negatively influence construction costs and efficiencies.

EASY, FAST & money-saving solution to On-Site Detention

The ATQ7000 modular system may be erect with all Onsite Detention requirements in place. Thus, this system is supplied to the site pre-cured and without the need for waterproofing. After full filling all the requirements, it is ready for an installation that takes hours rather than weeks or months.

Our heavy-duty trafficable detention system consists of one or more 7,000-litre anti-floatation rectangular tanks. So, these tanks can achieve any capacity fast and affordably. Thus, The ATQ7000 tank is ideal for the shallow requirements of many compacts. Hence, On-Site Detention systems are ideal due to their reduced internal height.

Engineer certification is available for every ATQ7000 system. Thus, an increasing number of engineers are implementing our system into their Detention Tank in Sydney designs. So, the systems can come pre-assembled with weir walls, filtration, penetrations, trash screens, ladders, risers, maintenance holes, drainage holes, orifice plates. So, the system with pre-assembled things can be erected and linked in one day.

These systems may intend for small to medium capacity applications. Thus, these systems outperform alternative precast or on-site solutions. Furthermore, the lifespan costs are competitive with alternatives because they are simple to access, clean, and maintain.

Designs for large capacity OSD tanks

Large-scale production plans are in the works. Thank you for supporting OSD.

Tanks also offer larger systems with inter-connectable tanks of 15,000 – 20,000 – 25,000 and 45,000 liters. So, these systems may build for large capacities and compete head-to-head with in-situ custody systems. Such a system takes 1-3 days to build a substantial detention system instead of weeks.

Like all of our products, these large scales Detention Tank in Sydney have heavy-duty traffic load ratings. These tanks comply with Standards design regulations (AS5100.2) and may be backfilled and immediately carry traffic. Thus, there will be no downtime while curing.


Suitable for residential use, including residences and flats with tanks beneath driveways

  • Dimensions: 3m x 2.5m x 1.2m (other sizes are available here)
  • Capacity of 8,000 liters (14,500 and 18,500-litre capacity also available)
  • Designed for a total load of 3kPa
  • Suitable for ride-on lawnmowers
  • Easy to install
  • Group 4 together for a total capacity of 32,000 litters


These are suitable for industrial and commercial waterproofing Sydney applications, such as factories and warehouses beneath driveways.

  • Dimensions: 3m x 2.5m x 1.2m (Other sizes available here)
  • Capacity of 8,000 liters (14,500 and 18,500-litre capacity also available)
  • Designed for total loading of 30kPa
  • Suitable for truck traffic
  • Easy to install
  • Group 8 together for a total capacity of 64,000 litres

The amount of water that can be cleaned and treated is restricted. Only flood flows may control by dry basins, also known as detention basins. By decreasing pollutants and sediments, a retention pond can help to improve water quality.


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