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Getting orthodontic braces is a big deal, but it might be a lot easier than you might think. And knowing what will happen next when you are in the orthodontist’s clinic can help make the whole process less intimidating, as you will have a sense of security and assurance about the treatment.

As you get ready for your first appointment with the dentist, you will probably have curiosity and a lot of questions regarding dental treatment. According to a lot of professionals in Auburn root canal therapy and other such dental treatments can often lead to a lot of confusion among patients. It’s obvious that your orthodontist will guide you through the process, but it can help to acknowledge the basics before you go in. 

Go through the helpful information below to get an idea of the process, from the first consultation till the day you get your orthodontic braces on!

The more you understand how orthodontic braces work, the better your chances of achieving your goal of having much straighter teeth. Hence, there are different components of braces, all of which work together in order to fix certain oral complexity. These components may include brackets, wires (archwires), rubber bands, and glue. 

The initial consultation is very important as this is the time when the patient and the dental professional will have a chance to interact and discuss all of the patient’s options for possible treatment. The dental professional will perform an oral examination in order to determine the type of oral issues that need to be fixed. They will also take a photo of the patient’s mouth when the braces choice is made so that they can then be attached correctly.

  • The Consultation

Before your first official appointment at the dental clinic, you may have a consultation with your orthodontist. If you have any previous x-rays from your dentist, then it would be better if you bring them along. Your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth condition and make a treatment recommendation. This is the time when you have to ask all your questions, so come prepared.

  • Before The Treatment Process

The first step to getting braces as stated by the council of Auburn Gum disease treatment is to walk to the dentist and have your teeth professionally examined and cleaned. If you need treatment for other oral care conditions such as periodontal problems or regarding tooth extraction, then your orthodontist may recommend taking care of these dental issues before braces.

  • Your First Visit To The Clinic

So here is what you need to expect from your first visit. You will get x-rays of your whole mouth and individual teeth as well. Photographs of your face, teeth, and mouth will also be taken by your Orthodontist. If the spacing is too complex between any of your teeth, then the oral device known as spacers may be inserted to help prepare your mouth for braces.

  • Getting Your Braces On

To achieve great oral health, you need to follow a step-wise procedure and any step ignored can result in devastating results. So, first do not forget to brush and floss before you get your metal braces on. The procedure itself is not that painful for most patients. Your bonding dental appointment may last for about two hours, so you may want to bring some music to help pass your time. 

  1. Your orthodontist will start the process by inserting an oral device to keep your mouth dry and your tongue in place. 
  2. Then, they will dry your teeth and apply an etchant to make the tooth surface accustomed to bonding. 
  3. In the next process, the braces will be placed on your teeth using a special adhesive to hold them in the correct place throughout your treatment. 
  4. A curing light will be used to harden the adhesive and set the bond. 
  5. Finally, at last, the orthodontist will run the archwire through the braces and hold it in place with ligature bands unless you require self-ligating braces that don’t need any additional bands.

Final Thoughts: 

Depending upon your misalignment, whether you get traditional braces or customized behind-the-teeth or lingual braces, the next step is to make an accurate fir. In order to achieve that, your orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth. Either you will bite down on a tray of soft impression material for a few minutes, as performed by experts at Auburn dental bridges center or your orthodontist may take a digital scan of your mouth. Hence, this is the whole guide to a much better smile and straighter teeth.


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