You can now add a link to “See More” to stories if you have a business Instagram account with at least 10,000 followers.

Upload your image or video to Instagram to add a link. Next, click the link icon at the top of the screen. After entering the link, you can preview it to ensure everything is correct, then hit ‘done. Include a CTA in your story, so users know what they are looking for.

This might seem like an easy option, but it is essential for driving more Instagram traffic to your site.

Use emojis effectively.

Emojis are a powerful tool for communicating your message, especially on Instagram. There are thousands of emojis, and they continue to grow. It is important to develop a strategy for how to use them.

If used correctly, emojis can inject personality and humor into your brand and help you build an emotional connection with your audience. Millenials and Gen Z are so familiar with emojis that messages without them seem more “cold.”

Consider first whether your brand should use emojis – is it appropriate if, for example, you offer a financial aid service?

To ensure they are understood, you should also decide how many and how often to increase your Instagram engagement.

Remember that emojis can be used in both directions. They reflect what your followers think of your posts. So monitor comments to find emojis you can use as sentiment indicators.

Promote your Instagram channel via other social media accounts.

You can spread the word about your Instagram channel wherever you can. You can promote your Instagram account by posting an announcement on Facebook with a link to your Instagram profile.

Instagram’s auto-post feature and cross-promotional tools are also available. Cross-promotional tools enable you to instantly post to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks, bringing together your followers.

Cross-promotion of your Instagram posts to other social media channels is not a good idea. You risk ‘cannibalizing” your content and reducing the number of followers who visit your Instagram channel.

CTAs everywhere!

Your followers may love your Instagram ads, but make sure they lead somewhere with a strong Instagram call to action.

CTAs may be added to your profile, images, or caption copy. However, it is best to use the official CTA buttons on Instagram for enterprises to increase interaction and push followers in a specific direction.

These are located below your post. They can be used to deliver short, punchy CTAs like ‘Learn More’ or ‘Call Now’ that grab followers’ attention. Here are the top Instagram call-to-action examples. Learn how to make them.

Learn from the best Instagram content.

You can learn the formula for content that will increase your Instagram engagement and use it to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. You can do this in many ways, including identifying the most powerful hashtags and visual styles or learning when to post.

This monitoring will allow you to develop best practices for your brand. Consider deploying Falcon, a social media management platform. You can fine-tune your marketing strategy using social listening and analytics to increase Instagram engagement.


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