Antique Lamp

These days, there is a huge interest in collecting vintage lamps. In an effort to help those who might be interested in this area of antiques and collectibles, this article will attempt to address some of the common questions and answers associated with antique lamps —

Which vintage lamps are the most expensive?

The most valuable antique lamps don’t come in just one type or brand. Due to their excellent craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, Handel and Stiffel lamps are immensely popular. Considering how readily they may be rewired and used in daily life, antique brass floor lamps are highly popular. The high level of style and creative worth of many vintage art deco lamp types contributes to their popularity.

Isn’t it preferable to gather old oil lamps?

As a general rule, antique oil lamps are older and can thus be worth more as antiques. However, vintage electric lights are also quite expensive due to their design, construction, and materials. The antique bankers lamp and the antique student lamp are two of the most well-liked vintage oil designs.

Because both are very common (because they were so well-liked when they were new), and because it’s not too difficult to get parts for them, they can both be quickly and simply put back in working order. Antique carriage lights and other kerosene lamps may also be found easily and are quite expensive. A vintage porcelain lamp may be quite valuable as well. They can be electric or oil-powered types. Both varieties are often painted and quite elaborate.

Which varieties of old electric lights are valuable?

The popularity of antique torchiere lights is high. They are excellent quality lighting fixtures because they offer powerful indirect illumination in addition to their distinct appearance and aesthetic value. Antique porch light variations come in a wide variety and are highly desirable.

What is the most effective technique to begin collecting antique lamps?

The most crucial activities for a novice collector are comparison and learning. Anyone interested in learning more about old lights has access to four great sites.

There are many excellent books regarding the topic that can be found online or at local libraries. For a collector, the Internet offers the ideal platform to explore samples and assess costs and quality. Additionally a terrific area to study are antique malls and shops. Finally, a collector should regularly search flea markets, yard sales, and garage sales for that elusive (but very likely) hidden gem.


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