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Managing seamless HME billing is a real struggle for many HME providers today.  Especially with the rising burnout among billers and coders running a seamless HME billing operation after the recent crisis in fact is becoming complicated by the day.

Burnout among billing staff is an overwhelming problem today. According to a recent MGMA report a combined 30% turnover rate specifically among front office and operational staff is the most popular concern nowadays. And this is mostly due to the continuously changing payer policies, new codes as well as new reimbursement guidelines that are putting additional pressure on medical billing staff. This is why healthcare practices are even losing out tons of money as well.

Leaving healthcare practices under stress to cope in today’s competitive era, practices consider outsourcing all or part of the revenue cycle as a better alternative option.

Outsourcing, today is the present day solution to addressing all the pandemic-related staff shortages, rising healthcare costs and constantly changing regulations.
Being a cost effective solution as hiring a billing team could cost much more than outsourcing your billing functions, as most health systems have raised salaries and offer signing bonuses; outsourcing today has a positive impact on provider burnout as well.

The Sunknowledge benefits:

Covering both pre and post HME billing services so you can focus more solely on patient care, Sunknowledge Services Inc has helped many leading names in expanding their business. Offering a seamless billing transaction from capturing arduous documentation requirements to timely claims submission, Sunknowledge has dedicated assistance for faster reimbursement and better billing management.

With extensive knowledge of applicable federal and state laws as well as each payer’s unique reimbursement requirements, our experts not only help in 80 % operational cost reducing but taking care of all your billing needs removing all considerable burdens and making your billing process easy.

Updating constantly on the rapidly shifting policies and guidelines that require adapting quickly to these new and continuously changing protocols, our experts further ensure the right checks and balances assure accuracy of 99.9 %. With 100 % authorization and timely claims submission, so you can focus more on patient care, we are here working for improved billing transactions.


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