All about AWS Assessment

Overview of the AWS Solution Architect Associate Practice Exam

AWS emerges as the leader in the world of cloud computing solutions. Any company considering adopting a cloud-based solution or replacing or upgrading existing data centers will seek engineers with the necessary cloud and AWS skills and knowledge. The AWS test assessment is designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills in areas such as security, operational excellence, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and reliability.

Those who score well in the AWS certified solutions architect associate practice exams are seen as worthy candidates with the right set of strong skills. They are said to be accompanied by the designing and implementation skills to apply the best practices in AWS in accordance with the well-structured framework. Such candidates prove to be an asset for an organization as they help to secure the assets in the cloud, tend to increase the reliability of resources, increase the company’s performance capabilities, and help decrease the strategic costs. In short, the AWS practice exam allows a person to solve real-life scenarios using both theoretical and practical experience to gain a thorough understanding of how AWS works.

Who is it for?

The AWS solution architect associate practice exam tests a candidate’s skills in designing solutions and implementing AWS practices on a pre-defined, well-structured framework. This exam assists in hiring professionals with AWS experience and gaining insight into how they will manage cloud resources effectively.

People whose job roles require hands-on experience and knowledge of AWS best practices, such as DevOps engineers, senior reliability engineers (SREs), software engineers, cloud developers, cloud architects, and people with similar job profiles, found this test or exam helpful.

What is the passing score for the AWS Assessment?

The passing score to clear the AWS solution architect associate practice exam is 72%. This is the score in the percentile. To pass the assessment exam, a candidate should score at least 720 marks.

Key Features of the AWS Practice Exam

Get in touch with SSDN Technologies and hire the best candidate easily. Our AWS practice exam comes with the following features:

  • Our tests are designed with easy grouping of the candidates as pass or fail. This helps in the quick and easy selection of the right candidate.
  • We offer a complete customization service to let you design your own tests and customize them as per your job profile requirements.
  • The tests are designed keeping in mind the real-world problems for which answers will not be available anywhere. To analyze test performance and skills, such preventive measures are used.
  • Detailed reporting of the candidate’s pass and fail records on different parameters is provided.
  • A performance-based ranking system is followed to showcase the actual performance of the applicant during the assessment.

What are the benefits of being AWS certified?

For candidates, being AWS certified means they are accustomed to having hands-on experience with the AWS landscape. The AWS certification or assessment allows an individual to reap the following benefits:

Future preparation

AWS is undoubtedly the market leader in the context of cloud computing solutions. Being an AWS certified professional will let you prepare for the upcoming trends in the IT industry. Once you become an AWS certified professional, you get to showcase the potential skills and knowledge that employers are going to demand in the near future.

A way to develop professional expertise

AWS certification tends to develop professional expertise in individuals. As you know, carrying out the AWS certification will require a lot of study, patience, and commitment to learning different technologies. Thus, it creates a tendency to follow the learning path continually to grow the career prospects. Thus, in order to maintain the certification’s credibility, one should always be ready to implement new learning methods to stay updated with the trends and changes experienced by the industry.

Certification is always globally recognized.

AWS-certified professionals tend to receive digital badges for their achievements. The certification offers the learners global recognition for what they have done so far and how much effort they put into reaching this proud moment. A certification showcases one’s ability, skills, and knowledge in performing the special duties.

It displays your commitment.

Getting an AWS certification is not that easy. You have to be dedicated enough to study for long hours and show your hard work and commitment. Those who appear for certification assessment after investing considerable time and effort are rewarded with the certification. Such certified professionals are counted on for their commitment and dedication. They are known for their responsible aptitude and are taken for granted for their marvellous work performance.

A better paycheck is assured.

Being an AWS-certified professional will allow you to receive a good salary package compared to those who fail to clear the assessment or are not certified. A certification validates your ability to stay ahead in the use of the latest technologies and tools in AWS. It validates that you have the required skills and knowledge that most companies look for in professionals. Thus, employers are keen on hiring such professionals at any cost.

Developing a professional network

Once you are certified, you get the chance to join the AWS certified global community. This will help you find loads of opportunities by getting in touch with the professional network associates of AWS. You can also get access to the AWS-certified LinkedIn community and related networks. The more you interact with people in your network, the more chances you gain to grow professionally.

Not only could the employees, even the employers, gain benefits from mploying an AWS-certified professional, Organizations that employ AWS-certified personnel can actually participate in the AWS partner network. Thus, with the help of certified professionals, even employers can gain the status of an AWS partner.

Being an AWS certified professional brings several benefits for the applicants and for the organizations too. It’s just that an applicant needs to put in hard work to get on the right learning track to become certified. Employers, on the other hand, could use the AWS assessment exam to hire the best and most valuable candidate for their organization.



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