Mild Steel A36 Plates

It is a versatile steel alloy plate that has grown in popularity over time. The plates are created by a group of skilled producers to offer our clients a high-quality service. These plates are constructed from alloy raw materials of the highest caliber. The alloy, which is derived from Chinese iron ores, has the ideal chemical makeup for making steel plates that are incredibly efficient. These plates are utilized in all kinds of projects because of their versatility. As a result, these plates can be found in a variety of specifications for shapes, sizes, and thickness. They can also have different sizes.

These plates have higher tensile and yield strengths as well as better heat and corrosion resistance. Additionally, these plates are easily formed, making them easier for cutting. These plates are composed of an alloy material, which makes fabrication and machining easier. Additionally, this alloy has a reliable welding adaptability. Common structural plates that are simple to galvanize to boost corrosion resistance are made of ASTM A36 steel.

The most typical kind of steel alloy is this one. The American Society has approved these plates for testing and material designation, particularly for carbon steel. These plates have good ductility and elongation characteristics. Chemically, this alloy is made up of the elements carbon, copper, Sulphur, phosphorus, silicon, and manganese.


We carried out several of the tests listed below to look at all of the characteristics of Mild Steel A36 Plates. These tests are carried out to check the product’s mechanical characteristics and determine its maximum level of endurance under various atmospheric conditions. The following tests are carried out: hardness, impact, eddy current, flattening, micro and macro, ultrasonic, and intergranular. To check that the chemical elements are composed correctly, various chemical and spectral analyses are carried out.


The ASTM A36 MS Plate is packaged with special care to ensure safe delivery to the customer. We adhere to the criteria for standard packaging in this regard. The plates are packaged inside of wooden or metal boxes, fully cut off from the outside world. The thin plastic films are used to individually package the plates. We offer our valued clients high-quality packaging for the A36 low carbon steel plates. Our team of professionals keeps track of every delivery to make sure the right quantity is being provided. According to customer requests, we can also alter the packaging of our products.


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