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All the visitors to your social media channels are not ready to purchase your services or products. That’s why you need a proper mapping of your content to attract and convince each level of visitors. For this, you need to understand your audience in the context of a customer journey roadmap.

But before jumping to the benefits of social media content mapping – let us discuss content mapping. 

Content mapping is a great technique that presents customized content to the designated segment of your audience. As a result, the brand develops a strong connection with the audience. When done right, the technique can guide potential customers through a proper customer journey by delivering content that targets their needs and preferences.

How can content mapping help you?

Content mapping is all about delivering the right content to the right audience.

If you present irrelevant content to your audience, they will get annoyed.

Presenting the right content to the audience at all stages of the journey is the first requirement of lining up your digital marketing with your audience. You can do it by better understanding your potential customers.

As a result, you can help them in making informed decisions about your products. You must understand their preferences and provide details of your content. 

The idea is to present your content at the right moment and offer your deals to your audience. Forto knows each customer segment’s requirements to work. You now need to set up precise audience segmentation so that you know the requirements of each customer segment. 

Benefits of Mapping Your Social Media Content

Content mapping could provide fantastic results and should be a part of every marketer’s playbook. Note that content mapping is not just for potential customers; existing customers could also benefit from targeted content that improves their experience.  

To give you a better idea of the benefits of social media content mapping, go through the following list: 

  • Better Understanding Of Customers

The fundamental goal before starting a business is to understand the needs of the customers. Since mapping requires careful analysis of each customer segment, you have a clearer understanding of each customer segment. Once you know your customers, you can deliver the content that could benefit them better.

  • Content Centralization

Once you start content mapping, you can avoid creating unnecessary content by having a central content library. You can audit and catalog your content whenever you want and quickly upgrade content to reflect new changes to the product lineup. This makes the content more beneficial for the customers.

  • Purposeful Content

Content mapping forces you to think about what value you wish to deliver to your customers. This analysis allows you to discover the purpose of each content piece. Remember, when it comes to content, quality is more important than quantity. 

Content mapping helps you create purposeful and relevant content by utilizing the knowledge of the requirements of your audience.

Steps In Social Media Content Mapping

Social Media Content Mapping is a simple matter of collecting what the customers are talking about, creating content that addresses their points, and then making sure that the right content piece is delivered at the right point. 

Before doing anything, list down all the topics and themes that are relevant to your industry. Next, start competitor research on the type of content the competitors have produced around these themes. This should give a good baseline for your efforts. 

  • Start with Buyer Persona

Create your buyers’ personas to know more about your buyers’ preferences and understanding. These personas are in-depth fictional representations of your customers. These profiles are a great help in modifying your content to fit the customers’ requirements.

You can create these personas by dividing your potential buyers into groups. Now give names to each persona. Each has a specific gender, personality, age, preferences, and a problem they are trying to solve by choosing your company and products.

  • Next, Map Out Their Journey

Once you have the personas, the next step is to map out the customer journey of each persona. For this, you need to start listing down all the questions the persona could ask about your product at several stages, from initial consideration to the final buy decision.  A good way of making sure that all questions are answered is to walk the persona through the sales funnel. 

  • Finally, Create the Content

Now that you have the questions, it is time to create content that answers those questions. Start with creating a catalog document that records all details such as the title, URL, type, and category. This document should also tag all content pieces to a specific stage of the customer journey. 

Each content piece should tackle one or more questions with proper answers to the questions the persona has about your product. 

During the process, you might discover gaps in your marketing plan that help you optimize the social media marketing challenges and related marketing collateral. 

  • Map Your Social Media Campaign

Social media campaigns are either individual or connected events that promote your business and services and bring visitors to specific business landing pages. 

Planning and mapping social media marketing campaigns require extensive brainstorming to develop creative ideas that distinguish your brand from the competition. Note that all pictures should make sure that the core objective (traffic and sales) is achieved.

Once you have jotted down all the ideas, the next step is finalizing the execution of the campaign and the tracking KPI.  

  • Schedule your Posts

The final step is the actual execution of the campaigns. This requires drafting and scheduling of the posts. These Digital marketing tools can significantly simplify this step by taking over the hassles of the process. These tools offer an integrated approach to drafting, scheduling, and publishing posts from a single platform. This saves you a lot of time that you can dedicate to streamlining campaigns and analyzing the impact. 


Content mapping is not about building a company; it is more like understanding your customers and doing what they ask you for. Earning customer’s trust and building a solid connection is a win. Your relation must not be like ‘a buyer and a customer.’ Make your customers feel as if they are the only ones you’re working for. Once you start following your customers’ preferences, begin to solve their problems. Be there in the time of need. They will trust you and your company to the fullest, and in return, you will win their loyalty, support, and above all, their business! What else do you want?! 😉

You can convert your visitors into your loyal customers by working on your content mapping skills!

Happy Content Mapping! 


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