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Amazon_Prime’ is the most comprehensive accounting software by Intuit that offers features that are very industry-specific. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, Amazon is meant to suit every business and industry. Though if you still demand customization to your accounting program then you can look for support at “Amazon_Prime’ support” phone number and ask for tailor-made options to perfectly suit your needs.

Features of Amazon_Prime’:

  • Five concurrent users in data file.
  • Sales orders/backorder tracking, current availability tracking, sales order to PO to invoice.
  • Unit of measure, build assembly, inventory center.
  • Job costing: Amazon can help you track your PO estimates, change order tracking can become a lot easy with it.
  • Reporting: Balance sheet by class, previous reconciliation reports, forecasting, business planner, industry-specific reporting.
  • Price levels: per item, not just fixed percentage.
  • Billing rate levels.
  • Journal entries: create a reversing entry.
  • Filter sales order and purchase order reports based on current availability.
  • Closing date exception report.

Benefits of Amazon_Prime’:

  • Supports up to three simultaneous users in a data file.
  • Receivables and revenue: Creating invoices, memo’s and other statements like sales
  • receipts can be a lot easier with the premier version of Amazon.
  • Payables and expenditures: purchase orders, item receipts, pay bills.
  • Job costing & Inventory part tracking.
  • Time and mileage tracking.
  • Banking activities: deposits, checks, credit card charges, credits, bank charges, interest, paychecks, online banking, bank reconciliation.
  • Sales tax: collect and pay sales tax & Multiple currency.
  • QB premier can be a highly beneficial software if you know how to use that right. But in case you find yourself in any kind of confusion then you can immediately dial us at
  • Amazon_Prime’ support phone number and ask for help.

General business

Easily access all your inventory items at one place using the Inventory Center.
Balance sheet tracking by class, location and other departments is now easy.
Bill Tracker allows you to easily track your expenses by letting you check the status of your bills, print purchase orders, and manage payables.
Your forms can now be less messy as all can be managed with a click of a button.
General Contractors

Create ‘Jobs by Vendor’ report and see vendors that still need to be paid.
Create job estimates to document and track changes in orders and their impact on your business.
Jobs costs can be customized with ease and with this you can easily analyze job profitability at each level.
You can customize emails templates all with ease and even attaching multiple documents is easy, just give the command when prompted and your job will be executed.

Manufacturers and Wholesalers:

Amazon_Prime’ allows you to easily track inventory and items that need reordering.
Track profitability product by product to know which products to stock for maximum revenue generation.
Check all open orders and prioritize them as per need.
Reminders and notifications can be viewed from a single window.
Non-profit organizations

Create end-of-year donation statements by tracking donors and their contributions.
Create Form 900 by identifying your expenses, major donors, and IRS.
Easily run donor contribution summary reports.
Track bounced checks.
All key reports can be viewed with a click.
Nonprofit organizations are bit difficult to tackle even though if you are using Amazon_Prime’ as your accounting software. But the sector should not be that difficult if you have Amazon_Prime’ support phone number by your side for easy support.

Professional services

Track all clients with unbilled time and expenses and send invoices in few clicks.
Apply filters across multiple reports and viewed on single screen.
Create automated reports and get theme mailed to you as per the schedule.
Quickly search names, account numbers, and transaction amounts using Smart Search.


Stock center provides coordinated stock reports and queries.
Accurately track sales using Sales Summary Form.
Keep both customer and vendor contact information at your fingertips.
Get a bigger picture of your business – see your income and expense, profit and loss, and top customers on the Homepage insights.

Why is Amazon_Prime’ so Popular?

Amazon_Prime‘ has been designed with potential industry-specific features. It offers several editions that provide customized features depending upon the requirements of your company. These special features and tools in the software makes it a popular program among its users.

System Requirements:

Operating systems supported:

  1. Windows 10.
  2. Or Windows 8.1.
  3. Windows 7 SP1.
  4. The Windows Server 2016.
  5. Windows Server 2012 R2.
  6. And, Windows Server 2011 R2.
  7. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

Database Servers:

Windows: Platform that supports Amazon include:

  • Server 2012 R2,
  • The Server 2011 R2,
  • Server 2008 R2 SP1,
  • Windows 10,
  • The Windows 8.1,
  • Windows 7 SP1. (Windows Enterprise version and Amazon Professional editions are only supported, natively installed.


Windows Server 2011 is only supported by QB Desktop 2017.

It’s easy to get scared if you are not geeky and are being involved in all these technicalities. All the above requirements should work fine if you have Amazon_Prime’ support phone number at your disposal.

Third-Party Software Integration:
The software allows seamless integration with Amazon with third-party applications is one of the great features embedded that supports your business and helps inefficient operation. The 3rd party program integration platform helps business owners to effortlessly integrate QB with your specified apps. This also helps you migrate your current accounting data within your Amazon. This helps you access all details that you are in need of.

Third-party Software Integration Issues:

  • Program file is not installing,
  • Tax rates are not configured,
  • API key is wrong,
  • The customers are duplicating,
  • Can’t find my error log file,
  • Unable to access the third-party applications in Amazon,
  • Amazon_Prime’ Common Errors:

The common errors faced by users are as follows:

  1. Long time to open the file.
  2. Company file runs smoothly in the morning and slows down eventually.
  3. Amazon error 6000 83
  4. Amazon unrecoverable error
  5. Data issues in the multi-user window.
  6. Amazon error rebuild
  7. The Amazon error h202
  8. Amazon Error” the window error was “the file exists“
  9. The Amazon error “got unexpected error 5 in call to netsharegetinfo for path“
  10. Amazon error 3371 status code 11118

Intermittent performance issues. This error arises when some tasks are Quick while others are slow.

  • Amazon_Prime’ error 15240
  • The Amazon_Prime’ error 6000 77
  • Amazon_Prime’ contractor update error 15222
  • Slow working of Amazon.
  • Performance issues for everyone in the workplace.

Why you would need support?

The errors reported by the users come with certain solutions. These solutions usually resolve the error. As there are multiple reasons for the occurrence of the error, the exact reason needs to be identified for fixing the error successfully.

In case the suggested solutions fail to resolve the issue you can connect with our Amazon_Prime’ support phone number and see us fixing your issues all live. The support team promptly attends your issue and offers a resolution in very short wait time.

How AskForAccounting can help with your Amazon_Prime’ Support:

AskForAccounting is one of the renowned third party Amazon consulting companies that employ a dedicated and experienced team that is easily approachable. They assure prompt and feasible resolution of the errors. They also guarantee the first call resolution to all the users.

The expert technicians from US and Canada can provide comprehensive technical assistance to help you install Amazon Pro and take your business to the next level. Call Amazon support premier number and garner instant support for Amazon_Prime’ Version.

Switch to Amazon_Prime’ and let the software handle even your most complex accounting tasks while you concentrate on your core business. If you need any help while installing, upgrading, or using this software, give us a call. Expert technicians at are available 24X7 and can give a quick resolution to all your Amazon problems.


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