The view of Manhattan

When you ask people what are the places to visit on the East Coast, in most cases, they will tell you NYC. New York City or the Big Apple is one of the most popular cities in the USA and in the entire world. People are dreaming of moving and living in NYC. This city offers great opportunities and benefits that you can get as a resident. But, it is also important to think about where exactly in NYC you are planning to live. That is the reason why we want to present to you an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs. In other words, this guide will help you to find more information about the boroughs and it will help you to make the right decision about the living place.

What should you know about an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs?

With a population of over 8 million people, New York City is one of the largest cities in the USA. Now, let us present to you the five boroughs in the Big Apple:

  • Manhattan.
  • Brooklyn.
  • Queens is also on the list of an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs.
  • The Bronx.
  • Staten Island.

These are the five main boroughs in NYC. Remember that no matter which of them you choose as your new place of living, it is still important to hire some of the best moving companies that will help you to organize the moving process. Now, let us present to you each of these boroughs, so you can get a better image.


Located in downtown NYC, Manhattan is one of the most popular places in the USA and it is a well-known place in the entire world. We can say that all the major things are happening and all of them are located in Manhattan. Companies, job opportunities, real estate opportunities, outdoor activities, etc. are some of the things that you will see and things that you can expect when living in Manhattan. For instance, one of the things to do in July in NYC is to visit Broadway. So, all these things are basic information that you should know from an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs and these are the things that you can expect when living in Manhattan.

The view of Manhattan, a borough which is an inevitable part of our intuitive guide to NYC boroughs.
In Manhattan, you can find a lot of opportunities.


The following borough from the list of intuitive guide to NYC boroughs is Brooklyn. This is a really famous borough in the Big Apple and it is big. The population is over 2,59 million people and there are a lot of residents in Brooklyn. Living in Brooklyn can give you a lot of opportunities. There are a lot of outdoor activities, great real estate options, and many other things. Also, living in Brooklyn can be affordable and suitable for your budget! Another good thing about living in Brooklyn is that organizing the moving process in this borough is a simple thing. For instance, if you are planning to change your address in Brooklyn, it will not be a complicated thing to do it. In other words, experts are around the corner and they will help you to move in the simplest and fastest way possible. So, living in Brooklyn will definitely give you a lot of opportunities that you should not miss.

Queens is also on the list of an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs

Speaking about Queens, this is also one of the large NYC boroughs. The population is over 2,287 million people. Most people who are planning to relocate to NYC are choosing Queens as their new place of living. One of the major reasons is that the prices are affordable in Queens and you can organize your living costs in an appropriate way. There are also a lot of outdoor activities, good schools, and many other living benefits. When we talk about real estate options in Queens, you can find plenty of them. If you decide to move to Queens, just remember to pack all your belongings in an appropriate way. For this task, hiring professionals is a good option. So, hire the crew to ease the process and to pack all your household goods in the safest way.

A street in Queens
Queens is known for having affordable prices for a living.

The Bronx

This borough has a population of over 1,435 million people and it is also known as one of the affordable boroughs for a living. In this borough, you can find affordable prices for buying and renting, there are good job options, good schools, suitable neighborhoods for a living, and many other things. Even if The Bronx is a little further from the downtown, it is still a suitable borough for a living. So, all these things that we have presented to you are the major ones in an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs.

Staten Island

Last, but not least is Staten Island. We can say that this is the most peaceful and quiet borough in NYC. The population is over 474,000 people. This borough is suitable for families with small kids. There are a lot of real estate options, good job opportunities, great public schools, and colleges, etc. So, Staten Island is really suitable for families or for people who just want to live far away from the city crowd. Also, Staten Island has a lot of outdoor activities that you can visit in your free time. Be sure that living in this borough can never be boring and that you are going to love it.

Family members joining hands together.
Staten Island is a suitable borough for families.

When you know an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs, you can make the right decision

To summarize, when you know all the things from an intuitive guide to NYC boroughs, you can get a better image and you will know what to expect. As you can see, all these boroughs are specific and beautiful in their own way. You just have to think wisely about which of these boroughs is the most suitable for your needs and for your lifestyle. Once you make the right decision, just organize the moving process properly, move to your borough, and be open-minded!


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