Dunlop Tyres Chingford

Top 5 Features of the Dunlop Tyres

These are the top 5 unique tactics used by Dunlop Tyres Chingford, to grab attention from the consumers as well as the car companies:

Noise Shield Technology

Noise Sheild technology enriches the lesser internal and external noise emissions under any road circumstances. In accordance with several tests conducted these tyres promote 50% less interior sound.

Specific Bead Seat System

The specific bead seat system is the innovative technology from Dunlop that mainly focuses on the potency of the tyre’s contact with the rim. Ultimately, this technology promotes exceptional stability with improved precision in driving. Also, with this system, the tyres improve enhanced road feedback.

Runonflat Tyres

Considerably, The run-on-flat tyres technology is one of the most innovative ideas that changed the entire approach for tyres in the automobile industry. The motto behind this technology is to minimize the tyre blow-out risk, especially on a speed run on hot surfaces. Consistently, these tyres provide a maximum of 50 miles of journey in case of any tyre puncture.

Ultimately, run-on-flat tyres technology from Dunlop tyres Chingford is now available for a few particular cars and will enlarge the production with time.

Silica-Plus Compound

The Dunlop brand introduced the silica-plus compound by working with industry experts to enhance better acceleration from the tyre. However, this technology is nothing but a motorsport-derived tread-based technology. After all, this innovative compound boosts excellent grip and extraordinary braking on any terrain. Alongside, this modern tread compound enriches low tear and wears.

Maximum Flange Shield (Mfs)

As we all know, alloy wheels always fall under the high-risk factor called the Kerbing which is common as the tyres deal with many discomforts while riding on rough surfaces. Hence, the Dunlop tyres come up with the specially engineered technology named Maximum flange shield (MFS) technology to avoid such concerns.

After all, this system produces a buffer zone with a profile of rubber runs around the tyre’s rim. Hence, we can say that MFS acts as a rim flange protection system for the tyre.

Top 5 Tyres From Dunlop

We present our top 5 best performers from Dunlop Tyres Chingford updated as of this year:

Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV

This premium winter tyre enables outstanding handling on wet and dry surfaces effortlessly. This tyre comes with high traction that promotes a pleasing short braking distance on dry and wet lanes

This high-performance tyre fosters exceptional grip over wet and snow areas. The advanced silica tread compound enables extraordinary aquaplaning resistance. After all, this winter variant from Dunlop is available in 32 sizes only.

Winter Sport

These sporty designed tyres with exceptional siping and edgy grooves facilitate promising aquaplaning resistance. This premium winter model comes with superior traction in snow areas. Also, the innovative treading of this tyre aids in remarkable handling on wet roads. The high traction of the tyre fosters better short braking distance on snow lanes.

After all, this variant provides proficient handling on snow and is available in a bulk of 119 sizes.

Dunlop SP Winter Response 2

This is another best winter performer in this list that enriches excellent aquaplaning resistance. However, this model’s advanced rubber compound enhances superior handling on wet roads and even promotes pleasing short braking distance on hard icy, and snowy surfaces. This tyre provides phenomenal traction on snow and is available in 28 sizes only

SP Sport Maxx RT2

This high-performance summer tyre promotes promising aquaplaning resistance. Also, the innovative tread design of this tyre enables excellent short braking distance on dry and wet roads evenly. However, the advanced silica compound makes this tyre handle well on wet and dry roads. After all, these performance Tyres Chingford are available in a total of 100 sizes

Dunlop Sport Bluresponse

This summer model fosters fantastic aquaplaning resistance. This model facilitates exceptional handling on dry and wet roads. The treading of this tyre promotes phenomenal short braking distance on dry roads. After all, BluResponse tyre is available in a total of 70 sizes


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