Angular JS vs React JS

Angular JS vs React JS? Thinking to develop an application for your business, but unsure about which technology and framework to choose to deploy a top-notch application? Choosing the right technology and framework is essential before developing an application for it will reflect the nature and identity of your business and will also help you attract more potential customers.

Javascript is the most preferred programming language by almost every business nowadays, and React and Angular are the most used frameworks used by companies and developers to develop applications for businesses.

In this article, we will be sharing with you the features and benefits of ReactJs and AngularJs along with a comparative study between them.

What is ReactJS?

Also known as React or React.js, it is an open-source front-end Javascript library developed and also maintained by Facebook. It is used to develop interactive, stateful, and reusable user interfaces established on UI components. It also allows you to develop complex UIs with small and remote pieces of code called ‘components’. It is the most preferred framework by developers for startup implementation because of its outstanding competence, cost-effectiveness, and high performance. Also, it is lighter than AngularJs, because it is filled with the most negligible conditions and eradicates the need to use extra elements like plugins.

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Benefits of Developing App with ReactJS

According to a study by Statista in 2021, React was the most popular technology skill in the JavaScript tech stack, followed by Typescript. This statistic implies the actuality that React.js is highly preferred by developers and by businesses to develop their projects with it. When you are thinking of developing an application you should be aware of the perks that you will avail yourself with the development of an application using the React Js framework.

Here are a few benefits of developing projects with Reactjs.

  1. ReactJs has a component-based approach with a simple design which makes it easy to use
  2. It facilitates with Learn Once Write Anywhere methodology, which means you can devise new features without rewriting the existing code
  3. A robust framework, used in developing content-focused applications and software
  4. It boosts the formation of machine-readable code and furnishes the capability to combine the components in one file.
  5. Another added advantage of React Js is that it uses Virtual DOM, which makes it run faster and deliver higher performance
  6. It is SEO friendly and you can run this with the servers
  7. It also supports the native library through which you can build native applications, which can run both on Android and iOS.
  8. It also allows the use of third-party libraries

What is AngularJS?

Also known as Angular is a JavaScript-based front-end web framework used in developing single-page applications. Additionally, it is also an open-source framework that was maintained by Google and a global community of developers. It aims at the development of dynamic applications with the use of HTML syntaxes. Using Angular in the development of web applications makes it easy to maintain. The best characteristic of Angular is that it automatically loads new modules that you might require during development. It uses two-way binding to synchronize the data between model and view components.

Benefits of Developing Apps with AngularJS

Developing applications with Angular brings out many benefits for both developers and business owners. Let us help you with the benefits in detail.

  1. The key advantage of Angular is that it is based on the conception of MVC (Model View Controller) which makes it easier for the developers to manage the code.
  2. Angular has its testing unit called Karma which can be used to design test cases of apps built with Angular.
  3. It makes routing (moving from one view to another) easier.
  4. It is supported by the Global community who contribute to it, making it one of the best frameworks. The contribution from the community also adds credibility and reliability to this framework.
  5. Angular can be operated on any browser and on any platform, which means it is compatible with every device.
  6. Another added benefit is that it offers clean code development that boosts the performance of the applications.
  7. It provides seamless updates using Angular CLI (Command Line Interface).

Angular JS vs React JS

Above, we have discussed ReactJs, AngularJs, and the benefits of developing apps with the respective Javascript frameworks. Both have their own perks and disadvantages, but when developing an app for your business you should be clear about which framework to choose to develop a full-fledged and feature-rich app. Below we have compared some of the important attributes and parameters that will help you judge and choose the best according to your requirements.

Parameters ReactJs AngularJs
Type of Technology Javascript Library Javascript Framework
Architecture Flux MVC (Model View Controller)
Language Javascript + JSX Javascript + HTML
Data Binding One-Way Binding Two-Way Binding
Community Support Still Emerging Has a Community Support System
Rendering Server – Side Client – Side
Learning Curve Low High
Testing Unit Testing Unit and Integration


Above is a co comparative guide with all the key parameters that you need to know before deciding which framework to use for your project. But this is not enough. You also need to perform certain research as per the blueprint of your project idea.


Angular JS vs React JS which is the best? Hard to decide right? Because both have their specific and unique advantages.

The attributes and parameters we all can agree that both the frameworks can be used to develop top-notch and feature-rich scalable applications. But the key difference is that Angular is considerably better as compared to React in many ways as it has a larger community, while React is just getting started. While on the other hand, React Js is better since developers choose this framework to develop larger models.

The debate and comparison will go on as technology keeps evolving, but if you are looking to choose one among these two javascript frameworks we will help you out with this.

Prepare a list of all the requirements and features that you need in your application, and then hire a development team or a development company to help you decide better which framework will cater to all your requirements.


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