One of the most common questions to hear around is which is better- Angular or React? The choice becomes very difficult sometimes, and in some cases, one remains aware of the one framework but has no time to invest in the second one. This is where one needs to hire Angular developers or one who knows both. The hired professionals help answer these questions and understand the need to provide the right solutions.

However, to understand the difference between the two, the below mentioned will definitely be helpful.


This is the small JavaScript library that Facebook has created for building the user interface. There was a requirement for the separation of applications into smaller pieces for making them usable at different places without actually having to duplicate their code.

This framework is useful, especially when there is the use of dynamic content within the application. Many well-known brands, including Facebook and Instagram, have been preferring ReactJs for basing their mobile applications as it is very dynamic.

Some of the advantages of it include,

  • It allows one to use the HTML codes which come forward with the JSX. To render the sub-components, one can try practicing the HTML tags and the syntax.
  • It is through this that one can compound the app components within one single file. It also helped in promoting machine-readable program development.
  • React is a library product that is completely JavaScript-based. It is not the subset of HTML.
  • It is one important choice that comes into function when one is looking for reliability, very straightforward programming, and an intensive one. It’s also more advanced.
  • The React has a very prompt rendering feature. This provides a very slight edge to it on Angular JavaScript. It has different approaches that reduce the amount of the DOM operation, hence speeding up the update process and ensuring it is way more efficient.

Some of the disadvantages of it are,

  • Some of the traditional MVC frameworks (Rail), they require the integration and configuration and with the ReactJs being used there only slows down the time of development and the complete process.
  • The framework of React is suitable for certain applications, and it doesn’t work for many quite well. It shows that every single application is different.


Google created this framework over the top of TypeScript. This framework is full-blown and was created to provide a complete solution to the given application. Within this, there is packed a lot of important features. 

In cases where one requires their application to be compatible with all of the given browsers, Angular works quite well. It helps in app consistency with the browsers that are even older than the known IE8. Many changes have also been brought in recently within Angular 5.0, and it has attracted huge attention. So, there’s a chance that when you hire dedicated developers, they will specify the usage of it for better performance as well as support services. 

Some of the advantages of it include,

  • Developer support and community services, which Angular is known for, and to hire Angular developers for using it better is always the right choice. Angular has given rise to the demand for the framework due to the support factors it provides.
  • On all of the browser environments, the Angular framework works correctly irrespective of the platform.
  • Angular is a very reliable framework. It has tools that are off-the-rack. Apart from this, it also has some robust components that were evolved in the known Juxtapose.
  • There is bi-directional data binding feature associated with Angular. Angular disperses a lot of influence after the data changes (every set).

Some of the disadvantages of it are,

  • It does not have extensive and all-inclusive documentation. It doesn’t even have a clear manual.
  • Angular has a steep learning curve, and this is one of its main drawbacks of it.

Difference Between Angular and React

  • Popularity

It is important to know about the technology that is highly popular in the market currently. Especially when one hire dedicated developers, they expect them to know the answer to it to provide quick as well as efficient help. 

If the NPM downloads are considered, along with the job listings and GitHub stars, React is way more popular.

  • Community support

React can be seen to have gained incredible popularity amidst the developers the depart of GitHub and NPM. on GitHub, there are more than 156k stars for React, which definitely converses the popularity it has gained as the framework in the community of the developers. Different surveys show that around 75% of the given React users will be utilizing the given framework for different projects again.

When it comes to the framework of Angular, it has received support, and it has been used in a very comprehensive manner for building the applications, and the best example can be taken of Google that used it for building Google AdWords.

So, in simple terms, it can be said that both the framework has been receiving the significant amount of community support on most platforms. 

  • Powerful

In terms of being powerful, it means which framework has much more of the features and allows one to build with the given technology associated.

Definitely, React as a UI library is very powerful, but Angular has more features than the framework of React. One can get some of the out-of-the-box features that help in routing, pipes, directives, etc. In simple terms, as a part of Angular, there are different aspects and features that one will take a lot of time to learn about.

  • Upgradation

After the development of a given application is completed, it will be required to be updated as the technology is constantly evolving, and after every 3 to 6 months, a new version gets released.

With React, one will be required to keep an eye over the third-party libraries and if the given new version is highly compatible with that of the previous one. The chances are that one will be breaking some of the libraries too.

When it comes to Angular, one needs to keep an eye over the framework, and in most cases, one would just need the Angular CLI for moving ahead. So one can see how your Angular is for upgrading then the framework of React.

  • Ease of learning

There are many things that one needs to consider to learn that technology, and it includes finding out which one is way easier to learn and which of the framework will help one get a job in the first go.

As it has already been discussed above that React is light weighted and has few features. Therefore, learning it will be very easy and it will also provide a lot of job opportunities. Even when it is suggested that learning React first is the right choice, one cannot ignore the presence of another framework Angular. So it is advised that one learns both of the same eventually as when one hire dedicated developers, they expect one to provide a complete idea of how things should proceed and what will be best for the business.

Final words

If considering the above, both of the frameworks are best, and it won’t be a mistake if one learns any of the same. It is all about the mindset because if one wants a bit more freedom for interaction with some other libraries and frameworks, and the work is associated with the startup that has a smaller team in such situations when React will be the best choice. However, if it is a company with a larger team that has many senior developers who are well aware of typescript and they are not afraid of some of the bigger frameworks, including Angular, in such a situation, Angular will be the right choice.

If one wants to learn the big coding framework, the solution will always go towards the Angular framework, but if this is completely about the libraries and the other things, one cannot get a better choice than the React framework. Just know that they are special for their own reason, and it is totally dependent upon the work and the goal of the given business, which decides to be right or wrong in respect to the choice that has been made within the framework.

So do not confuse yourself trying to find out which framework is better. It totally depends upon the type of the business and the size of the team that one is going to work along with. So whatever your choice is to learn first, make sure you do not miss out on the second one if you have the time and resources to pursue it. Giving time to the same will increase the capability that will prove to be advantageous at some or other time.


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