ASTER Pro 2  is a program (and just a program!) which permits a couple of work environments on the basis of a solitary PC.

ASTER is a multiseat programming for Windows XP/7/8/10/11. ASTER Pro 2 utilises no meagre clients and terminal stations, for example ASTER is simple of such multiseat programs, as MS MultiPoint, SoftXpand, Betwin, Userful, and so on. ASTER is effectively utilised not just for preparing PC classes, libraries, workplaces and Internet bistros, yet in any event, for games and video!

To make an extra work environment – you simply interface 1 more screen (you can associate with the same video card), console and a mouse to your PC (and in the event that it is required – receiver, speaker, joystick or gamepad).

Screens might be associated with VGA/DVI/HDMI/DP links. IT is likewise conceivable to utilise outer screens (ideally DisplayLink screens) through USB or WIFI/LAN associations. In the wake of introducing and sending off, ASTER will give every client its own free work area.

After the establishment the ASTER will give a singular work area to each screen and you can utilise all working environments freely as though every one of them had their own PC.

Advantages of ASTER:

  • Low clamour level
  • Space is saved
  • It are reduced down to Upgrade expenses
  • Simple application
  • Electric power is saved
  • Nearby organisation isn’t needed
  • Harmless to the ecosystem
  • Contrasts when contrasted with a comparative multiseat programming:
  • In contrast to a terminal station or a slight client, phenomenal activity with realistic applications
  • Free preliminary
  • Low cost
  • Similarity with most present day video cards
  • Ideal answer for financially savvy computerization of schools, government bodies and SOHO

Purchase program online
We strongly recommend before purchasing download and test the 14-day trial of the ASTER.ASTER has different types of license:

ASTER Pro: Lifetime license for 2, 3, 6 users – quantity of workplaces may be expanded.
ASTER Home: 1-year subscription for 2 users only (non expandable).
In the ASTER Pro-2, Pro-3 and ASTER Pro-6 versions, you can add the required number of additional workstations at any time (but the total number is no more than 12) using the ASTER Pro-2, Pro-3, or Pro-6 license. Read more.

Before purchase the ASTER, recommend that you read terms of licensing and upgrading

You can buy ASTER from our dealers or via Avangate, PayPro online:

Programs Pro-2 (2 users, MS Windows 7/8/10/11, lifetime license)
Programs Pro-3 (up to 3 users, MS Windows 7/8/10/11, lifetime license)

Programs Pro-6 (up to 6 users, MS Windows 7/8/10/11, lifetime license)
Programs Home (2 users only, MS Windows 7/8/10/11, 1-year license, non expandable)
Important notice:

Attention! If you replace the CPU or HDD, the license activation is lost! Please, before changing the equipment, be sure to follow the license transfer procedure. You cannot transfer a license more than once a month – there are technical restrictions.
License keys from ASTER V7х2х32/64 and ASTER V7х6х32/64 are not suitable for ASTER v2.xx.



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